Why Sunday Is The Most Important Day Of The Week

Why Sunday Is The Most Important Day Of The Week


Sunday is the most important day of the week. It is the day that 99% of North American society wastes away but it is also the day that the 1% of society uses to prepare for the week. Depending on the way that you utilize Sunday’s could either set the tone for a productive and empowering week ahead or ruin it completely. The choice is entirely yours. The purpose of this article is to show you proven methods that will improve your mindset for the upcoming week and to help you accomplish your goals.

5 Steps To A Productive Sunday

Prepare Your Meals For The Week

The cost and time of buying food everyday compounds astronomically. Instead, you should utilize your Sundays to prepare delicious, healthy, and low-cost meals for yourself. The entire process of going to the grocery store, cooking and packaging takes no more than 2 hours but can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours per year. Use sources like YouTube to find easy to make and recipes for the week. 

Create Your Schedule For The Week

It is imperative to schedule your entire week ahead. This starts with defining your specific goal for the week and then scheduling all the tasks you need to complete for the week to reach that goal. It is best to set goals in the categories of health and wealth as they work in cooperation with each other.

Do Your Laundry

This may sound trivial to many but by having done all of your laundry completed on Sunday, the worry of what to wear throughout the week is eliminated. Who doesn’t like starting every day with a fresh pair of clothes?

Clean The House

Often, throughout the week, people are so busy working on their goals that they don’t have time for the little things like cleaning the house. By accomplishing this task every Sunday, you no longer have to stress over it during the week.


This may the most important task of all. Once the other 4 tasks are completed, it is important for you to completely relax your mind to prepare it for the upcoming week. Relax does not mean watching TV or spending time on social media. Relax means to completely shut off all distractions and to live in peace with your mind for at least 1-2 hours every Sunday. By doing so, you will have given your brain a necessary “recharge session” that will ultimately propel you through the week.


The actions that you take on Sunday will set the tone for the rest of the week. By setting yourself up for success every Sunday, your entire week will go by with less stress and more opportunity to focus on your goals. World famous entrepreneur, Mark Cuban once said:

Why Sunday Is The Most Important Day of The Week

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