6 Online and Offline Marketing Trends to Follow in 2023


6 Online and Offline Marketing Trends to Follow in 2023

In such an increasingly crowded marketplace, marketing has never been more important. But while many businesses focus their efforts primarily on online marketing, there is still something to be said for offline marketing too, particularly for smaller and more local businesses. Even better is the concept of harmonizing the two channels. 

But before you set about bringing your online and offline marketing channels together in perfect harmony, you need to understand what trends are going to be shaping them over the next 12 months.

Online trends

Personalisation – The one thing offline has over online is the immediacy of it. But it’s also almost impossible to make offline marketing feel personal. Online, meanwhile, allows businesses to use analytics to figure out what their audience wants to see and target them on a granular level. We foresee a significant rise in personalised marketing tactics in 2023.

Customized marketing methods enable your company to form strong personal connections with its clients. They are essential in assisting companies in retaining customers, building trust among audiences, and remaining relevant. Personalization tailors experiences, offers, services, and interactions to help brands engage with their customers. Seeing their importance, many companies talk to professional digital marketing agencies, like Tactica, to get a personalized marketing plan to help them target a new audience, bring traffic to their website, and keep up with online marketing trends.

Down with the kids – Live streaming and Tik Tok are as natural to most Gen Z shoppers as breathing. So, take advantage of this and invest in Tik Tok marketing and platforms such as Twitch where many younger customers go for their entertainment needs. Live streaming is particularly useful as you could always hire an influencer to talk through your products and services and know they’ll be talking directly to your audience.

Short-form video – Once again largely thanks to the popularity of TikTok, short-form video has become a major marketing trend in recent years. These videos are ideal for getting your message across in just a few seconds but there is an art to them.

Offline trends

Business cards –There is something tactile and immediate about a business card that many people perceive as oddly nostalgic. If you run a local business, consider going door-to-door and popping your card and flyer campaign through to locals who might appreciate your services. A good suggestion to create your business card design is to look for free business card templates from websites like Freepik to create your custom card. Flyers and business cards provide tangible marketing materials that potential customers can hold and refer to later. Or perhaps even consider striking up a deal with a local newspaper? 

Pop-up events – With younger consumers craving more unique and individual experiences, the concepts of pop-up shops and events have become more popular recently. This would allow online businesses to create a short-lived physical presence without needing to take out a secured business loan to hire a regular location.

Workshops – There has been a definite increase in community engagement marketing tactics in the wake of the pandemic. People are looking for more excuses to get together and share experiences and you could offer that with a workshop that shows off your service or products in a setting that encourages interaction.

Harmonising the two

Bridging the concepts of offline and online marketing is as simple as ensuring both sides of your campaign are consistent and cohesive. So, use the same tone of voice across both channels, use calls to action to encourage customers to “check out the other side” and encourage social media engagement as much as possible.

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