Top 15 Bags in New York

Top 15 Bags in New York


Top 15 Bags in New York

What we always need to travel is a bag, or if you want to go out, a purse to carry your things and that it combines with your wardrobe. For any need, there are different options if you have not found the perfect brand with which you identify. Here we offer you other options of brands of bags in new york with which you can settle!


Rimowa’s history has been from manufacturing with antique wood to high-tech polycarbonate; its history has been focused on evolving and looking for the best way to transport belongings for its target audience: travellers, so if you would like to leave your luggage in the best conditions between all those plane transfers or land trips, come here that its quality will not disappoint you.


Are you getting called to a lot of out-of-town meetings? You might want to consider that for over 100 years. Samsonite has leveraged its rich design heritage to create a wide variety of products whose style is matched by their quality and durability in a way that suits people like you: business travellers.


In Away, they know that you have many projects, you want to travel and see many places, so their product line is made so that they can always accompany you and do it with the style you want.

Altman Luggage

For many years Altman Luggage has been in charge of bringing its customers its products and travel accessories at the best price. So if you are in a hurry to leave, you might consider the fast deliveries and low cost.


Maybe you can’t decide what kind of suitcase you want to bring. Pertutti is one of those bags in New York that has you covered with their wide variety of products from different brands so you can find the one that best suits your style or needs.

Manhattan Portage

Let’s leave travel aside for the moment. For those comfortable in their city or neighbourhood, Manhattan Portage originated around the bike messengers and DJs of New York. Today they have an incredible selection to carry the essentials, go out with your friends and not lose the urban style that is so popular.


Min & Mon

Min & Mon, mainly their designs are pretty fun and colourful, also if you pay close attention the iconic touch of each of them is that there are eyes on their products, of which the handbags most demanded by their customers.


In Oad, the designs in the bags they manufacture revolve around being simple designs but with enough utility. In addition, they love to play with shapes and colours that make them give airs ranging from fun to sophisticated.




GiGi leather products are based on a simple belief: “customers deserve to own pieces that have the same level of consideration that you impart in all aspects of your life.” Therefore, most of their products are designed with both luxury and functionality.


Going back to the handbags at Pietro, you will find that every one of their products is handmade with a focus on detail, made from genuine Italian leather, the selection of which is made before the production of each collection. Customers love especially the stitching and the point on the edges.

Village Tannery

In Village Tannery, they take pride in the work done by them. You will see the experience, skill and craftsmanship that they employ in each bag, you will be fascinated, and you will like to carry everywhere one of their leather works, as everything is handmade, their workers were trained in the same place also. They learn in this place that has offered their products for years.



Longchamp’s history goes back to 1948, initially in France from manufacturing cigarettes. However, today it is well known for manufacturing many luxury leather products. Its significant impact has generated that many in New York know them, being famous for their handbags and customers in sung for their superb quality.

Big Bag

At BigBag, they have nothing but good things to say about them. Customers are impressed with the wide selection of bags and their beautiful and eye-catching colours, where the decision is not easy, in addition to the excellent customer service.


At Tumi, they don’t focus mainly on one bag style. Instead, there is everything from suitcases to purses, so you can come and browse according to your needs. Their types tend to be relatively simple but elegant, exceptionally light, and resistant. Customers agree that the prices justify the value of the products.


True Style

True Style Store guarantees that everyone has a new place or experience to go to, so they will be willing to locate the product that best meets their needs, from wallets to purses, so come and enhance your style with some of their possibilities.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Top 15 Bags in New York! 

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