Chat Tips For Successful Online Networking

Chat Tips For Successful Online Networking


Chat Tips For Successful Online Networking

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Networking is essential for anyone wishing to expand and improve their career. A great network can provide support, advice, and knowledge to help you reach your dream career or company.

However, there are some tips you need to know to get the most success out of online networking. Read on to learn about the most common benefits of networking online as well as some tips to help you succeed. 

Benefits Of Online Networking

Creating an online network is essential for career success. Your connections may not only provide you with advice and knowledge but can connect you to the right employers and companies. If you aren’t already convinced yet about the importance of networking, read on to learn about some great benefits you can receive from building a network.  

Meeting Like-Minded Professionals

The primary benefit of networking is meeting people in the same field and career path as you. Some will be further along and can provide you with guidance, and others may just be starting out. However, no matter what, you will benefit from connecting with people who have similar interests and career goals as you. Even if you aren’t looking for the other benefits mentioned in this list, you will still get to enjoy sharing experiences and exchanges with similar-minded people. 

Expand Knowledge

If you want to move up in your career, you will inevitably need to improve or add to your skills. Luckily, your network can help you with just that. 

Many people can provide resources or guidance on the best schools, online programs, seminars, and other resources to learn certain skills. Depending on their expertise, they may also help teach you some skills themselves! Long gone are the days of going back to expensive colleges or only utilizing a few resources to upgrade your skills. There are an infinite number of resources available, and your network will be able to help you find them. 

Get Advice

If you’re just starting out or are relatively new to your industry, it will help to get some advice from the more experienced and seasoned professionals. These professionals can help guide you along your career path and advise on career changes, promising companies to work for, and what skills you need to move up the career ladder. They can give great insider intel into the industry that you won’t learn about in a textbook, seminar, or class. 

Finding A New Job

This is probably the primary reason people begin networking in the first place. They want career benefits and have heard that networking can help them out. Though this shouldn’t be your primary goal to network in the first place, many people have found new jobs or promotions through their network. In many cases, all it takes is knowing the right person who works at the right company to find that perfect job. 

Tips For Successful Networking

As with dating or making friends in real life, there is an art to connecting with others online and creating a solid network. You want to have the right presence and utilize the proper strategies to build a network that will be beneficial and rewarding to connect with. If you are a bit overwhelmed with the idea of building a network, here are some tips to help you get started.

Make A Presentable Profile 

Whether using Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you want your profile to be presentable and professional. Use a picture that shows your personality but also shows your professional demeanor. Also, all information about you should be professional as well. Avoid swear words or anything that could come off as offensive or rude. You want to show the side of you that shows up to the office every day, not the part of you that shows up to your friends’ parties every weekend. 

Furthermore, you should also avoid making posts or uploading pictures that you don’t want your professional network to know about. That means avoiding pictures of you at wild parties or in compromising situations. If you use social media where others can tag you in their photos, assert your boundaries with what pictures of you they can post. You don’t want anything online that will make you look bad or lose the respect of your peers and colleagues. 

Only Reach Out To People You Truly Wish To Connect With

Another mistake that people make when networking is trying to connect with everyone in their company, field, or who has the same job title. Though you will eventually want an extensive network, this is not the way to go about it. 

You should only connect with people you genuinely wish to communicate with. Maybe it’s some coworkers who work in a different department or have a position you hope to aspire to someday. Or you may want to search for people who work at your dream companies so that you can learn how to get your foot in the door. Or perhaps you just want to find people in your industry who are doing amazing things. Whatever the case, be picky about who you connect with by only making an effort with people who genuinely interest you. 

Make Sure To Give, Not Just Receive

When people start networking, they often focus solely on what they can receive from the interactions. But networking, as with any form of relationship or connection, is a two-way system. That means that you should offer something as well to help them out. 

Even if you don’t know these people in person, there are still some ways you can help them out. For example, if they post a great article or post that inspired you, share it with the rest of your network. You can also provide a supportive like or comment, which will make the post visible to other people in your network. 

Furthermore, if someone comes to you asking for advice or knowledge, don’t hesitate to help them out. After all, you would want someone to help you if you asked them, so don’t be stingy or selfish during this process. 

Take Time To Form A Connection

Some people make the mistake of immediately asking for something when first connecting with others online. However, though networking has many benefits for your career, the first priority is to make connections, not just get career perks. 

For this reason, networking does not always bring instant gains and should not be seen as something that offers instant gratification. When connecting with others, focus on getting to know them first. Talk about their career and exchange experience, skills, and advice. Learn about who they are and connect by sharing your background and dreams. Don’t just meet people so you can use them. Meet people so that you can have a positive network that follows you throughout your career.  

Final Thoughts On Networking

Networking is an essential tool for any career growth and progress. Meeting with similar-minded people who have the same career goals and ambitions not only helps your career but can be a very satisfying outlet for socialization. 

However, not all the same rules apply to social media when chatting and networking with other professionals. By being professional, positive, and helpful, you can gain a great network that will support you throughout your career. For more advice on how to chat online with others positively, check out the resources found at BetterHelp

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