Why You Should Stop Competing & Start Creating


We live in a golden age. This is a time that humankind has worked centuries for. Everything that we could possibly ask for is on demand. We can start a business within minutes, we can interact with anyone in the world with the tap of a button. We are living in a time with more opportunity than there has ever been throughout history, but for some reason, we continue to witness mediocrity in almost every element of life.

Before going any further, it is important that we define success:

Success: is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

As children, and even young adults, our dreams, and goals hold no limit. We fantasize about the possibilities of living a life according to our own standards. Most people at a young age truly believe they are going to be successful but by the time retirement age comes around, the majority have ended their careers in mediocrity.

Statistics have shown that in North America, only 5% of society believe they are living according to their own standards, whereas the remaining 95% believe that their life has been shaped by external circumstances outside of their control.

So Where Do People Go Wrong?

The answer is conformity. It is a natural human tendency to conform to the ideals of the masses. This human tendency was developed thousands of years ago when humankind was at the hunter and gatherer level. At that point, humans hunted in packs and to be left out of the group could have resulted in starvation or even death. For centuries, this natural tendency has carried on, but today, there is no need to conform.

So why should you not conform?

  • Conformity destroys creativity
  • Conformists lack the ability to pursue their own ideals
  • Establishes a blind belief in society without questioning it
  • Forgo control of your life to the ideals of the masses

What is The Solution?

The answer is to create. A successful individual is one who has set out a predetermined goal and is making consistent efforts to achieve that vision regardless of external circumstances. A successful individual is a writer who wants to become a world-famous writer so he starts a blog and publishes work every day to achieve that end goal. A successful individual is a husband and father because he wants to be a husband and father is doing a great job of it.

So why should you create?

  • The only competition that you are up against is yourself (therefore the limitations are placed by you)
  • The ability to think freely
  • The freedom to pursue your goals and aspirations without being held back by the norms of society
  • The ability to live life on your own terms

Remember, throughout history, it was the creatives who changed the world. Individuals like Leonardo Da Vinci, Steve Jobs, The Wright Brothers, all stepped away from the normalities of society and took their own route. The successful of society did not compete, they created.

Why You Should Stop Competing & Start Creating


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