4 Simple Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out


4 Simple Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

It’s 2022 and most of the world has finally gone back to normal after almost 2 years of constant lockdowns and uncertainty. 

Most companies are now open to hiring new employees now that the worst seems to be over, so if you’re looking for a job, this is the right time to impress recruiters and sweep them off their feet with a killer resume. 

Though this sounds fairly simple, getting your resume noticed by recruiters can be harder than you think. 

This is because they probably have hundreds of similar resumes that are flooding their inbox and profiles, so creating a resume that will stand out from the rest will need to be a priority—especially if you’re applying for competitive jobs that are getting more applicants each week.

In this post, we’re going to be telling you about some of the best (and often overlooked) ways of making your resume stand apart from the rest—let’s get started right away!

Don’t Use Generic Templates

Even though this may seem like the easiest way to deal with something so insignificant as a template—resist the urge! You may wonder what a template has to do with you getting a job, since it’s your talent and qualifications that are going to help you get shortlisted in the end, right?

Though this is definitely true, template helps in a few other ways, such as getting noticed to begin with. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying a killer template will guarantee you a job, but it will help you take the first step, and that’s getting a recruiter to actually give your resume a chance.

Very often, recruiters barely skim through many applications which don’t have the content legibly placed on it, and even if they do, they end up overlooking your most important points and just read the first section before judging if the resume is worth short-listing or not.

To make sure your resume gets a second glance, it’s important to use a unique template where your content stands out and is structured well. 

If you’ve never designed your own template before, that’s okay because you’ll be able to find a new and interesting one on sites like BeamJob’s templates – just be sure to pick one that highlights your content without making the resume feel overwhelming or too crowded. 

Be Professional

When we say “make your resume stand out”, we don’t mean you need to make it look out-of-place so that it ends up catching a few eyes. Avoid using bright and flashy colors, and try to make it look professional, so they know you mean business. 

For instance, you can make your resume stand out by using just two colors (black and gray or black and light blue) which will not only add a touch of color but will also make your resume look sleek and clean. 

No matter what, don’t overdo the design – going for a simple structure that’s neat but different from most should do the trick. You’re not going to get the impact you’re looking for by adding too many colors, lines, and whatnot. 

Structure it Well

Though most people believe that they need to start with their education and then move on to their experience, it’s best to start with the most relevant information for the job you’re applying for. 

For instance, instead of saying you have a Master’s in Marine Biology and then moving on to the 11 years of experience you have as a brand marketer in a reputed firm when applying for a marketing position, it makes more sense to start with the relevant experience rather than the irrelevant degree. 

Less is More

Lastly, always assume that the longer your resume is, the lesser chances it has of actually being read by a recruiter. Try your best to say everything you need to say while using as few words as possible. 

Though you may find the urge to include a paragraph under each of your previous job experience titles, try to limit it to 2 or 3 bullet points where you talk about what’s most important, rather than the smaller tasks you handled. 

This way, anyone who comes across your resume has a higher chance of reading most of what you’ve written, rather than just skimming over most of it. Good luck!

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