Top 15 Barber Shops in Seattle


Top 15 Barber Shops in Seattle

Seattle, nestled in the Pacific Northwest, is an energetic city known for its stunning views, tech innovation, and cross-culturalism. The city’s barber shops reflect its dynamic spirit, offering a mix of modern and traditional grooming experiences. From trendy establishments in the Capitol Hill area to classic barbershops in Pioneer Square, Seattle’s barber scene caters to a diverse clientele. Let’s explore the Top 15 Barber Shops in Seattle.

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Capelli’s Barbershop

In response to its initial success, Seattle is now home to multiple locations, with more set to open soon. These establishments, designed to be conveniently close to workplaces, cater to the needs of men seeking to save time, relax in a mature atmosphere, and receive top-quality grooming services.
Capelli’s clientele comprises individuals with an urban, metropolitan, and busy lifestyle.

Address: 2060 6th Ave, Seattle, WA






Details Barbershop

The team of expert stylists at Details Barbershop demonstrates a profound passion for hair and beauty. Offering a comprehensive range of services to meet diverse hair needs, Details Barbershop is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.
Open seven days a week, Details Barbershop prioritizes convenience, providing top-notch care at any time that suits the clientele.

Address: 908 Houser Way S, Renton, WA






028 Barber Shop

Having been established in 2018, 028 Barber Shop takes pride in being a locally owned business that caters to families.
With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, they have strategically placed multiple locations in and around Seattle, ensuring accessibility for everyone in the community. After the haircut, clients are treated to a complimentary soft drink, adding a refreshing touch to the overall experience.

Address: 1414 South 324th St #B108, Federal Way, WA (Check out other locations)








Squire Barbershop

Squire Barbershop, Seattle’s foremost destination for classic men’s haircuts and grooming, boasts a rich history dating back to the 1950s. What distinguishes Squire is its seamless fusion of exceptional skill and a personalized touch.
Every visit transcends the service, offering a curated experience where masterful craftsmanship meets individualized attention. Rooted in tradition, Squire Barbershop stands as a modern haven redefining classic men’s hairstyling in Seattle.

Address: 1917 2nd Ave Suite 100, Seattle, WA






Rudy’s Barbershop

Rudy’s Barbershop, with multiple locations across the US, goes beyond the conventional haircut, offering an array of services. From scalp massages to complimentary color consultations and more, they provide a comprehensive grooming experience.
Make sure to inquire about their exclusive line of products when you visit.

Address: 2145 6th Ave, Seattle, WA






Old Habits Barbershop

Immerse yourself in the modern, industrial, and quirky style of the space, adorned with plants and accompanied by great music at Old Habits Barbershop. Feel free to help yourself to a refreshing drink from the cooler while you await your turn.
The delightful presence of dogs adds an extra touch of charm to the atmosphere. The barbers, who are not only skilled but also intriguing individuals, enhance the overall experience.

Address: 918 S Horton St Ste 534, Seattle, WA


Old Habits


Barberella’s Barbershop

Barbarella’s Barbershop is on a mission to revive the classic barbershop environment, creating a space where the community comes together and leaves looking and feeling great.
With a commitment to catering to all grooming needs with integrity and skill, their overarching mission is to provide quality service at a reasonable cost.

Address: 9823 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA















Prime Fades Barbershop Everett

Prime Fades Barbershop is your go-to destination for a complete grooming experience. Their expert barbers specialize in a range of services, including full haircuts, precise trims, fades, meticulous tapers, creative designs, and crisp straight razor line-ups.
They take pride in their commitment to delivering not just a haircut but an exceptional service that leaves their clients feeling confident and satisfied.

Address: 1607 California St, Everett, WA















Dealers Choice Barbershop

Dealers Choice Barbershop provides a welcoming atmosphere with a professional and skilled staff at an affordable rate. Walk-ins are encouraged, and the team pays meticulous attention to guarantee an exceptional experience customized to each client’s preferences.
Clients can rely on Dealers Choice Barbershop for a pleasant environment, friendly service, and excellent value.

Address: 14608 Hwy 99 Ste 308, Lynnwood, WA















2P’s Barbershop

2P’s Barbershop ensures clients receive excellent service and a remarkable experience with expertly executed fades and cutting-edge techniques. The interior exudes a sleek, modern, and up-to-date ambiance.
The barbershop offers a diverse range of hair services, including haircuts, precision straight razor shaves, scissor cuts, beard trims, and specialized cuts for both seniors and kids.

Address: 1206 State Ave Suite C, Marysville, WA















Millheads Barbershop

Nestled next to the Pioneer Square Hotel, Millheads Barbershop is a locally owned and operated gem. The passionate team at Millheads is devoted to providing personalized hairstyles, delivering precise haircuts, and offering expert barbering services.
Clients can unwind in a tranquil atmosphere, where the adept barbers and stylists ensure a top-notch and uniquely tailored service.

Address: 83 Yesler Wy, Seattle, WA















Counterbalance Barber Shop

Known for meticulous attention to detail and delivering excellent value in haircuts and beard trims, Counterbalance Barbershop is a contemporary yet classic men’s grooming haven.
Specializing in the latest trends and styles, it stands as a go-to destination for those seeking modern grooming services.

Address: 1424 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA

















Faded Cutz Barbershop

Faded Cutz Barbershop is renowned for its exceptional service, providing not only great cuts but also an amazing atmosphere created by great people.
The ambiance is laid-back and chill, making it an awesome place to be. Located just an hour by car from Seattle Downtown, the journey is undeniably worthwhile.

Address: 15105 Main St E #107, Sumner, WA
















The Speakeasy Barbershop

Speakeasy Barbershop is acknowledged for its precision cuts, shaves, and luxurious grooming services. With an unwavering commitment, the goal is to ensure every guest departs with a sharp appearance.
While waiting, clients are invited to enjoy the bar experience a drink by the bar or complimentary water, coffee or tea, adding a delightful element to their overall grooming experience.

Address: 14028 Bel-Red Rd Suite 206, Bellevue, WA















JAX Barber

Strategically positioned in the heart of the Denny Triangle in Seattle, JAX Barber offers a convenient and central location. Haircut sessions at JAX Barber typically run for 45 minutes, providing a comprehensive and individualized experience.
A standout feature is the complimentary cleanup offered within 3 weeks of your initial haircut, adding significant value to their services.

Address: 1007 Stewart St Suite 102, Seattle, WA

















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