The Importance of Showcasing Your eCommerce Products With High-Quality Pictures


The Importance of Showcasing Your eCommerce Products With High-Quality Pictures

Have you ever bought something online only to be disappointed by the non-appearance of some crucial detail? Maybe it’s something small, like a button missing from a jacket, or perhaps there’s an error in the description of your product. Whatever the case may have been, this is not good for business.

A new study has found that 20% of shoppers are dissatisfied with their purchase after seeing nothing but stock photos of products instead of being able to see what they’re buying. It goes without saying that having high-quality pictures will improve your site’s overall appearance and help increase conversions.

Highlighting a product’s features

There are many different aspects to consider when deciding on what kind of pictures you will use to showcase your eCommerce product. Two excellent pieces of advice that come with this site are to have an impressive main listing photo and compelling secondary listing photos that will lead viewers to buy your product. One of the most important aspects is highlighting what makes your product unique and valuable without overselling. The last thing you want to do is portray it as something that it’s not – an action that can easily be spotted by customers who are savvy enough to look at small details such as lighting, shades, and angles.

When taking a picture for any type of product, you should focus on showcasing its best features in a way that tells a story about how those features impact the user. But let’s say you have a nice beard trimmer – how would someone know if they wanted to buy one? Well, it depends on how well you inform them of the features that your beard trimmer offers and how those features can positively impact their life. Now, this might seem like an easy task but it’s not as simple as you’d think.

Focus on Lighting

One of the most important things to focus on when showcasing a product is lighting. For example, if we take a picture of someone with a nicer looking sweater – let’s say one made of wool and mixed with angora – and use harsh lighting to showcase it, then viewers will notice all of the fibers used in its construction which will be distracting from what it would normally look like. It might even come across as slightly unkempt. However, by using warm lighting (such as sunlight) you can bring out all of the soft yeeking of the angora fibers while negating the distracting qualities of the wool.

Consider the Shot Angle

Another major factor to consider is the angle. An angled shot can be used to show your product in a way that will emphasize its beauty and uniqueness. For example, let’s say we take a picture of a scarf by laying it flat on a bench – this would be completely different from taking a picture where you drape it over your shoulders to produce a look similar to what someone might see in person. By using this method, you could make the scarf appear softer and more elegant than when it’s simply lying flat on a bench.

If you’re showcasing something like clothing, then it’s important to not photograph too many angles of an item. For example, if your model is only wearing one outfit throughout your shoot then you shouldn’t photograph all of their outfits from every angle under any circumstances. Instead, try focusing on taking pictures in one particular pose since this ensures that customers will only see the one outfit they came to buy. This also gives you a little bit more creative freedom for those higher-priced items where your customer will feel as though they are getting their money’s worth if you showcase them from as many angles as possible.

Consider the Color Scheme and Resolution

Take into account color schemes when showcasing your eCommerce products as well. If you’re selling shoes, you’d probably want to avoid using an all-black backdrop because it can be jarring for the viewer’s eye. However, you could use a simple color palette to highlight your products instead of distracting them – no matter what color your product is.

When showcasing items on your online store, it’s important to remember that they are being viewed at the highest resolutions possible. This means that every detail such as flaws and blemishes should be taken into account when deciding how to showcase each product. Otherwise, these details might become magnified once someone buys the product and views it up close in person. Or worse yet, if their screen wasn’t high enough quality then they might completely miss out on seeing these details at all.

By now, you should have a pretty good idea about which types of pictures work best for your eCommerce products. Take the time to implement these ideas into your marketing strategy so that you can grab more attention and engage with each customer who sees them. This way, they won’t hesitate to purchase from you since it’ll be obvious how much effort has gone into showing off your product in the best possible way.

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