15 American Clothing Brands Making a Difference

15 American Clothing Brands Making a Difference


American Clothing Brands Making a Difference

Exploring the dynamic landscape of American fashion unveils a tapestry woven with threads of style and a commitment to social impact and sustainability. These clothing brands embody a spirit of purpose, each stitch contributing to a larger narrative of positive change and responsible practices in the fashion industry.

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Partnering with the best, ethical factories worldwide, Everlane uses the finest materials, all while considering fair wages, reasonable hours, and the environment for their workers. With lasting in mind, every piece is crafted with years of usage ahead of it, creating timeless products.

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Millions of people get access to mental health resources with every product bought at TOMS. With improving lives always in mind, this clothing brand sets itself apart from others by investing a third of its profits in community organizations aiming toward sustainable change. Both people and the environment see themselves as benefiting from every investment this company makes.



Certifying sustainability, their products and processes support both people and planet, ensuring the well-being of everyone involved. With their organic farming, Pact drastically reduces water and energy usage, resulting in cleaner air, better soil, and safer agriculture. The impact on their surroundings benefits those working on-site through community support and safe work conditions.



Their sustainability movement aims towards a better tomorrow, from the chemicals that need to be carefully managed to how we package and ship, as well as the usage of organic cotton, everything they do is for the planet. At prAna, sustainability and healthy being have been part of their DNA.




In an industry that has become infamous for poor working conditions, ABLE decided to step in to create a suitable work environment with the perfect conditions and pay. Working with incredible manufacturers worldwide, this clothing brand takes care of every person in the organization and their customers.




This clothing brand makes a difference through environmental protection and fair labor conditions. Outerknown takes pride in their accomplishments and acknowledges they still have much ahead of them. Worker’s well-being is an essential key point for this brand, as well as using sustainable materials and reducing waste.



This socially conscious fashion brand produces ethically made and sustainably sourced footwear, accessories, and leather goods. Nisolo’s practices mix sustainable manufacturing, ethical production, everlasting designs, and transparency in the production processes and supply chain.














United by Blue

Acknowledging the environmental problems the planet is going through, a zero-waste mindset has been set for every move it makes. United by Blue also uses nontoxic, regenerative fibers that keep harmful pesticides out of the environment. They avoid waste and overproduction while still keeping up good quality products that last.















This clothing brand cares deeply about how its garments and textiles are made, the people behind them, and their impact on the earth. Ace&jig has been an important model for other brands to take responsibility and make changes to ensure safety, equitable treatment, and empowerment.















Eileen Fisher

Creating a system of shapes that worked together to make getting dressed easy, the whole life cycle of the clothes was changed, considering the well-being of those involved in the process. Thanks to this change, Eileen Fisher has become well-known for their high-quality garments. It is acclaimed for reusing and regenerating used resources, moving away from the wasting manufacturing model.














Believing and creating a sustainable future through our commitment to artisan-made elements, this clothing brand circles around caring for the environment and the people involved. AMOUR VERT’s transparency and commitment reflect their actions towards a better future, from low-impact materials to conscious packaging.














Hanky Panky

This brand has incorporated eco-friendly practices, using organic cotton and recycled nylon in some of its designs. Hanky Panky’s success can be easily attributed to its combination of innovation, commitment to quality, and the ability to adapt to changing fashion trends while maintaining a focus on comfort.















Alternative Apparel

Committed to sustainability, this clothing brand aims to take care of the planet while still enjoying fancy clothes. Alternative Apparel uses recyclable materials, saving millions of plastic bottles each year. Sustainability and well being of customers and the environment are the most important things for them.














Sseko Designs

Since its humble beginning, Sseko Designs has been committed to creating a suitable environment with dignity and opportunity for everyone involved. They want a world with beautiful products made by people with beautiful lives, filled with joy and well-being.














Krochet Kids

Their primary mission is to empower individuals in need by providing them with the skills and opportunities to support themselves and their families. Krochet Kids is also committed to environmentally sustainable practices, using organic cotton and minimizing their environmental impact.














We hope you enjoyed our list of American Clothing Brands Making a Difference!

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