Should You Stay In Touch With Former Coworkers?


Should You Stay In Touch With Former Coworkers?

Workplaces are exceptional and offer a crucial platform for nature life skills while earning an income. They also allow you to develop friendships with coworkers as you work toward your organizational goals. A time comes when you must leave the organization for new beginnings such as career advancements or retirement.

Whichever the case, keeping in touch with your coworkers and bosses is crucial as you open a new chapter in your life. It helps with maintaining your network and strengthening the bond from a distance.

Equally, planning farewell party ideas for coworkers who are leaving your organization is wise. It’s one way to appreciate their contribution to the achievements and success of your organization. So, research farewell party ideas for coworkers and make them memorable as they move on with their lives.

Here’s why you should stay in touch with former coworkers.

1. Point Of Reference 

Former coworkers are your corporate family members and can be helpful when opportunities arise in the corporate landscape. They can help you to apply for upcoming positions within the organization since they know your abilities and competencies. 

Check up on your former coworkers and learn how they’re fairing in their endeavours. Likewise, you can recommend them for their prospects and help them to secure jobs or deals within or outside your organization. In addition, former coworkers help to build a reliable network that’s useful in the corporate world.

2. Mentorship Strategy

Mentorship at the workplace doesn’t necessarily have to be one-on-one. Your former coworkers might be helping from a distance and guiding you through challenges at work. Schedule your virtual or physical meetings and catch up on the developments you’re making in your profession.

However, you must focus on improving your job skills and the best approach to your challenges. Also, be mindful of the non-disclosure agreement, if any, that you signed with your current employer.

3. Brand Marketing 

Word of mouth is one free marketing strategy you can use to present your brand in the market. Staying in touch with your former coworkers can be a brand marketing tool for your business and skills. You can frequently update them on your progress and ask them to share within their networks outside your organization.

Online platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp allow you to create groups and add your former coworkers. You can share ideas and improve your brand while networking.

4. Team Spirit Development 

Former coworkers can help you thrive in a corporate environment that’s constantly changing due to technological advancements. They can offer support when technology fails and give you alternatives to overcome minor adversities in the workplace.

In addition, they bring team spirit when solving issues at work since they might possess the skills and experience needed for job performance. Keeping in touch with your former coworkers simplifies the development of other interpersonal skills, such as problem-solving which are useful in the workplace.

5. Promotes Confidence

Keeping in touch with your former coworkers is crucial for job performance in any industry. For instance, confidence in the workplace is an essential quality to have at the workplace. It shows that you can handle and complete the tasks as required.

When faced with challenges at work, hopping on a quick call to your former coworker who has knowledge and experience can save you time, money, and a job. Therefore, you must reach out to your coworkers as it might help in the future.

6. Physical, Social, And Mental Wellbeing

People create bonds at workplaces through socializing and learning a few things about one another. As you interact with your coworkers, you get attached to them because it gives you a sense of belonging. Coworkers will likely comfort you during stressful times or advise you through personal challenges affecting your work performance.

You suddenly develop a new pattern when you leave retirement or move to a new position. Reaching out to your former coworkers can reignite the fire in you, improve your mental and social health, and impact your physical well-being in general.

7. Development Of Good Relationship 

Good relationships are crucial ingredients to your personal or business success. You can achieve more by having a reliable support system from former coworkers. You’ll always look forward to planned meet-ups and other activities aside from work. Contact them and maintain the friendship created at the workplace.

Final Thoughts

You should always touch base with former coworkers as you leave an organization. It helps to overcome challenges as you navigate through the corporate maze. Aside from focusing on business success, you can improve one another and advance- personal and careerwise- together. It’ll help to tighten your bond while building a more extensive network in the corporate landscape. 

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