Top 15 Street Artists Around the World


Top 15 Street Artists Around the World

The Top 15 Street Artists Around the World is a list to compile incredible artists from all over the world. Our team at Influence Digest researched to have a compilation of them.

Without any further delay, here are the 15 Street Artists Around the World:


Olek is an embroidery artist whose style is a mix between crafts, fashion, and street art. With it, she approaches themes such as sexuality and feminism.



Ella & Pitr are a couple from France who makes giant murals with funny characters on rooftops or streets to be appreciated from a higher view.



Slinkachu intervenes in everyday life with miniature pieces. His urban installation is titled Little People and has been in place since 2006.



JonOne is a New Yorker who makes abstract street art and was considered a reference in the ’90s in Paris.



Banksy is an anonymous artist whose art contains satires on politics, morality, and ethnicity. His technique is a mix between graffiti calligraphy and stencils.


Invader, the artist, uses a pixelated style (video game style) to capture his creations. On his website, you can find a map showing the places he has “invaded.”



Natalia, the Israeli known in New York for making music with nothing more and nothing less than a carpenter’s saw, has been on the soundtrack of 15 movies and played at Carnegie Hall, among other achievements.




Photographer Justin Bettman assembles photo sets throughout London, Paris, and New York. The great thing is that they are not just any sets; they are rooms that he leaves after the session so that people can take pictures and share them with the #SetintheStreet.




Please take a look at Peter Daverington’s art: it’s not at all usual. What sets him apart from many other street artists is his rococo style.



Vhils handles various techniques, but the one for which he is most recognized and on which his essence is focused is carving the surfaces of the walls to make hyper-realistic portraits.



Logan is a photographer and muralist. To combine these two things, he translates his photographs into murals through stencils, superimposing up to 15 layers. To finish, he adds a few touches of spray paint.



His name “Pez” began simply as the signature of his works but then evolved into a character. A smiling fish that cheers up those who pass by the place is the identity of this artist.




We could describe Kenor’s work as kaleidoscopic. His designs bring life and color to gray places, often located on the outskirts of cities.




Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller are known as “Faile.” They intend to critique class differences with techniques such as graffiti, multimedia installations, or collage.



Lady Pink is an Ecuadorian who began to conquer street art in New York. She has exhibited in shows at the MET, the Whitney Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Groningen Museum in Holland.


We hope you enjoy the Top 15 Street Artists Around the World

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