Top 5 Marketing Automation Trends in 2021


Top 5 Marketing Automation Trends in 2021

Using marketing automation trends helps businesses to know their consumers’ behavioral patterns and give them what they want when they need it. Trends are always evolving, so it may be quite hard to stay on top of the competition. B2B data can be leveraged by companies for more opportunities and better lead generation. A B2B database offers many benefits for business, as it helps to enhance market research.

Here are the top 5 B2B marketing automation trends in 2021 to use to get the most value out of your marketing efforts.

A deeper understanding of consumer behavior and personalization

Marketing automation is used by companies to reduce the repetition of mundane tasks as well as to establish a strong relationship with customers. Around 75% of consumers shared that the chances of purchasing from a certain company are higher when the company recognizes them by name. It’s also crucial that the company also recommends other options based on previous purchases. 

Now personalization is an extremely important aspect of marketing, as customers want companies to know them and their preferences. Just gathering data about your prospects is not enough. Companies should focus on understanding the collected data, as this is what will give you power for personalization. This is how you will present relevant content, which makes the leads feel fortunate and get the feeling that the company truly understands all their pain points.

Increase in using live video, and it’s actively being incorporated into automation

There is a drastic increase in the usage of live videos in B2B content marketing. It’s because currently, most popular social media platforms offer this feature. It’s worth noting that about 80% of people would rather watch a video than read a blog post. Moreover, the popularity of live videos is quickly growing compared to other kinds of online videos. 

It’s recommended to use live videos together with marketing automation and put out the content that is currently in demand. This will give you the opportunity to see how your audience interacts with this type of content. Insights that have been collected can be used to develop further marketing strategies and make them more precise to get more leads.

End-to-end channel integration with a consistent experience

All marketing automation trends are directly related to consumer demands and channels they’re using for communication. It’s worth noting that consumers are expecting a consistent experience regardless of channels. According to Gartner Research, campaigns that use more than 4 digital channels will be three times more successful than single- or dual-channel campaigns. 

Using many channels may seem like a good strategy. However, you should also focus on getting them in sync with each other. Marketing automation allows you to easily distribute consistent information through all channels that are available to reach more customers and have better results.

Combination of content marketing and automation increases conversions

Marketing automation, together with content marketing, will make content more effective and help your company get more leads, enhanced conversion rate, and higher ROI.

Marketing automation tools allow you to collect the needed data about your customers, which you can then categorize based on common factors. Then you can develop a content strategy, which would suit best for each category.

As you tap into specific data from each group, you can better understand the consumer’s access point to the product and service’s data. This data will help you to efficiently nurture leads and decide which type of content potential buyers may need at a certain point in their buyer’s journey. Automation tools also allow you to deliver the necessary content fast whenever you need it.

Marketing automation is directed towards a mobile-first approach

Mobile strongly becomes the primary device for browsing, entertainment, communication, and shopping. That’s why it’s important to build a mobile 1st approach for your business marketing efforts. Here marketers usually leverage tools, such as push notifications, SMS, and mobile wallet to drive more personalized communication with users. Marketing automation platforms are here to analyze, segment and deliver more personalized communication on the mobile platform.

Marketing automation tools help with capturing behavioral and transactional data on mobile, which later can be used for predictions. With this data, companies can predict users’ intent and purchase behavior. Using an automation platform, which is responsible for optimizing the message across all marketing channels is important. However, you should not border on spam, as then the user will just block a communication channel and the company will lose leads.


Marketing automation is a powerful strategy for every business, offering many benefits and growth opportunities. By following these 5 marketing automation trends, you can better connect, engage, and delight your customers. You will be able to utilize important data about your prospects for improved personalization, better content marketing, and communication through different channels. 

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