How to Gain Popularity on Instagram


How to Gain Popularity on Instagram

Instagram has always been known as one of the most convenient places to gain followers or fans online. Having said that, gaining popularity on Instagram can be a bit difficult at times, especially if you’re not familiar with social media in the first place.

But whether you’re starting to put up a new account to market your products online or currently struggling to gain any significant presence on the platform, you’ll probably find it helpful to learn more about properly managing your account. To get you started, here are some of the best tips or techniques you can use to gain more popularity on Instagram.

Optimize Your Account

Before you start to think about gaining popularity on Instagram, it’s best to optimize your Instagram account first. You’ll need to consider the important things that form your account’s or brand’s identity. If your Instagram account is made for your business, make sure to choose a username that’s easy to remember. you’ll have to upload a proper profile image as well. Lastly, think about the bio of your account.

Apart from putting in the necessary stuff like your business’s website and email, it’s also a great idea to put in some small details about your products or services. If you’re an influencer or artist, you can also use your bio as your own personal business card. To make things simple, you can use one-page site builders like Carrd in creating your card or webpage.

Focus on Your Content

Much like with any other social media platforms, content is king on Instagram. If you have no idea what that actually means, it typically implies that you should try to focus on the consistency and quality of your posts. Although you can manage your account by only posting Instagram worthy pictures, we highly recommend that you post small videos as well. This is an incredibly helpful technique, especially if you want to hype your loyal fans or customers on something you’re working on.

If you want to be more efficient in managing your posts, it’s also a great idea to map out your future posts and schedule them in advance. As long as you can provide a few engaging posts on a daily or weekly basis, you’ll be able to see more growth on the number of followers on Instagram.

Use the Right Hashtags

When it comes to gaining followers on Instagram, Most successful brands and influencers often utilize several hashtags on their posts. This is because using hashtags on Instagram can help you sort out your content. On top of that, hashtags are very important if you want to reach more users or gain more exposure with your content.

If you want our advice, make sure to choose your hashtags wisely. Even though popular hashtags usually work best for big brands, it can be difficult to highlight your content on very populated hashtags like #love and #fashion. That’s why you might be better off using less frequently used hashtags. If you’re struggling to think of the right hashtags for your posts, you can always take a peek at your competitors’ posts and see what works best for their brand.

Maintain a Connection with Your Followers

Make sure to think of your Instagram account as an important part of your business or career. If you consider that way, you’ll realize that it’s also important to build a sense of trust and community with your followers. Needless to say, you’ll need to respond more often to questions on your posts and think of more engaging activities for your stories.

 For instance, if you’re managing a small business, you can utilize Instagram stories to ask your followers’ opinions about your upcoming products. You can be creative as much as you want. The important thing is, you have to show to your followers that you genuinely care about their opinions or feelings.

Seek out Collaborations and Be Creative 

Having your own partnerships with other brands or influencers can also help you land more followers on your Instagram. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds since you might need to spend some extra money on most good deals, especially if you’re thinking about collaborating with big names.

 If you’re willing to start small, you can offer some free samples of your products to small time influencers and in exchange, they can share it to their audience through product reviews, promos or giveaways. Although most influencers would want to get paid through sponsorships, some users might be genuinely interested in sharing your products.

Share Your Instagram

Apart from learning about Instagram marketing strategies, you might want to try out sharing your Instagram account on other social media platforms. Websites like YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook can help bring more traffic to your Instagram account. This will work best if you already have pre-existing accounts on such platforms.

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