Best SEO Sales Person


Best SEO Sales Person

SEO is a complex field that applies to any business with an online presence. That means that hundreds of thousands of SEO specialists are out there providing the support that those companies need. However, like any field, there are always going to be some experts who come out on top. From handling small business SEO or tackling the large-scale ecommerce SEO of major companies, there are quite a few notable figures in the industry that have left their mark. Many of them are even still active, offering bespoke SEO services to a number of different companies. Here are three of the most notable SEO experts who have cropped up in recent years, as well as details about what marks them in a close contest for the title of “best sales guy in SEO.” Whether you are hunting for a sales leader or just curious about notable salespeople, these trio are all worth looking into.

Steven Khanna

Steven Khanna presents himself as much more than just a sales representative and SEO expert, currently heading up the English Markets section of the Whitepress content marketing platform. This, naturally, means that he can do a lot more than simply gather SEO keywords or perform basic web design. Khanna himself says that he is a “translator of algorithms” and that he “(wears) multiple hats,” – meaning that he understands how to use SEO to deliver concrete results. Unlike many experts, he is not selling SEO as a process but as a means to an end, establishing him as perhaps the best SEO Sales person in the business.

Steven keeps his finger on the pulse of the SEO world and often engages with other SEO service businesses and events. Considering his position as a sales leader for a platform’s entire English market, it is no surprise that he is very in tune with the SEO industry

Steven’s Past Experience

Steven initially began working in the food industry, moving from head waiter and maître d’ roles into working as a consultant and director of operations for two different restaurants. That experience eventually led him into more management roles,  which were heavily focused on acquiring more clients.

After multiple years working as a business and brand development director in Poland, Steven settled into his role at WhitePress, effectively becoming a core sales representative for their entire English user base. This put him in a prime position to become a notable SEO specialist.

Given Steven’s experience in turning a potential client into a paying customer, it is not a surprise that his knowledge of sales strategy has put him in such a prestigious position.

Steven’s Recommendations

Steven has received a number of endorsements and recommendations over the years, both from peers and from clients that he has worked with in the past. This includes a lot of praise for his work with WhitePress, whether that is through organic SEO work or more specific tasks like website design.

One of the most obvious factors behind Steven’s high level of praise is his work as a salesperson. He understands what each potential client wants and needs and can work with those prospects to keep SEO client-focused instead of relying on one-size-fits-all solutions.

Specific details in his LinkedIn recommendations include his proactive approach to SEO and solution-driven goals. This kind of focus requires a good SEO strategy built with care, something that only a proper digital marketing and SEO expert could achieve.

What Steven Offers As An SEO Sales Expert

Steven’s varied experience makes him a great example of somebody who can tackle a lot of SEO problems, as well as marketing issues in general. While SEO itself is only one field of many that make up a company’s marketing, it is also a field that works best when the people behind it have experience with a number of fields.

Good SEO requires a balance between keyword research, content marketing, and technical SEO. However, it also requires a keen understanding of how these components work together, something that becomes much easier when you are equipped with a broader range of marketing and business knowledge.

This experience, coupled with Steven’s ability to wear multiple “hats” depending on the situation he is dealing with, is a core part of why he is such a notable SEO expert. This approach makes a massive difference to any project.

Asher Charbit

Asher Charbit is currently the head of growth marketing at Prielis US. Before taking up that position, he worked in a number of varied and expertise-driven roles. Having built several companies from nothing in owner and CFO roles, he clearly understands the steps required to construct a new business and make it competitive.

This naturally means that he is a good sales rep, social media expert, B2C and B2B sales leader, and marketing expert all rolled into one. Not only has he created multiple companies from almost nothing, but he has done so across several industries, all of which take highly varied skills and approaches to dominate.

While Asher is far from being an SEO specialist exclusively, his experience as everything from a sales manager to a CFO has left him with a varied skill set. He clearly knows how to identify good prospects or gaps in the market, and how he can capitalize on them – a core part of any good content marketing strategy.

Asher’s Past Experience

Asher has been the owner and main manager of many different companies over the years, including multiple that were operating at the same time. This includes the Treasures Co. skincare brand, Bioxage spa, the Filicori Zecchini coffee chain, and the Cashair payment processor.

While all of these industries rely on SEO (and digital marketing in general) to succeed, they are different enough to have a completely different SEO strategy each time. This also means a unique content marketing focus, differences between B2C and B2B sales, and a different direction from their sales leader.

Given his current role as the head of growth marketing at Primelis US, it is clear that Asher knows how to market things effectively, regardless of industry. He understands how to build a strong sales team, operating as an effective sales manager who can direct the overall sales process toward any goal.

While some other people may have more experience with technical SEO or local SEO plans, Asher’s strength is selling SEO. He can create SEO expert teams that can integrate SEO into a sales strategy, aiming to hook every potential customer they can with the directions they are given.

Asher’s Recommendations

With the ability to speak four languages and a range of strong connections to a range of industries, Asher has received a lot of praise for his work. The most obvious point of praise is the fact that he has created a whole host of businesses from the ground up – even achieving that is a testament to his skills.

His team seems to hit and surpass their milestones fairly regularly, given his own posts about his recent successes. Beyond that he has hosted webinars for major companies before, and has been at the forefront of some of Primelis’ largest marketing challenges.

Asher is a natural team leader who has guided several businesses to major success and is currently providing a lot of expertise toward getting Primelis’ goals met even more effectively. That alone makes it obvious that he knows what he is doing, especially with the amount of experience he has gained over the past decade alone.

What Asher Offers As An SEO Sales Expert

Based on his past work, one of Asher’s greatest strengths is probably his ability to see the big picture. Considering how many companies he has managed or outright owned in the past, it is clear that he has a solid understanding of the ins and outs of running a business.

That means that he has a unique perspective on how SEO can support a marketing and sales strategy and can guide a team to get the most out of it. While some SEO specialists will limit themselves to only digital marketing contexts, Asher Charbit has needed to apply those skills to support newly formed companies where every decision has much more weight.

He can direct his team towards a range of different objectives, all of which involve optimizing a website’s content, structure, and technical side. That means that his team can focus on creating the right content for each industry and target audience and is kept on target by somebody with real management and business-building experience.

Oren Charbit

Oren Charbit is another major figure at Primelis US, acting as the company’s current head of business development. With a range of marketing experience and 14 years of working in customer-oriented roles behind him, he clearly understands marketing well.

Oren describes himself as a persuasive professional, with a large part of his marketing work focusing on introducing new products and pricing systems to an existing company’s consumer base. Given how often SEO is needed to get new products off the ground, this is the exact kind of attitude a digital marketer would need.

Oren is fluent in four languages and has almost a decade and a half of marketing experience across a huge range of industries and businesses, covering both B2B and B2C companies. Even if his role is not solely focused on SEO, he has the digital marketing experience to provide great results.

Oren’s Past Experience

Oren is currently the head of business development at Primelis US, in charge of pushing the business to new heights and making it more known. He previously spent a year as a sales executive for the TG Wireless Group, among other roles.

His past work has allowed him to build up a varied pool of marketing experience, working closely with a number of brands that all require completely different marketing structures. 

Beyond that, he is still heavily involved in Primelis’ marketing work as a major player within the company and makes it clear that he knows how to both sell products and close deals regardless of the context. As Oren himself admits on this LinkedIn page, he is customer-oriented and experienced.

Oren’s Recommendations

Considering that effectively Oren works directly alongside Asher Charbit, most of the recommendations that apply to Asher also apply here. Oren’s past work has probably made a significant difference to countless clients, customers, and companies in the years he has worked with Primelis.

His past experience as a sales executive for TG Wireless Group was also definitely not the last time he took up a sales representative role. Considering that a good sales rep is beloved by both the company they work for and the customers they are engaging with, many testimonies for his past workplaces could easily be attributed to him.

Given that Oren knows four languages and has potentially worked with customers who can speak any one of them, there is also a good chance that he has a positive reputation in a variety of overseas markets, too. Of course, that all depends on what Oren is actually able to show – few experts would list every single customer they have ever had.

What Oren Offers As An SEO Sales Expert

Oren’s experience is possibly the easiest to explain – he is simply a good marketer. With a strong background in both B2B and B2C industries and a wide range of marketing experience, as well as multi-language fluency, he would be a good fit for basically any marketing project.

This versatility and willingness to adapt are the hallmarks of a good sales rep and a key part of being a good digital marketer. SEO is an ever-changing field, so a rigid plan and one-note skills are not going to be useful in the long term.

With his vast range of marketing experience and customer-oriented focus, Oren can bring a lot to the table for any company he works for. That means that he is able to take a more generalized approach to his marketing or can apply his skills in a very specific way to suit any given business’s needs.

What Makes These Experts So Good?

While anyone could easily claim to be a sales leader or a digital marketing expert, that would not mean anything without some hard evidence and experience backing it up. All three of the experts listed here have a lot of experience, but what exactly makes them such good sales representatives and marketing leaders?

Probably the biggest factor is their experience. All three of these individuals have spent years working with multiple companies, both big and small, and have gained a wealth of experience and contacts along the way. That kind of knowledge is invaluable in the sales and marketing world, and it shows in their work.

Regardless of how many years of experience they have, the important thing is that their experience comes from hands-on work with a good range of clients. For example, Steven Khanna worked in a variety of roles across multiple industries, while Asher Charbit has been responsible for getting multiple new companies off the ground and into a highly successful market situation.

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