Tips for Creating a Strong Employee Value Proposition for MSP Recruitment


Tips for Creating a Strong Employee Value Proposition for MSP Recruitment

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) must create an interesting Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that highlights the unique advantages and benefits they offer as an employer in order to stand out from the crowd and get the finest applicants. 

A strong EVP not only helps recruit top talent but also plays an important role in long-term employee retention and engagement. This requires a detailed examination of the company’s assets, as well as an emphasis on important elements that appeal to applicants seeking satisfying employment in the MSP business.

Establishing Your Target Audience

Begin by determining your ideal applicants’ essential features and preferences. Consider their abilities, experience, and credentials in relation to the MSP recruitment jobs you generally employ for. 

Investigate their job aims and goals as well. Learn about the types of jobs they want to do, the sectors they are enthusiastic about, and the specific difficulties they want to face.

Additionally, some people may prioritise work-life balance and flexibility, whilst others may seek possibilities for professional advancement and development. Understanding these preferences allows you to personalise your EVP to successfully answer their wants and aspirations. 

Then undertake an internal study to determine what distinguishes you as an employer. This might include things like your company’s culture, work atmosphere, IT infrastructure, and so on.

Conduct External Research

Investigate the EVPs of relevant MSPs to acquire a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape. Look for trends and parallels in their messaging and services. This assessment will help you find market segments in which you may differentiate yourself. By emphasising the attributes that set you apart, you may be able to attract individuals that share your distinctive EVP.

Consider conducting surveys or interviews with your present employees to learn about what makes your organisation a fantastic place to work. They are the ideal brand advocates since they have direct knowledge of the advantages and culture of your MSP. Their input can disclose crucial insights that an external investigation alone may not show.

Highlighting Career Development Opportunities

Discuss the numerous workshops, seminars, and educational tools available via your MSP to help them improve their professional knowledge and competence. Make it apparent that you are investing in the growth and development of your team, whether it be technical training, leadership development, or industry-specific qualifications.

Mention any mentoring or coaching programmes that your organisation provides. Highlight the potential for them to learn from seasoned experts inside the firm and obtain career counselling. This displays your dedication to creating a friendly and collaborative atmosphere that promotes personal and professional development.

Another thing to think about is if your MSP has clear professional advancement pathways. Display the many levels or roles accessible to employees, as well as how they might grow throughout the organisation. 

Emphasise the criteria for advancement, the skills and experiences necessary, and the assistance offered to help individuals achieve their professional objectives. This demonstrates to potential candidates that you are committed to recognising and rewarding their efforts, while also establishing a clear route for promotion.

Creating A Compelling Employer Brand

To demonstrate your company’s culture and principles, use compelling images and narrative tactics. Share genuine tales and testimonials from existing employees who can speak to their good experiences and possibilities for advancement at your MSP.

You should consistently monitor and respond to feedback and reviews about your brand as an employer. Actively engage with candidates and staff on online platforms to address their questions and concerns. This demonstrates your commitment to transparency and staff satisfaction.

Utilise social media tools to humanise your business and engage potential recruits. Share behind-the-scenes insights into daily life, highlight accomplishments, and engage in industry-related topics. This builds an emotional connection and a feeling of community among existing and potential employees.

Regularly Review & Update

Regular reviews ensure that your EVP remains relevant to the needs and expectations of potential candidates, assisting you in attracting and retaining top employees. Keep up with industry developments and job market changes. Keep an eye on technological advancements, job styles, and staff preferences. 

If remote work becomes more common, for example, you may need to highlight your company’s flexible work practises and remote collaboration capabilities.

Maintain consistency across all of your communication channels as you make updates. Examine your website, social media accounts, job descriptions, and other recruitment tools to verify they reflect your improved EVP effectively. 

Consistent messaging contributes to the development of a strong employer brand and promotes your organisation’s image as an appealing place to work.


This lays the groundwork for developing a competent and motivated team that will drive success in the ever-changing MSP market. You can establish a compelling statement that distinguishes your brand by identifying your target audience, emphasising your company’s strengths, and connecting yourself with employee objectives. 

Your MSP can recruit and keep the top individuals with a strong EVP, establishing a flourishing and engaged team for long-term success.

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