Top 15 Most Outlandish Looks at the 2021 Met Gala


Top 15 Most Outlandish Looks at the 2021 Met Gala

The Top 10 most outlandish looks at the 2021 Met Gala is a list to compile this iconic event’s more impressive and extravagant appearances. Our team at Influence Digest did research to have a compilation of them.

Without any further delay, here are the Top 15 Most Outlandish Looks at the 2021 Met Gala:

Naomi Osaka

Naomi’s look was inspired by Haiti and Japan, which is why it was so colorful – her family’s countries. In addition, her sister participated in the composition of the dress, which Louis Vuitton designed.


Lil Nas X

At his first time attending the Met Gala, Lil Nas X wore a custom look composed of three moments: an ornate cape, a golden suit of armour underneath, and for last, a slinky bodysuit covered in crystals and Versace’s signature house print.



Rihanna wore Balenciaga wearing a wide black dress with ruffles and a matching hat. The outfit was designed by the creative director of the brand: Demna Gvasalia.


Kim Kardashian

No one knows if Kim Kardashian was Kim. She showed up completely covered in black. Her Balenciaga outfit left not an inch of skin uncovered; the black completely covered even her face.


Dan Levy

The Canadian star, Dan Levy, wore an outfit that showed two men kissing. His map-patterned custom was full of ruffles, and he matched it with black boots.

Kim Petras

Kim Petras, the singer, wore as an accessory a horse head covering the entire upper part of her body, from her shoulders almost to her hips. She also matched it with a colorful suit with a wide silhouette at the bottom.


Erykah Badu

Erykah’s look was designed by the American designer Thom Browne, who chose to create oversized pants, a baggy jacket, and a lace sphere covering her face for this occasion.




Iman walked the red carpet as the brightest star. With her custom, designed in a collaboration between Dolce & Gabbana and Harris Reed, she managed to have enough drama to be among the most talked-about looks.



Debbie Harry

Debbie’s look fit perfectly with this year’s Met Gala theme: “American Independence”. The dress was an original custom-made suit by Zac Posen.


Kendall Jenner

Although his look is not exactly extravagant, it has been one of the most talked-about and has generated more commotion because despite being skinny and with a classic touch, it is still stunning. Jenner wore a jeweled Givenchy dress for this occasion.


Serena Williams

Tennis player Serena Williams chose to wear a Gucci outfit composed of a gray lace jumpsuit with stars and a stunning cape in white, pink, and black shades.




Grimes chose to wear a shiny suit in shades of gray and black, a jewel in the ears composed, some crystals on her face and combine them with a sword and a silver mask. She always looks out of the ordinary, and this was no exception.




The singer arrived on the red carpet wearing a suit in two parts: a jacket and a skirt, both white with embroidery and other details. Additionally, as if it was the icing on the cake, she wore a crown-like accessory to complete her fabulous look.


Maisie Williams

Wearing a gown signed by Thom Browne and a structured dress that replaced the skirt with a train and fantasy stockings, Williams appeared on the Metropolitan Museum of New York steps.

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union’s stunning dress required (according to her) 1,400 hours of work to make. The dress appeared to be made entirely of circular cutouts and included a matching necklace.



We hope you enjoy the Top 15 most outlandish looks at the 2021 Met Gala!

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