How to Create an Awesome Content That’s Worth a Thousand Shares


How to Create an Awesome Content That’s Worth a Thousand Shares

When you have a burning question or you desperately need some expert advice, what is the first place you go to? If your answer is Google (or your preferred search engine) you are not alone. Google answers over 4 billion search queries every day! So, when you enter your question into a search bar links will appear in your results. These links are content. Whether you like it or not, you consume content all the time in your day-to-day life. For example, if you are searching for:

  • Articles that can diagnose your symptoms
  • Marketing strategy guides
  • New cat videos
  • Popular GIFs and memes
  • Hair tutorials
  • Instagram feeds

All of them are content! It is a large part of your everyday life and it can be hard to avoid. But why would you? It keeps you informed, entertains you, guide your decisions, answers your questions, etc.

Creating quality content helps you engage and attract your customers and brings new visitors to your website. Nowadays, if you aren’t creating content you don’t know how many opportunities you are missing. If you are a beginner, don’t worry. This article will provide all the info you need to know before you start.

What Is Content Creation And Why Is It Important?

Content creation is the process of finding ideas that are likely to appeal to your customers, creating visual or written content about those ideas, and publishing it to your audience in form of a video, blog, infographic, or other. By doing so, you are providing free and useful information to your viewers and attracting new viewers to your website. The other important element of content writing is that you retain existing customers through quality engagement, as SEO wizards at digital marketing in Surrey suggest. Good content will make your business grow and it’s very important to have the best strategy possible. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, but it brings three times as many leads. Studies have shown that 61% of online shopping is a result of a customer reading a blog. These are just some of the many mind-blowing stats.

Content Planning And Strategy

This is where digital marketing becomes very similar to a traditional marketing campaign – the strategy must be centered on your marketing goals. For example: attracting visitors to your website, increasing organic traffic to the blog,  or generating more leads. Make sure your goals are smart and realistic and that the content you create is aligned with them.

Create A Buyer Persona

The most important thing when building a content strategy is to get to know your audience. You must know who you are speaking to and where to find them. A great tip is to make each reader or viewer feel like you are speaking to them directly. This way you will get “intimate” with your visitors and understand their biggest fantasies, as well as their fears and worries. Humans want to feel connected, it’s natural.

By creating a buyer persona you will be creating a semi-fictional character that represents someone you want to reach with your content. It is a representation of your target audience. This may take a bit of research but the result will be a clear picture of a person who will happily consume your content.

Choose The Right Format

Creating content in a format that is most enjoyable for your target audience is essential. Here are some examples of formats you can choose:

  • Video
  • Slideshare
  • E-Book
  • Graphic
  • Blog post
  • White paper
  • Podcast

Don’t stick to just one format for every piece of content you create. Be imaginative and make it fun. For example, if you are making a podcast series and suddenly you lack resources, go with a blog instead. It may surprise your audience and refresh your content a bit.

If you aren’t sure which format to choose, here are some questions you can use as a guide:

  • Is it easy for my audience to consume this content?
  • What stage of buyers’ journey is this for?
  • What format can I make on a consistent basis?
  • Where does my buyer persona spend their time online?
  • Will I be able to create content at a quality level that is competitive?

Content creation is an incredibly useful process and it will pay off tremendously with your audience. Once you start the content creation process you will generate great, creative work that will delight your audience and grow your business.

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