Meet 20 Of The Best Dancers In Los Angeles


Meet 20 Of The Best Dancers In Los Angeles

Dancing is an art that not all are lucky enough to develop. However, there is a lot of talent around the world in the dance industry, dancers in Los Angeles are no exception, and for this reason, we have compiled a list of 20 of the best dancers there.

We hope you enjoy it and get to know the talent in this city. So, here are the Top 20 Dancers in Los Angeles without further ado.

Kyle Hanagami

He’s a choreographer and Creative Director. One of the greatest of the industry. He choreographed BlackPink, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and others. His choreographies are magical, and he has this unique style that it can’t be found in anyone else. He holds the title for YouTube’s most viewed choreography video of all time.


Nat Bat

She’s a dancer and choreographs. She is a member of the ImmaBEAST Dance Company. She moved out from Michigan to Los Angeles at 14 to become a dancer and started becoming famous due to her youtube videos, and now she has worked with Chris Brown, Florida, Sia, and others. She has become a highly acclaimed dancer in California. Check out her profile and stay updated with her work!


Jake Kodish

Jake started dancing when he was 12 in Miami. Thru the years, he has been training a lot of dance styles. Now, he is recognized as one of the most famous dance instructors and choreographers in L.A. His style is unique, and he has worked with Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Selena Gomez, etc. It is incredible to see his work on Youtube. You can see more of him on his I.G. profile.


Matt Steffanina

Matt has become one of the industry’s most sought-after choreographers for T.V., Commercials & Movies.’ He spread his talent by making video tutorials of his most emblematic choreographies and making dance available to everyone by creating the DNCR Academy. By now, Matt is the most-followed dancer globally, with over 12 million subscribers on Y.T. His Instagram profile will catch your eye immediately!

Delaney Glazer

Delaney, it’s incredibly talented. She has gained a lot of fame and recognition for working as a dancer for famous artists, appearing in their music videos and dance performances in their concerts. She uploads her dance videos on her Instagram profile, which has already amassed more than a million followers.


Sean Lew

He is one of the most versatile dancers and choreographers. He started dancing Breakdance, but now he dances in almost every dance style. He has appeared on the X Factor and Kids Choice Awards as a dancer. He got his first job at the age of 9 in Glee and is recognized for his incredible talent. His technique’s out of this world. Head over to his profile for some unique content.



Jojo Gomez

She’s a dancer, choreographer, and dancer instructor. When he was 17, she moved out to Los Angeles, and she has been recognized for her appearance in America’s Got Talent, The X Factor and Beyond Dance. She is one of Demi Lovato’s dancers. She teaches on Millenium Dance Complex and posts videos of her work on Youtube. Go and see her incredible work on her profile!



Jade Chynoweth

Jade is an incredible dancer and actress who started dancing at 2. She has worked with several famous singers as Halsey and J Balvin. Because of her fantastic dancing technique, she can interpret different dancing styles like hip-hop, jazz, contemporary dance, and others, becoming one of the most versatile dancers in the U.S. Jade posts dance videos all the time. Her Instagram is full of art. Follow her if you want to get to know her more.




Maddie Ziegler

Her name is Madison, and she is known for being a part of Dance Moms when she was younger. She became Sia’s dancer for her music videos, and she has built a fantastic career as a dancer.



Nicole Kirkland

She’s a professional choreographer, dancer, teacher, and director. Nicole knows multiple dance styles, and she has choreographed for Daddy Yankee, Gwen Stefani, Neyo, Prince, and others. She has been teaching for nine years, and Nicole’s classes focus on story-telling.




Lexee Smith

She’s from Houston, but she moved out to L. A year ago. She was a member of the Latin Flavah dance group, but now she is a part of the famous group dance lilBEASTS. She has won her fame due to her Youtube and I.G. videos showing her talent. She recently participated in Billie Eilish’s last music video.






Parris Goebel

The revolutionary choreographer. She has done amazing music videos and performances for Rihanna, Little Mix, Janet Jackson. She was the choreographer of one of the most emblematic music videos of all time, ‘ Sorry’ by Justin Bieber. She is the founder of “The Palace Dance Studio,” With her dance group, Royal Family. She has won the World Hip Hop Dance Championship three times.



Aliya Janell

The founder of the Queens N’Lettos group and recognized for being a self-love encouragement defendant. She is an expert on heels dance and creativity in her choreographies, and she also teaches and takes dancing to the next level.



Kathleen Dizon

She started dancing when she was 7. In 2017 she became the Co-Director of Chapkidz. She has appeared on America’s Got Talent and worked with Daddy Yankee’s newest video, “Con Calma,” and many more.


Enola Bedard

She was an amazing dancer who got her fame due to her viral TikTok dancing videos. She has accomplished over 11 million followers on Tiktok due to her talent. She is originally from Canada, but now she is living in L. A and has been dancing with one of the most famous dancers, Matt Steffanina


Kaycee Rice

Famous dancer, member of lilBEAST dance group. She started dancing at a very young age and has participated in several dance competitions. She started her Y.T. channel in 2010, and in 2013 Katy Perry released one of her dance videos. She has appeared on AGT and competed in the second season of World of Dance.


Galen Hooks

Galen has been in the entertainment industry for so many years. She’s an MTV VMA- nominated choreographer for her iconic talent and has become viral due to her Y.T. videos.

She shows strength, power and sensuality in her choreographies besides her incredible skills of acting and performing.


David Slaney

He’s a professional dancer specializing in heels, hip hop, and jazz-funk. He currently teaches at Millennium Dance Complex and others. He is the Co-Director of a Junior Hip Hop Team. He has worked with celebrities as R&B, Mary J and Blige. He also makes dance tutorials.


Haley Fitzgerald

She is a commercial dancer. She has worked for many famous artists and has appeared in music videos, including one choreographed by the renowned dancer Kyle Hanagami. She is active on Instagram and Youtube.


Bailey Sok

She started to participate in dance competitions when she was little. Professional dancers trained her as Matt Steffanina and Brian Friedman. She is one of the best dancers in the U.S.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the top 20 dancers in Los Angeles!

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