6 Different Product Packaging Solutions And How To Choose


6 Different Product Packaging Solutions And How To Choose

Packaging is everything nowadays – it’s what sets the product apart. The market is filled with similar products, so it all comes down to the brand itself and how they present themselves through product packaging. So being creative and innovative is always welcomed when it comes to it, so here are some packaging solutions to choose for your products!

1. Rigid boxes

Luxurious watches, smartphones and similar things always have high-quality packaging, and it’s all thanks to so-called rigid boxes. Usually, they are made up of smaller parts and compartments, giving the packaging a bit of complexity. This type of packaging offers many benefits such as the ability to customize it as much as you want while keeping it practical and sturdy. It looks rich, polished and overall nice – perfect for high-end brands and luxury products.

2. Sustainable packaging

Being environmentally aware nowadays is extremely important, and some businesses are trying to reduce the waste caused by plastic and unnecessary packaging. So opting for a more sustainable business, means using materials and going for solutions that are not as affordable, yet better in the long run. Avoiding plastic altogether and not mixing materials is the best thing you can do, as customers can recycle the package later on! Only use recyclable materials and try to make the product packaging as simple as possible – this can also be a big part of your brand later on!

3. Foiled sealed bag

Foiled sealed bags are perfect if you want to reserve something – that’s why it’s commonly used in the food industry. It’s great as there are not many elements involved. However, packaging can be as creative as you want it to be as you can see from this custom coffee packaging since it all comes down to how your brand looks and feels. Adding another layer of protection is recommended if the product is extremely fragile – if it’s jewelry or similar, something sturdier is more recommended. Overall, this is an easy way to pack something small and ship it out immediately as opposed to using boxes, especially for small items – the same goes for food too.

4. Cardboard

Probably the most used and well-known packaging solutions – cardboard boxes are always a good choice! There are various ways to go about this, as there are a few different types of cardboard, ranging from extremely thin to having a couple of layers to ensure the sturdiness of the packet. But that’s not the only thing that makes the package good, it also needs to look good as well. This is where cardboard can be lacking, but on the other hand, if your products are food on the go and not luxury jewelry, it’s completely fine to go with the regular brownish boxes! It’s inexpensive, easy to cut and mould into your desired packaging shape, but with that being said it lacks the luxurious feel.

5. Cotton or textile

While it’s not fully sustainable, cotton is quite the environmentally friendly pick when it comes to packaging. This can definitely make your products appear more luxurious and special if it’s packaged in a layer of soft fabric. It can be any kind of fabric, silky smooth, fuzzy, and colorful – anything. But a more budget-friendly option is using basic cloth-like materials and making bags – which can even be used later on by the customer so it’s a win-win situation. This is a good option for packaging things that are not as fragile as clothing or everyday items, but on the other hand, you can get away with using this kind of packaging for jewelry and accessories!

6. Paperboard

Want something sturdy, yet affordable? Paperboard is basically a thicker and sturdier version of regular cardboard and it’s perfect for smaller packages that need a bit of protection. It’s a durable, yer lightweight kind of packaging, that offers just the right amount of support. It can be completely made out of recycled materials, and it’s not as expensive as other packaging materials, so it’s a good option to keep in mind! It can be cut and coloured however you want and it also gives off a high-end look, which is always welcomed when it comes to packaging. 

At the end of the day, it all depends on what kind of products you are selling and if you are a small business or a large corporation! So many factors can determine what is the right kind of packaging for you, so make sure to consider all the aspects. It’s all about finding the perfect fit for your products, that won’t hurt your finances but would still work effortlessly!

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