Viboom Review 2023: Save Your Time, Money, and Learn from My Mistakes


Viboom Review 2023

Look, I’m not a newbie. More than anyone else, I know there’s nothing worse than wasting dozens of hours on shooting footage, editing, fixing a video up, and finding your masterpiece with low to zero numbers of views and shares. 

I’ve been creating multi-faceted media & entertainment content for ten years thus far. And once YouTube became the second most-visited website, once we all figured out that people spend up to six hours per day watching videos, I put all other types of content aside and focused entirely on YouTube. 

Cause, well, sure thing, I must engage in what I love doing in the first place. However, it will make no sense if others don’t even see my content. Hence, if YouTube is the pivotal video-sharing platform worldwide, I decided I want to solidify my presence there and benefit from its advantages. 

I’m itching to share all the efforts I’ve been putting into my YouTube channel promotion and describe all the success & failure cases I’ve experienced on that thorny path, and I’ll do that in the second part of this post. 

However, if you’re short of time for reading (we all are these days, aren’t we?), grab the details about Viboom at the outset, and don’t hesitate to start your promotion ASAP. The sooner you launch it, the sooner you’ll be surprised by the results. And my experience that I dwell on in this Viboom review is another proof of that. 

Viboom Review: All You Need to Know 💯

Since 2011, Viboom has helped bloggers, publishers, marketers, and production studios win popularity by promoting their YouTube channels. They can also be in charge of brand awareness campaigns for various businesses that need to expand their target markets. Regardless of the content type you aspire to thrive in, Viboom gets you real and white-hat views. They do so via Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and a diverse network of Google websites where your content generates views. Viboom offers legit top-notch YouTube promotion services at the best price, yet first things first. 

How Does That Even Work?

Viboom gets your video shown in Recommendations on YouTube. It means it appears in search results in case people look for the related content or auto-plays it if the relevant function is on. Moreover, the video you promote will appear on the main page of the YouTube mobile platform as long as your campaign is running. As a result, you get the BOOST in views. And it’s crucial to highlight the boost in views once again, as I’ll cover the issue of likes, comments, and shares below. 

Your Viboom promotion campaign will run as long as needed to gain your video’s ordered number of views. Depending on your request, it may take as little as one week (up to one month or longer if you need hundreds of thousands of views). 

However, what’s even more important is that the boost the Viboom campaign delivers makes YouTube’s algorithm notice your content. Afterward, it starts suggesting other videos from your channel since you already have attracted viewers. 

In my humble opinion, as a content veteran, this is precisely the way the most REALLY paying-off promotion must work. I.e., you boost it, and it naturally makes its way to the top. 

Why I Opted for Viboom of All Others

My answer is short and quite obvious – Viboom is a recognized Google Premier Partner. I’m keen on experimenting with content creation and other stuff. Still, when it comes to paying someone for the results directly affecting my business development, I prefer to resort to trusted and seasoned official partners. 

And I know that to earn the Google Premier Partner status, one must demonstrate outstanding results for their clients within the long term. Hence, I have no doubts Viboom showed perfection in conducting successful campaigns. 

Pricing & Discounts


The Viboom price per view is one of the lowest on the market – $0.03. The minimum order you can place is 1k views. As for the discounts, they are available here, too: 

  • 10% discount if you order 5,000 views;  
  • 20% off at 20,000 views;  
  • And 25% – in case you buy 35,000 views. 

Also, keep in mind that targeting specific geographical regions adds 0.1 cents to the price. Plus, if you need to target particular countries in selected regions, it will increase the price by 0.2 cents. 

Do I Confirm the Results Viboom Guaranteed?

Yes, I do. You’ll go through the numbers I gained due to Viboom below, yet in general, I did get the desired views from real accounts of real people. Moreover, thanks to the boost in views that the Viboom promotion campaign sparked, I soon enough watched the ORGANIC rise in likes, comments, and new subscribers. 

Don’t even start wondering here about infamous click farms, promising “you’ll have it all per three bucks.” Even $3k won’t bring real-people likes and comments to your table at one go, nor will it make bots your engaging subscribers. If you produce quality content, the only thing it really needs is to be SEEN by real viewers. They will further engage and make it to the top naturally. Whereas the last thing you’d like to deal with is YouTube bans for bots, unscrupulous promotion techniques, and other suspicious activities that click farms consign you to. 

Viboom Review Based on My Experience (W Proofs & Figures!) 🧑‍💻

So, I guess I bumped into Viboom at the beginning of April and discovered that the entire cooperation process should be pretty easy. Hence, I took immediate action: 

1. I Signed Up on the Viboom Website

As you can see, the registration form requires only an email and a password, along with a usual request to confirm the former via the sent link. I rarely sign up with Facebook, though, so maybe this way is even faster. 

2. I Inserted the Link to the Video I Picked for the Promotion

Even though I picked one of the best of my content pieces and Viboom was going to promote exactly that one, the campaign touched my whole YouTube channel. Due to the boost it fostered, viewers who liked the promoted video proceeded to check out other videos on my channel. And – spoiler – left dozens of likes & comments!

3. Specified the Number of Views I’d Like it to Gain 

It was my first time ordering from Viboom, so I made up my mind to start off small. 

4. Selected Geographical Targets 

In my case, it should have been Germany, Austria, and Switzerland that somewhat added to the price but ultimately paid it off. Totally. 

5. Paid for My Promotion Campaign

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any promo code this time, but I will do my best to find one for my next Viboom promotion campaign. Saving ad budget funds hasn’t hurt anyone yet, has it? 😉

So, we’re all set by this point. I then waited (about 18h) for Google Approval – a standard procedure – and started tracking the results in my Viboom account. (If there would be any, as I was pondering back then) 

6. And the Results were Not Long in Coming

As you can see, gaining the ordered number of views took seven days. Moreover, my first Viboom promotion campaign delivered 360 likes, 47 comments, and 100 new subscribers

Am I satisfied? Definitely! Do I recommend Viboom? I surely do. 

Why haven’t I tried this service before?

The answer is simple – the lack of Viboom reviews on the Internet. 

Therefore, this post of mine is my attempt to revive justice. 

What’s Wrong with Viboom Reviews? ⚠️

I suppose the main issue with Viboom reviews is the mere lack of them. At TrustPilot, there are only four feedback comments, although all are pretty positive. On the official Viboom website, I only found two reviews, and that’s something I would suggest they work on.  

I also encountered a few dubious reviews on the Internet claiming clients didn’t get what they’d anticipated. But if Viboom guarantees real views, what else can one expect to get except for real views themselves? 

To my mind, the rest depends on the quality of content and how you engage with the new audience. Neither you nor Viboom can compel people to positive reactions only. Real views from real people are REAL indeed, and if some dislike your content, it’s not about promotion but their preferences. Agree?

It would be fair to mention that some Viboom reviews contained complaints regarding their Customer Support. Well, this is something I can willingly believe (I had bitter experiences with other services in the past), although I didn’t interact with Viboom reps myself. So, if you’re just starting out and might need some help from their experts, you should mind this possible issue. 

What I Prior Did (Yet Failed) for YouTube Promotion while Viboom Succeeded in 7 Days 😰

From the get-go, I knew views are crucial since they affect the YouTube algorithm. The more views you get, the more willingly will the algorithm push your video out to broader audiences. Plus, views help earn money and build brand affinity. It takes some time, though, to achieve your target viewership that promotional tactics could accelerate and foster. Or, at least, I thought so. 

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t state the following techniques don’t work. They do! Yet, in the long run, only. If you need an immediate boost in views on your channel, then you need Viboom. (Or, ok, any other service of the kind, although why search others if you’ve just got the official (and pretty successful) Google partner at hand).

However, I did spend some time and effort on writing killer and must-see titles yet crafting them without resorting to clickbait headlines. I customized the thumbnails and engaged in cross-promotions. I optimized my videos for visibility in terms of keywords, tags, and so on.

I paid for some tools to figure out who my competitors are and which of their videos get the most engagement. It was actually pretty helpful as I got an idea of what topics my target audience seeks to learn about and what style of videos they love the most.

Once I read that YouTube grasps it as a positive signal if you interact with your viewers. Hence, I plunged into engaging with subscribers to encourage a more substantial connection (gosh, how time-consuming it appeared to be!). It seems like “liking” comments, pinning a top one, or texting a couple of words in reply takes several seconds. It does until you notice you spent a couple of hours on that. 

I even managed to run a contest that should have encouraged folks to subscribe to my channel. However, be careful and ensure you are following YouTube’s policies concerning giveaways. Nor host them too frequently. And don’t forget to track the results; otherwise, your time and money will go in vain. Finally, wait a while and check your subscriber drop-off rate along with engagement numbers to avoid wasting your resources on free prize seekers.

Probably the one thing I haven’t tried out yet is live streaming, although I currently consider this option as Viboom does promote streams as well. It’s no surprise, though, as live streaming is one of the most demanded social media trends, and it seems like it isn’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

So, did all these tactics help improve my YouTube presence? Definitely, yes, if we speak about the long-term outlook. Have I seen these improvements in figures yet? Not really. I mean, of course, I watched my YouTube channel develop somehow, yet it was so slow that I doubted I’d see its big hit for the next ten years.

But I needed it. I needed a boost in views from people to see my content and make it travel the world. It was Viboom that helped with precisely that.   

For now, I’m enjoying the afterglow of my first Viboom campaign as more and more likes and comments still appear on my videos. Yet I’ll definitely request another boost as soon as I finish my upcoming content pieces. 

Summing it Up 💫

As my experience shows, growing a YouTube audience is no accident. Working on that may feel like a grind if your niche is crowded with competition. That’s precisely why it pays to order a promotion campaign (or two) from Viboom. It WILL result in more eyes on your channel and more real subscribers. My Viboom review was for those ready to ramp up their YouTube presence and enjoy significant business results. Hence, feel free to proceed with self-educating, trying various promotion tactics, and meanwhile, let Viboom do its irreplaceable work. 

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