Boosting Your Brand Identity Through Merchandise – The Power of a Mug


Boosting Your Brand Identity Through Merchandise – The Power of a Mug

According to research done by Steel City Marketing, 83% of people have bought something from a company that has provided them with branded merchandise. Being able to give consumers a physical object with your brand logo can have a big impact on your business and help to boost your brand identity. That branded mug that you have given away might be an expense for your business, but ultimately it can bring you new customers and profit.

Why invest in merchandise?

The Steel City Marketing survey found that 96% of consumers believe that having a range of branded products helps to boost brand awareness, and 87% of people have kept an item of branded merchandise for over a year. That branded mug sitting on someone’s desk may only be a small item but can make a difference in the long term. Using a heat press for merchandise means that you can create your own line of branded items such as t-shirts and mugs to give to potential customers. It’s a minor investment to make, but worth it in the long-term to promote your business branding.

Investing in merchandise as part of your branding efforts can help increase customer loyalty. When you hand out branded merchandise to your existing and potential customers, you can make them feel appreciated and valued. Consequently, you’ll more likely win as many loyal customers as possible.  

In addition, using branded merchandise can cast a light on the sort of business you operate. It can create a good impression on your prospects and existing customers. Lastly, giving promotional items is a simple and uncomplicated tool for marketing.  

Unlike other marketing strategies, it doesn’t have to cost you much money. This is because you can incorporate this approach into your business operations by branding items you commonly give away for free. For example, using technologies like heat transfer vinyl, you can produce branded items such as t-shirts and mugs to give to potential customers. It can be an easy and unique way to promote your company and its offerings.  

Connecting daily with customers

According to Forbes, we see 4000-10,000 adverts every single day. From bus stop advertising to marketing banners on social media, we are bombarded with information every minute of the waking day. The sheer quantity of adverts in our lives makes it difficult for a brand to stand out and its message to be heard. But if your customer has a branded mug, they will see that mug sitting on their desk every day and use it for a nice cup of coffee. That mug will help your customer to connect with your brand on a daily basis.

Hence, if you’re looking for promotional items to help build brand awareness, mugs, among others, can be the best option. They’re practical and versatile since they can be used daily at home or work. They also provide a massive reach by generating more impressions about your brand. When more people see your logo or business details on the mugs, it strengthens brand identity and recognition.  

Giving your brand value

The number of adverts that we see online has a digital impact on our lives, our brain simply learns to filter them out, so that we can make sense of the information that we are actually looking for. In short, a large proportion of the adverts we see, actually become meaningless. However, if your brand logo is on a physical object, it is given value. This also helps the consumer to make an emotional connection to a brand. It’s hard to filter something out if it is sitting in front of you on your desk, filled with hot, delicious coffee.

You might consider brand merchandise to be an unnecessary expense. In fact, it can make a big impact on the consumer, boosting your branding and ultimately bringing you business – that branded mug really can make all the difference.

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