Digital Marketing Landscape: Top E-commerce Experts to Follow

Digital Marketing Landscape: E-commerce Experts to Follow


E-commerce Experts to Follow

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, staying ahead of the curve is essential for e-commerce success. These e-commerce experts, each with unique insights and strategies, are the compasses guiding you through the intricate digital marketing landscape, providing valuable knowledge and inspiration to help you navigate the ever-changing terrain of digital marketing and elevate your e-commerce game.

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Steve Choi

He has taught thousands of students how to sell physical products online through his training course profitably. On his blog, Steve Choi focuses on creating successful eCommerce brands.

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Nikki Gilliland

She is a seasoned e-commerce writer and analyst. Nikki Gilliland often explores emerging trends in the industry and offers practical advice to smaller businesses on how to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing e-commerce landscape.

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Tobias Lutke

Who’s the best example of an e-commerce expert than Tobias Lutke, founder and CEO of Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce firm that helps companies set up and run online stores? You should follow him to stay on top of new developments inside one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world.

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Linda Bustos

She is an e-commerce strategist who shares insights on customer experience, mobile commerce, and conversion rate optimization. Linda Bustos is working on a new resource for e-commerce and UX pros – Ecom Ideas.


Andrew Youderian

Andrew made the famously joint entrepreneur decision of quitting his job and starting an eCommerce business. Andrew Youderian is now considered an expert in bootstrapping stores to seven figures, how to become an SEO expert, community building, and successful business exits.



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Evan Horowitz

He specializes in conversion rate optimization (CRO) for e-commerce websites. Evan Horowitz focuses on the science of improving the user experience and increasing sales through data-driven CRO techniques.


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Armando Roggio

He has worked in the eCommerce industry for years. Armando Roggio is a global eCommerce authority; he is a practicing merchant, developer, and journalist with over 1,300 articles addressing many topics in eCommerce. He has also presented dozens of webinars about the subject.


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Sarah Carroll

She is an international keynote speaker, bestselling author and a world-leading expert on how to grow a business globally using digital channels. Sarah Carroll has helped businesses to succeed in online sales through her depth of knowledge of digital trade.

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James Gurd

He has 16 years of experience working with B2C and B2B brands. eCommerce Replatforming Consultant and eCommerce Strategy. James Gurd focuses on helping guide organizations through the challenges of a new platform or re-platforming project.

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Drew Sanocki

He is a podcaster, blogger and trainer on his Nerd Marketing website. Besides, Drew Sanocki has an online course on eCommerce growth: “Double your eCommerce revenue in less than a year.” he offers many free marketing and e-commerce resources on his site.

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Brian Beck

He is the author of Billion Dollar B2B E-commerce. Brian has over 20 years of experience, and in his book, he explains the digital transformation of consumer retail sales channels and gives over 30 B2B case studies, which you can learn from.


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Jason Goldberg

He is a shopper marketer focused on the digital disruption of commerce. Jason is an expert in online retail, focusing on omnichannel shopping experiences and transforming businesses with shopper marketing best practices.



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Web Smith

He founded 2PM, an online resource that analyzes the intersection of media and commerce. From the beginning, Web Smith had a vision for the platform, helping to move the e-commerce industry forward with data insights and interpersonal connections.











Stephanie Liu

She is a live video strategist running Lights, Camera, Live, an agency that works with e-commerce businesses to leverage live video in their marketing. Stephanie Liu has gained recognition for her expertise in helping companies and individuals harness the power of live streaming to engage with their audiences and build brand presence.

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Kurt Elster

He is an e-commerce consultant and host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast, where he interviews successful Shopify entrepreneurs about how they’ve grown their businesses. Kurt Elster shares content around revenue optimization tactics for e-commerce companies.



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