Top Culinary Influencers to Savor in Los Angeles

Culinary Influencers to Savor: 15 Food Bloggers in Los Angeles


Food Bloggers in Los Angeles

Explore the dynamic culinary landscape of Los Angeles through the lens of these 15 influential food bloggers, whose innovative tastes and captivating content have helped shape the city’s gastronomic identity. From renowned chefs to passionate food enthusiasts, these LA-based food bloggers are the ones to follow for the latest trends, dining recommendations, and delicious inspiration.

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Kevin Curry

Having experienced and endured some challenges, he changed his lifestyle, creating a new and improved version of himself through diet and self-care. Kevin shares recipes and culinary tips online, focusing on healthy diets and a healthy lifestyle while enjoying food.




Chrissy Teigen

This well-known influencer has made a name for herself in various entertainment and culinary ventures. Chrissy shares her culinary experiences, reflecting her passion for food. She has authored several cookbooks and aims to make cooking and food more accessible and enjoyable for people of all skill levels.


José Andrés

This highly acclaimed and influential Spanish-American chef is recognized for his culinary expertise, his extensive restaurant empire, and his humanitarian efforts. Chef José Andrés, often referred to, has made numerous media appearances to share his culinary knowledge and passion for food, encouraging others to follow his steps in the kitchen.


Gaby Dalkin

This prominent food blogger, cookbook author, and culinary personality is known for her vibrant and approachable approach to cooking and food. Gaby has gained a significant following for her fresh and contemporary take on classic dishes, her appealing recipes, and her engaging food content.



Josh Elkin

He is celebrated for his culinary creativity, often pushing the boundaries of traditional recipes and combining unexpected ingredients to create unique and indulgent dishes. Elkin shares innovative and visually appealing recipes, often focusing on over-the-top comfort food.



Samin Nosrat

Known for her influential work in the culinary world, Samin gained widespread recognition for her book “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking.”

Her culinary philosophy emphasizes the importance of using the four fundamental elements mentioned in her book title to create balanced and delicious dishes, all while encouraging people to experiment and trust their instincts.


Jet Tila

Studying under various renowned chefs, this culinary influencer expanded his culinary repertoire. Jet Tila is mainly known for his expertise in Asian cuisine, which includes Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and other regional specialties, sharing his work with people from all around the world.














Patrick Janelle

This prominent social media influencer travels around, documenting his experience and helping people have a better view of what to expect at certain places.

Patrick talks about fashion, lifestyle, and hospitality wherever he goes, all while not leaving cuisine behind, as it is a crucial aspect to keep in mind when traveling. 














Aarti Sequeira

She discovers stories through recipes, revealing moments in a culture’s history that help her understand the present and how it got to be, thanks to food, all while still creating new dishes.

Aarti encourages her followers to reunite at the table so we can relish our loved ones and embrace future friends, appreciating both the food and the people present.














Nancy Silverton

She can be found composing dishes and highlighting the importance of every ingredient in her dishes. Nancy’s passion allows her to work around different culinary styles efficiently. As a culinary influencer, when sharing her knowledge and experiences, she finds a purpose in encouraging people to grow and be educated in culinary matters.













Ludo Lefebvre

Being one of the most influential chefs in Los Angeles dining, he made a name for himself with his vast experience and top-notch dishes. Ludo gained widespread attention for his innovative approach to dining with his “LudoBites” pop-up restaurant concept, igniting the phenomenon of the pop-up restaurant and establishing it as a viable business model.














Dzung Lewis

She strives to inspire young women to use food and lifestyle choices to develop their self-confidence, creativity, and community in everyday life. Dzung Lewis’ work explores responsible beauty and design in food, sharing gourmet recipes and encouraging everyone to develop their cooking style and get creative in the kitchen.















Matthew Kang

In food journalism and restaurant reviews, Kang is a prominent figure, as he is one of the editors of “Eater LA,” a well-known culinary website from LA, as its name suggests. He is mainly known for his expertise in Korean cuisine and his coverage of the food scene in LA’s Koreatown.















Jonathan Melendez

With his creative and visually stunning approach to food photography and styling, Jonathan has gained recognition in the food and culinary world for his talent in making dishes look as appealing as they taste. Through his blog, he shares many recipes, culinary tips, and food photographs, telling stories through food.














Elise Strachan

This Los Angeles-based food blogger focuses on organized and clean eating habits, making simple and clean dishes for everyday life. Elise takes a lot of inspiration from her surroundings, emphasizing fresh juices, simple meats, and Mexican food. She creates recipes for other people to enjoy and not suffer the culinary crisis she had to live through.














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