15 Vegan Restaurants to Visit in Toronto!


15 Vegan Restaurants to Visit in Toronto!

Toronto is undoubtedly a city where you can find a wide variety of activities, including visiting restaurants. So why not see some vegan ones, try different gastronomy and support to reduce the consumption of animal products? Here are some of the vegan restaurants you should visit. So without further ado, here is the list of 15 vegan restaurants you should know in Toronto.


Parka is a restaurant that seeks to change the point of view about eating well and plant-based, they want to show that it can be fun and that from daily choices we make a difference on the planet, resulting, in this case, delicious.

You are going to love their profile. Visit it here.


Hunny by The Hogtown Vegan

Hunny is a vegan snack bar from The Hogtown Vegan. The place is charming, and the food is fantastic, definitely a must-visit place.

Visit their profile and get a sneak peek.


Urban Herbivore

Urban Herbivore is a restaurant located in Kengsington Market, focuses on plant-based and integral food. They also have home deliveries.

What are you waiting for to try their food? Visit their profile now.


the Goods

the goods is a home delivery restaurant providing preparation, delivery and catering service. They are also a local restaurant that you surely don’t want to miss out on.

Their profile is lovely. Check it out!

GOOD Grains Canada

Good Grains is a quick-service vegan restaurant that focuses on plant-based food that is nutritious, tasty, environmentally friendly and, for the most part, gluten-free.

If you want to enjoy healthy and delicious food, don’t hesitate and visit their Instagram profile.



Located in the Chef’s Hall of the Assembly, LosCo is a restaurant that serves traditional Mexican food with plant-based ingredients, achieving exquisite flavours and dishes.

Go to their profile now!



La Bartola

La Bartola is a Mexican food restaurant. Its founder is Ivan Castro (@veganartisan), a Mexican dedicated to plant-based food in Canada, exploring and bringing to the public new and delicious ideas for their palate.

Visit the profiles and learn a little more about this charming proposal.




PLANTA burger is a restaurant that is part of PLANTA, is a proposal that brings to the public a variety of plant-based recipes, foods that delight those who try them.

Find out more on their fantastic Instagram profile.




Apiecalypse Now Pizza & Snacks

Apiecalypse is a restaurant focused on fun, vegan pizzas and snacks that provides delivery or on-site pick-up service so you can enjoy your meal wherever you want.

In their profile, you will find all their proposal. Visit it.



Hogtown Vegan

Hogtown Vegan is a beautiful and a little retro restaurant that offers a variety of fun and delicious dishes. If you are new to veganism, this place is definitely for you.

Explore their menu and their proposal on their Instagram profile.




Rosalinda Restaurant

Rosalinda is a lovely restaurant located in downtown Toronto. They focus on plant-based food and describe themselves as vibrant, where live wines and seasonal produce come together.

Visit their profile; trust us, you won’t regret it.






Fresh Restaurants

Fresh is a vegan restaurant with a long history, founded in 1999. Their products are 100% plant-based foods and juices that put a wide range of flavours and dishes to their customers’ consumption.

Their Instagram profile is unique; visit it.



The Social Gardener Café

The Social Gardener Café is located in Toronto’s East End and is, quite simply, lovely. They offer products to prepare your recipes at home, or you can visit them and eat some of the dishes they serve already prepared. It’s quite an experience.

They have a rooftop garden! Check it out here.



Green Earth Vegan Cuisine

Green Earth is a family-owned and operated restaurant offering exquisite plant-based food. They seek to share how healthy and exciting it can be to eat vegan and healthy while helping the planet and animals.

Get to know their profile here.



LOV is not just a restaurant, it is an experience built from an environment, a place, flavours… it offers tasty dishes and seeks responsible and healthy plant-based food.

Who wouldn’t want to experience something so wonderful for themselves? Explore their profile and learn more here.


We hope you’ve enjoyed the 15 Vegan restaurants to visit in Toronto!

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