20 Photographers in Toronto You Should Know


20 Photographers in Toronto You Should Know

It is said that a picture speaks louder than thousand words, and there are plenty of photographers to go around – but good ones, not all of them. The Influence Digestteam has sought out the best photographers in Toronto, working in different areas ranging from real estate to fashion photography.

Without further ado, here are 20 Toronto photographers you should know:

Jeff Wasserman

Jeff has worked as a photojournalist for national and international publications and has worked in newspaper editing. However, he feels he is much better at commercial photography, which he is currently doing. He has collected over 100 awards from the Society for News Design and a recent award from Applied Arts.

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Brjánn Batista Bettencourt

Brjaán, the founder of 3B Photography, is a documentary and editorial photographer. He also specializes in photographing intimate weddings and elopements. His goal is to apply his naturalness to capture impermanent moments, and the mundane beauty of everyday aesthetics through candid and poignant portraiture.

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Darius Bashar

Darius works with international celebrities, best-selling authors and thought leaders. His work has been published in major media outlets such as USA TODAY, TIME, and Apple.

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Thea Menagh

The has expensive and a long experience as a photographer; she has worked for over 50 years as a Real Estate Photographer, and her images speak for themselves. Do you think you need her? Here we leave you her Instagram profile.


Nick Merzetti

Nicholas Merzetti is a photographer specializing in food and fashion photography. His work has been published in Harpers Bazaar, Vogue China, Schön Magazine, Design Scene, Monacle and The Guardian UK. He also received the William J. Dowkes award for best portrait photography from the University of Toronto.

Hisprofile is spectacular – why aren’t you following him yet?!


Kathryn Hollinrake

Twenty-five years of experience doesn’t do itself, and that’s why Kathryn is so valuable as a professional photographer. Her versatile style allows her to accommodate the desires of different brands and clients.
She’s eager to make you look good!

We love seeing how she keeps her followers informed and up to date through herLinkedIn.



Rick O’Brien

Rick’s experience is not just any; it is so broad that it encompasses editorial, lifestyle, food/drink and travel photography. He’s also been helping people, and their brands build images that represent them for over twenty years.

Check out hisprofileto stay updated with him!



Yannis Lobaina

Yannis is not only a photographer: she defines herself as a multidisciplinary artist with more than twelve years of experience as a creative visual storyteller. She has received different awards such as the RBC Space Award, RBC Access to the Arts Award, Neighbourhood Arts Network in Canada, among others.

Her Instagram profilewill catch your eye as it did with ours.




Rob Fiocca

Rob has over 20 years of experience shooting and directing significant campaigns for brands such as McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Smucker’s, Nestle, Kraft, Campbell’s, and others. He has also worked with major multinational creative agencies and local boutique agencies and has won several awards.

Head over to hisprofile for some unique content.


Brendyn Proznick

Brendyn has been a self-taught photographer for years; however, he founded his own company and website in 2015 and has been practicing in Toronto since 2017. His background is in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing and communications, which allows him to connect very well with his creativity.

HisInstagram profile has an excellent content.


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Matthew Gibson

Matthew’s specialty as a photographer is food and tabletop.
He studied professional photography at College, and his passion led him to Toronto. His technical skills, work ethic and calm personality on set have helped him accumulate a long list of clients over the years.

Matthew’s profileis impressive, be sure to check it out.



Noel Photography

Noel has a studio located in Toronto that specializes in portraits, headshots and fashion. The balance of his images is outstanding, and he can bring out your personality in a photograph.

Whatever you’re looking for in a picture, you’ll find it following Noel! 






Dylan Swart

Dylan is an expert at making you feel hungry when looking at a photograph, literally. He is a commercial food and beverage photographer who works with brands and advertising agencies of high standards to get the best angle on food. He has received many awards, including several Sony Profoto awards.

You can tell by his Instagram profile that he is a real pro.



Ryanne Hollies

She is a fantastic wedding and commercial photographer. On the couple’s side, she specializes in intimate weddings and urban elopements. On the commercial side, she has worked with Arctic Zone, McDonald’s, Johnson&Johnson, Vichy, Lenny Bull, Violet Hill, and others.

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Larissa Issler

Larissa’s unique experience has shaped her as a professional with an excellent capacity for productivity and passion for the creative industry. She works as a producer, professional photographer, instructor, and media manager.

Her profilehas an incredible content.


Martin Bryan

Martin Bryan’s photography is based on professional portraiture that incorporates the authenticity of the art deco movement within the contemporary beauty and fashion industry. Martin recognizes that perfection in his work remains a daily process.

Visit his LinkedInnow.


Giancarlo Pawelec

Giancarlo is an artist by nature; he was immersed in oil painting and graffiti and finally stayed in editorial and commercial photography. He has built his career mainly as a self-taught artist and describes his signature style as a mix of an avant-garde feel with vibrant colours.

Become a part of his impressive following him through hisprofile.


Kateryna Ivon

 When you have a brand, you know that digital presence is significant, and that’s when you should contact Katheryna; she will translate your brand’s needs into digital content for your different platforms.

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Bryan Egan

Bryan Egan is a commercial portrait photographer working primarily in entertainment, beauty and fashion. After landing a position at Rankin’s studio and gaining experience, he returned home to Canada to start his own career. His work is characterized by his persistence for excellence and his dogged eye for detail.

Bryan’s content on his Instagram profile is amazing, check it out!

Felipe Gombossy

Felipe Gombossy has an interesting professional mix: his passions are food and photography. As such, he is completing his studies at George Brown College – Culinary Management to complement his previous study in Advertising and Marketing at ESPM/SP.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed the 20 photographers in Toronto you should know!

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