Remote Work Opportunities: Finding Online Jobs That Pay Well


Remote Work Opportunities: Finding Online Jobs That Pay Well

Since the start of the pandemic, thousands of workers started managing their careers from home. Now, remote work is just as ordinary as commuting to the office. But quitting your daily job and going online is not enough to find a well-paid remote position. Let’s find out how to grab a good opportunity.

Switching To A Remote Job

It’s not uncommon to see people working in the coffee shop nowadays. By 2025, over 36 million Americans will change their working tactic to remote. Well, it’s almost obvious – skipping office jobs has so many benefits. Here are the most flashy ones:

  • Flexible schedule. No executive in the office tracks your progress, and no one will shame you for checking important messages during your working hours. Moreover, you can take as many breaks, days off, and sick leaves as possible.
  • Less work-related expenses. You don’t have to commute to the workplace and back daily when you work from home. That means you’re not paying for gas prices when they’re on the rise. In addition to that, you can eat cheaper homemade meals and make coffee at home.
  • More free time. Whether you live alone or have a family, there’s more time to spend however you want to. Take breaks to practice your new hobby or dedicate it to playtime with kids.

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Highest Paying Remote Jobs

There are so many occupations to take up. A few art-related jobs are at the top of the list. For example, an art director’s salary range is $66K–$101K. They usually take control of the visual part of websites, magazines and zines, packaging, and so on, as well as manage other staff. 

Business and finance are also important niches. A business development manager earns up to $122K a year. They develop business plans, work with clients, and increase sales goals. The latter is one of the most important tasks of the business development manager. That said, finance directors that manage accounting and finances earn up to $161K.

Programming and development jobs include:

  • cloud architect;
  • cyber security analyst;
  • front-end developer;
  • mobile developer.

These specialists tend to have a salary range from $47K to $160K. They are experienced in IT, networking and programming languages, visual design, operating systems, and more. The job description of operations analyst typically involves analyzing and optimizing IT systems, networking infrastructure, and programming languages, with salaries in the range of $47K to $160K.

How To Find A Remote Job


Turning to search engines to look for a well-paid remote job? Remember, there’s a limit to using “remote work” as your keyword. You can put so much more into a search bar to get more results. These are:

  • work-from-home;
  • distributed workforce;
  • online job;
  • flexible workforce.

Joining The Community

There are a few ways to join the remote workforce community, some more popular than others. It depends on what you are more comfortable and familiar with. Some workers will prefer to reach out on social media. For example, there are quite a few groups on Facebook that cater to different niches and post a lot of job opportunities. You can chat with other specialists and ask for free advice and mentorship there.

The most common approach is going to online job boards. Remote workers and freelancers can create an account, search through job postings, filter them out, and write proposals to apply. If you switch to online work after being in the office, networking is a route for you. Ask professionals that you already know for help and broaden your contact list. 


Applying to a remote position will be different from your past experiences. You’ll have to create a portfolio and resume that showcase more than just one of your skills. Besides, it should highlight that you’re a good fit for a remote position. If you’ve worked remotely before, state that in your resume. Try to recall relevant experiences, including any programs you’re familiar with.

Don’t be scared if you haven’t worked online before. Taking up micro jobs can help you broaden your resume. It’ll also help to build an excellent work-life balance. 

Furthermore, taking paid resumes, playing games, and reviewing products will earn some good money as a side hustle. Afterward, you can add skills like time and task management to your list without hesitation. All left is communicating with your clients and delivering work on time.


Overall, becoming a remote worker is not as complicated as it seems at first. There are a lot of benefits to working from home, too, including flexibility and freedom of choice. Following our guide, you’ll find a well-paid remote job quickly.

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