Top 15 Successful Marketing Campaigns


Top 15 Successful Marketing Campaigns

In this age of social media and digital marketing, creating a successful campaign requires a deep understanding of the target audience, a unique and engaging message, and a well-executed strategy. In this context, let’s explore some examples of successful marketing campaigns that have captured audiences’ attention and significantly impacted their respective industries.

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1. An Epic Story Written by Kids – Lego

The LEGO Agency and BETC Paris collaborated on a video ad campaign specifically tailored for vertical formats like Instagram TV. Recently, a captivating trailer was uploaded, showcasing an exciting new live-action movie in LEGO City, inspired by children’s creativity as they play with their LEGO sets.

With its emphasis on humour and childlike banter among the “actors,” the ad brilliantly captures the attention of the intended target audience and adds a playful twist to the overall message, highlighting the product’s appeal to kids.

2. #TitanAdventure – Nissan

The campaign showcases an excellent example of creating an event that inspires participants to generate a wealth of captivating and intriguing content. The automaker invited pickup truck owners, ambassadors, and influencers to a four-day adventure filled with exciting outdoor activities featuring the Nissan Titan pickup truck.

While Nissan did not require the influencers to create any content, they did so voluntarily because the experience was so remarkable. This resulted in a massive boost in brand reach.

3. “United We Sweat” – Gymshark

The campaign by Gymshark, titled “United We Sweat” features a diverse group of athletes that represent the brand’s inclusive community, emphasizing the significance of supporting various training methods. The campaign was launched across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, along with a TV commercial.

It was created with the help of Ultra Brand Studio, “United We Sweat” aims to promote a sense of unity and inclusivity among the Gymshark community.



Source: Gymshark


4. National Donut Day – Dunkin’ Donuts

Trilla and Dunkin’ Donuts teamed up to create a successful influencer marketing campaign for National Donut Day. They collaborated with Collab to produce a visually appealing Snapchat campaign, which featured eight popular influencers taking over Dunkin’ Donuts’ official Snapchat account across three cities in the US.

The influencers used their content to encourage their followers to follow Dunkin’ Donuts on Snapchat and visit their stores for a special offer.

5. #PetSmartMadeMeBuyIt – PetSmart

PetSmart’s holiday social media campaign involved partnering with four influencers who were involved in the entire planning process, including their owners. The collaboration was crucial to the success of PetSmart’s TikTok and Instagram accounts.

In addition, the retailer is backing social media ads produced by Deutsch LA, its agency of record, with paid support, and also created holiday TV commercials.

6. “Adoption Center” marketing campaign – Duolingo

Duolingo responded to the growing trend of tighter subscription management by focusing on accessibility. To boost its Family Plan subscriber base, the language-learning platform created an “adoption center” where potential users could be adopted into existing family plans with open slots, allowing up to six family members to access the platform.

Duolingo collaborated with creative agency Mischief @ No Fixed Address to launch an experiential guerrilla marketing campaign in New York City, named the “Adoption Center” campaign. The campaign featured 50 adults roaming the streets, hoping to be “adopted” into a Duolingo family plan with available logins. The goal was to raise awareness of the Family Plan and encourage more people to join.


Source: Duolingo


7. “Leaks Happen” campaign – Elvie

Elvie, a female health and tech brand, challenged the taboo around urinary incontinence through its ‘Leaks Happen’ campaign. The London-based campaign featured a ‘peeing’ billboard and showcased Megan Burns, a mother of two, weightlifting.

The activation was put up just two weeks after TikTok banned a video on Elvie’s profile showing a woman leaking urine while weightlifting. Despite the ban, Elvie continued its campaign with the help of the PR agency Don’t Cry Wolf and out-of-home specialists Kinetic.

8. “Yes, you are a bike person” – Lyft

Lyft’s bike-share was introduced through its “Yes, you are a bike person” campaign, featuring a diverse group of riders, including a corporate employee, a fashionista, and a movie premiere attendee. The campaign is co-branded with bike-share programs nationwide, such as Divvy and Citi Bike, emphasizing the message that anyone can use this mode of transportation, even if they aren’t severe riders, and that it’s a fun way to get around, no matter where you’re going. The campaign was promoted on social media.

9. “Skip The Dishes” – McDonald’s

To promote McDonald’s McDelivery service in the Czech Republic, DDB Prague was tasked with creating a campaign that would not only capture attention but also convey the convenience and benefits of McDelivery.

Three ads were created to showcase the iconic products of McDonald’s – the Big Mac, french fries, and McSunday. Each ad features a clever arrangement of kitchenware, cleverly stacked and shaped to resemble those products. The campaign also leveraged the relatable insight that most people don’t enjoy the task of doing dishes, making the ads even more relatable and engaging.


Source: DDB Prague


10. Virgin Group – Dyslexic Thinking campaign

It was launched in the United Kingdom in April 2022 by Made by Dyslexia and FCB Inferno. It has transformed the way people perceive dyslexia in the workplace.

The campaign led to LinkedIn’s inclusion of “dyslexic thinking” as a skill set for its users, which has empowered, one in five individuals around the world affected by dyslexia to embrace their unique way of communicating with colleagues and employers. By showcasing the strengths of individuals with dyslexia, the campaign has reshaped the narrative around this disability,

11. #NoMorePeriodDrama – Here We Flo

Here We Flo, a female wellness brand, has disrupted the period, bladder and sexual wellness markets with organic and vegan products while challenging the associated stigma.

The brand’s first TV ad, ‘No more period dramas,’ was created with Hatch London. The ad’s launch tripled sales and increased brand awareness, leading to new retailers and partners.

12. Beyond Expected – Asahi

Asahi, a Japanese beer brand, collaborated with Fausto Becatti, the director of Trouble Maker and FAMILIA, to create the ‘Beyond Expected’ campaign to advertise its 0.0% beer. The colorful ad takes viewers on a journey through contemporary Japan, showcasing people enjoying Asahi Super Dry in different settings.

To highlight the shift from traditional alcoholic beverages, Fausto depicted the 0.0% alternative in a bar and other social scenarios, given trends showing declining alcohol consumption, particularly among younger generations.


Source: Asahi


13. “Weekly product drop” – Folkor

Folkor, an online retailer of vintage and pre-owned jewelry, creates engaging content by sharing stories behind the pieces they sell. Their “Weekly Product Drop” campaign generates anticipation for upcoming releases, teasing customers with sneak peeks of what’s to come before each collection is launched.

By building hype for limited-edition items before they are available, this strategy encourages customers to make quick purchases. One way to further capitalize on this trend is to host live video streams where customers can bid on your products during release, taking advantage of the live-selling trend.

14. #EmpowerMoves – UN Australia

The United Nations Australia utilized the power of short-form video content to create a unique and empowering campaign for women. The #EmpowerMoves campaign features a simple yet effective self-defence “dance” consisting of four basic movements aimed at providing women and girls with the necessary skills and confidence to protect themselves and shape a better future. This campaign is part of the UN Women Australia’s continued efforts to promote gender equality

15. #RealSmallProblems – MSIG

The campaign aimed to shift focus from the need for life insurance to smaller disruptions that could potentially lead to bigger issues. Using short videos and colorful illustrations, Wild Advertising created relatable content for MSIG featuring everyday occurrences that could spiral into major problems, such as a game of sports with friends resulting in an injury.

The campaign aligned with MSIG’s values on sustainability and mindful social media use and helped position them as a more relatable insurance company.


Source: MSIG


We hope you enjoy the list of Successful Marketing Campaigns!

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