Social Media Marketing Tips for Gym Managers and Owners


Social Media Marketing Tips for Gym Managers and Owners

While most gym owners have a handle on the biggest social media sites—Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook—it’s important to remember that business pages are much different from personal profiles. To market a fitness center effectively, you’ll need a specialized strategy.

All too often, the approach to marketing gyms on Facebook is scattershot. In many cases, content is so uncoordinated that it doesn’t work toward a common goal. It’s like knowing that it’s time to get in shape but trying something different every day without having a plan in mind. While showing up is half the battle, it’s impossible to reach those lofty goals without planning. To build a social media marketing plan, start with these strategies and best practices.

Focus on the Right Channels

It’s tempting to market to the widest possible segment of the population, but gyms should take a narrower approach. Fitness brands typically see the most success by engaging in and posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. While there’s still value in other channels, starting with the “Big Three” will bring big returns on your investment of time, money, and effort.

Create Buyer Personas

The best fitness marketing plans start with well-developed buyer personas. With this step, you’ll find it easier to create compelling content and target it to the appropriate audience. By focusing on persona-based content instead of wider marketing efforts, you’re more likely to get potential members’ attention on social media.

Think About the Marketing Funnel As a Whole

Potential members may be at different stages of the marketing funnel, and you’ll need different content at each stage to nurture leads and keep them engaged. Keep posts varied between these stages to get content to the right audience at the proper time.

  • Strangers: Concentrate on advertising and finding followers, which will bring new prospects to the gym’s pages
  • Followers: Create blog content and engage with followers to gain their trust and keep them interested
  • Marketing and sales qualified leads: Hold giveaways and offer educational content to turn followers into leads
  • Members: Offer free trials to encourage qualified leads to come and visit the club
  • Continued engagements: Hold gym events, offer information on classes and keep members updated on renovations and closures to increase retention rates

When gym owners focus on the marketing funnel in its entirety—rather than on certain parts—they are more likely to create content that builds a sense of community and nurtures leads.

Follow the Eight E’s of Fitness Center Marketing

Along with our social media marketing checklist, these guidelines will help gym owners build a stronger community and generate leads.

  1. Educate the audience by offering nutrition and fitness tips they can use wherever they go
  2. Establish yourself as a thought leader and brand builder by offering credible, relevant content
  3. Encourage members by posting motivational stories and quotes
  4. Engage with the audience by holding question-and-answer sessions and posting shareable content
  5. Elicit an emotional connection through storytelling and authentic content
  6. Energize the audience to get healthier by visiting the gym
  7. Expand your reach by turning members into brand ambassadors
  8. Expedite the lead generation process by running paid, targeted ads on social media

While organic content is crucial, it isn’t enough to reach the entire target market; you’ll need to build an ad budget to bring in more leads. A gym’s social media page should include organic and paid content for optimal results, and ad spend should be spread across giveaways, offers, and boosted posts.

Follow These Tips for a Stronger Fitness Brand

These social media marketing tips are based on a hybrid approach. As these tips are followed and implemented, be sure to track results and make changes when needed.

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