4 Reasons Why Language Training is Business Critical in 2022


Reasons Why Language Training is Business Critical in 2022

The COVID-19 crisis has led to a significant increase in online learning by adults. Much of the training that was supposed to take place in the classroom is now taken online. In addition, workers on short-time leave were encouraged to use their spare time to take online training from home and learn new skills that are now useful now that the health emergency is almost over. With the decline in activity caused by lockdown and the health crisis, the digital economy, including e-learning, is now booming. That is why we will explore the reasons why language training business is more than critical in 2022.

1. The Growth E-Learning

In this year 2022, most of the online training platforms are very successful and continue to develop their offer: language training, management, marketing, IT… Business leaders have decided to take advantage of this period of crisis to train themselves and/or their employees. In this particular context, not only are there many trainees, but they are also more diligent. Indeed, digital technology has help to facilitate foreign language learning. During the health crisis, nearly 800,000 teachers and 12 million students had to be adaptable to ensure continuity of education. The use of technology breaks down physical barriers; students can now learn from anywhere at any time, making cultural immersion possible, despite the lack of physical presence where the language is spoken. This has been the basis of Preply’s mission since day one, when we started offering online corporate English training online, with absolute flexibility in terms of schedules and prices.

2. Increase competitiveness

Learning English is crucial in today’s world. It allows you to seize more opportunities in multinational companies or abroad. It is one of the most sought-after skills by employers across the globe. It can give access to positions with greater responsibility, and it is the language most used in corporate language. Companies operate because of their customers and being able to communicate in multiple languages automatically increases the potential reach of any business strategy, making it available to a wider range of customers. Take the example of a law firm: clients can come from all over the world, especially the big ones, and being able to communicate with them seamlessly is crucial to ensuring that clients are satisfied. The same goes for a manufacturer, who wants to export his products worldwide, or a consultant who works as a freelancer. And we can go on and mention any other industry because today the world is much more connected than it was in the past and distances are not so huge anymore.

3. An essential requirement in the job market

It is an advantage, especially for those aiming for successful careers at the corporate level, to have followed corporate English courses. According to INSEE, nearly half (45%) of companies value the mastery of one or more foreign languages in their recruitment policy. Moreover, as a candidate, you want to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself, and speaking several languages is definitely a plus that will not be ignored by the recruiter. Not only does this imply a higher salary (10%-15%), but it also opens the job market, as you will be able to apply for more offers and jobs.

4. It has become so easy you can’t skip it

Preply is an online tutoring platform that connects people who want to improve or maintain a foreign language with native teachers for private lessons over the internet. Currently, Preply offers business language training with teachers for 24 languages, from common languages like English, Spanish or German to less common languages like Swedish or Czech. Preply corporate English training is the key solution when it comes to online and remote corporate English training. You can easily find business in any corner of the world, but you need to be able to communicate in order to make the most of it. With this in mind, Preply is a powerful tool to use whenever you need to optimize your language skills: on Preply you can search for the teacher that best suits your needs: negotiation specialist, business expert, translator, and many other specific profiles, with direct experience in many different fields, that will help you prepare for any international meeting, official language certification or business presentation. The platform gives corporate English language training so that you can follow any type of conversations or debates without feeling lost.


For business leaders, enrolling their employees in online language courses means they can better communicate with customers or suppliers. By mastering more foreign languages such as English, Russian, Italian or Spanish, employees will allow the company to expand its market, regardless of the field of activity. Having employees who speak several languages is always advantageous for the company, especially since the use of interpreters and the costs involved will decrease. In addition, it is an opportunity to inject energy and new skills into the team.

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