Learning with Edtech

How Edtech Will Shape the Future of Learning in 2022


The Future of Learning with Edtech

Emerging technology is the way to change the learning process in 2022, and with new methods to provide information and attend classes remotely, students will use more technological tools for learning. The Edtech sector is growing rapidly, offering the ability for students to attend seminars, classes remotely, or even take part in educational meet-ups. With app-based studying being one of the latest education trends, students and teachers rely on new technology.

Edtech Trends for 2022

To meet the needs of hybrid and remote education for students, universities and other educational institutions will have to implement specific Edtech solutions. The quality of an online experience is essential for higher ed institutions, and new trends are expected in 2022. These technology trends in education for the future will be responsible for enhancing the quality of any learning experience. Here are some key trends that we can expect in the coming year.

  • Immersive video communication – While simple videos and conferencing have been compelling, the future of Edtech will be based on an immersive video that allows users to interact with others while having a feeling of being in a classroom setting.
  • AI Teaching Programs – Programs are designed to formulate specific learning plans and can better analyze data that offer insights into each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Gamification – Educators can provide an appealing and interactive learning experience by using gamification. It offers a fun way of learning material and presents a method for peers to interact while accomplishing educational goals.
  • Academic Writing Tools – Edtech writing tools are very helpful in helping students improve their writing skills with online help. Students have more access to online research platforms with advanced technology and proofreading tools that can enhance the readability of any essay. In addition to these tools, students can purchase their essays with trusted services, then use Edtech tools for revisions, editing, or personalizing a paper. You can also try out Grammarly tool. Check out Grammarly Review for more information.

With these significant trends, students have enhanced access to services that can help them become better writers, complete match problems with assistance, and even benefit from immersive communication that provides social engagement. Academic writing tools are one of the leading technological trends in teaching and learning, helping students studying any field.

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Pros and Cons of Edtech

Edtech has added much value to the classroom while providing students with easy access to learning materials and support. As a prominent teaching source, Edtech is shaping how students learn and is an effective and efficient teaching tool. However, just like all forms of technology, there are some drawbacks. Take a look at the edtech advantages and disadvantages that are being experienced all over the world when schools and technology combine.

There have been many positive things that have come out of using technology regarding improving teaching and learning. These include:

  • Easy Access – With students worldwide having access to the internet, edtech provides a way for everyone to learn and benefit from online education.
  • Enhanced Creativity – By engaging in online activities, students can exhibit creativity as they participate in group discussions, debates, educational competitions, basic quizzes, and tests.
  • Remote Learning – The main benefit of edtech has been the offering of remote learning. The latest technology allows anyone to attend a class online. This has proven to be an effective way to continue teaching students when they cannot physically attend a class.

While there are incredible benefits, there are also some downfalls to using technology as a teaching tool.

  • Need for Funding – In order for edtech to provide benefits, there is a growing need for skilled teachers and better infrastructure. This can increase budgets and require additional funding that is not always readily available.
  • Limited Interactions – Being able to interact with teachers and other students physically is one of the most significant ways to learn. With online learning, students are not able to have face-to-face interactions. This can limit the creation of bonds between students and peers.
  • Self-Motivation – For edtech to be a successful tool, those involved will require self-motivation and discipline. This can be an issue for those with learning disabilities or students who have limited motivation to attend online sessions.

Why Time Management is important in the studying process

In a learning environment where Edtech is fast becoming the norm, students need to learn the skills of time management. Without them, it could lead to stressed students who suffer anxiety, frustration, and procrastination.

Effective time management skills will ensure students focus on a balanced approach to learning, social life, and extracurricular activities. They will benefit in different ways. 

  • They will meet their goals faster: The students will designate time for each activity. They will schedule their time in a way that every activity will be allocated enough time. It will help them meet their goals fast.
  • They will learn to prioritize: Without proper time management skills, students will not learn to give priority to their tasks. Many students have already raised this problem on the internet. For example, you can find some essay samples about time management here: https://writix.co.uk/essay-examples/management and discover new ways and a lot of relevant information on how exactly students manage their time properly. Teenagers might work on less critical tasks and overlook the most important/urgent ones. 
  • It will help eliminate burnout: Students who don’t manage their time well easily suffer from burnout because they want to achieve too many tasks in a limited time.
  • It gives them confidence: A student who knows they have well-planned schedules and meet targets will boost their self-confidence. This will help them achieve more and perform better academically.
  • They eliminate stress and procrastination: When the list of to-do things grows longer but the time becomes lesser, the result is stress. Stress and frustration can be the fruit of procrastination, leading to poor grades.

Time Management

Best Time Management Apps for students

Applications for time management will help students become more effective in setting their priority tasks, know when to switch to a new one, rest, or exercise. Here are the best time management applications to use.


Trello helps a student organize their tasks through boards. The app allows them to customize the tasks that require to be done collaboratively or alone. It displays the tasks that are completed, ongoing, or waiting. It is an easy and fun-to-use application best designed for collaboration. If a student needs to delegate tasks or share them with a group, Trello will be a favorite choice.


Evernote is compatible with most operating systems – iOS, Windows, Android, macOS. Its basic plan is free, although its subscription plans are affordable. This is the application to use when you want to organize your schedules, class notes, research, and add several to-do lists. It allows you to add different file types like PDF, audio, and images. Use it to assign due dates for tasks, reminders, or delegate tasks.

Focus booster

Focus Booster uses the Pomodoro technique to help students focus. It allows them to schedule 25 minutes sessions with breaks in between. By the end of the day, a student can check how well they were productive during the day. It is a customizable application that can create a balanced day’s schedule.


Todoist is compatible with Android and iOS. It is a highly rated application with almost everything that a student might need to help them stay organized. Students can use it to list all their assignments, delegated tasks, or study time. It is a free application, although students can opt for the premium package if they want more features.

Modern technology has helped students spend less time in their study rooms and better manage their time. It provides them with easy ways to access information, accelerate learning, and make learning fun. Students can explore information deeper to help them understand complex concepts, especially in STEM subjects.


Technology has drastically changed how we learn and retain information. By expanding access to education and offering new ways to communicate and collaborate, Edtech will continue to play a pivotal role in the educational field in the coming years. With the internet, people have access to a vast amount of information that can be accessed at any time. Enhanced technology is a tool that is beneficial not only for the student but educators as well.

New software platforms, the introduction of AI and VR in classrooms, along enhanced hybrid and remote learning opportunities, Edtech has transformed the learning experience. Today, efficient and effective education is available to just about everyone.

In a learning environment where Edtech is fast becoming the norm, there is a need for students to learn the skills of time management. Using effective time management skills will help them focus on a balanced approach to learning. Applications for time management will help them become more effective in setting their priority tasks, know when to switch to a new one, rest, or exercise.


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