Top 15 Fitness and Wellness Apps

Top 15 Fitness and Wellness Apps in 2024


Top 15 Fitness and Wellness Apps in 2024

Fitness and wellness apps encompass a broad range of digital tools designed to support individuals in their pursuit of better health, both physically and mentally. These apps typically offer features such as workout plans, exercise tracking, nutrition guidance, meditation sessions, sleep tracking, and stress management techniques. They aim to empower users to take control of their well-being by providing personalized recommendations, actionable insights, and motivational support. Whether someone wants to improve their physical fitness, manage stress, adopt healthier eating habits, or enhance their overall wellness, there’s likely a fitness and wellness app out there to help them achieve their goals. Let’s take a look at the Top 15 Fitness and Wellness Apps in 2024.

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Strava, an American fitness app, caters to athletes and exercise enthusiasts. It supports over 30 different sports, making it perfect for those who enjoy activities such as running, cycling, hiking, swimming, and many others. Additionally, it includes social networking capabilities, allowing users to monitor and share their workouts. Strava also provides detailed performance analytics and personalized training plans to help users achieve their fitness goals. Its global community of users offers motivation and inspiration through shared experiences and challenges.

Google Play Strava

Apple Store Strava

Subscription fees: $11.99/month or $79.99/year





Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is a fitness app that provides more than 180 free workouts led by professional trainers, covering everything from bodyweight exercises to strength training and cardio sessions. With its quick workout options, goal-setting features, and daily updates, it helps you establish and maintain consistent fitness routines. Enhance both your mental and physical strength with free advice from top trainers, athletes, and wellness experts.

Google Play Nike Training Club

App Store Nike Training Club

Subscription fees: Free






Established as a fitness app in 2018, FIIT has grown to become the leading hybrid fitness platform in the UK, dedicated to fostering fitness as a routine for all. Accessible via mobile, tablet, and desktop, FIIT boasts over 40 training plans tailored to diverse levels and objectives. Whether you prefer sweating it out, flexing your muscles, or flowing through movements, FIIT empowers you to do it at home, in the gym, or in a studio, indoors or outdoors, connected or disconnected. With FIIT, you have the liberty to determine how, when, and with whom you embark on your fitness journey.

Google Play Fiit

Apple Store Fiit

Subscription fees: Offers both a free and paid version. The paid one costs $6.99/month or $9.99/month







Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

MapMyFitness is the ultimate choice for runners, offering specialized tracking for activities like running, cycling, and walking. Unlike other apps that emphasize strength training, MapMyFitness is tailored for running enthusiasts. Users can design personalized challenges to motivate themselves and their friends, adding an extra layer of encouragement. With detailed performance analytics, it helps users track their progress and achieve their fitness goals effectively.

Google Play MMFWT

Apple Store MMFWT

Subscription fees: $5.99/month or $29.99/year





MyFitnessPal, compatible with Android and iOS devices, stands as the premier nutrition tracking app, aiding you in achieving health, fitness, and weight objectives. Armed with a macro and calorie calculator, food tracker, and fasting support, it enables wiser dietary decisions. This health and nutrition application acts as your mentor in understanding food habits, managing your diet, and ultimately triumphing over your fitness aspirations.

Google Play MyFitnessPal

Apple Store MyFitnessPal

Subscription fees: $19.99/month or $79.99/year






TRX Training Club

Enroll in the TRX Training Club to access a myriad of training options. TRX transforms fitness through its suspension training technique, utilizing a lengthy strap with handles that conveniently loop around a stable anchor point. With this cutting-edge platform, you have a personal coach at your disposal, providing dynamic and invigorating workouts that yield an hour’s worth of results in just 20 minutes. This fitness solution optimizes efficiency without sacrificing effectiveness, ensuring that attaining your goals becomes both accessible and pleasurable.

Google Play TRX

Apple Store TRX

Subscription fees: $7.99/month




Work out wherever you are – at home, on the go, or at the gym with the Peloton app. Offering live and on-demand fitness classes in cycling, running, strength, yoga, and more, it’s not limited to fancy stationary bikes. The mobile app provides options for strength, cardio, and various other workouts, catering to diverse preferences. With Peloton, you have unparalleled convenience and flexibility in your fitness journey.

Google Play Peloton

Apple Store Peloton 

Subscription fees: App One Membership: $12.99/month plus taxes // App+ Membership: $24/month plus taxes
















Calm, a mindfulness application suitable for both beginners and seasoned meditation practitioners, offers a pathway to a happier, healthier self through our diverse range of features. Recognized as the leading application for promoting sleep and meditation, it caters to individuals at every stage of their meditation journey. Calm serves as a refuge for those seeking a mental reprieve, comforting sounds, or a serene night’s rest. It aids users in attaining inner tranquillity and managing life’s stresses with ease.

Google Play Calm

Apple Store Calm

Subscription fees: $14.99/month or $69.99/year
















Crafted with premium quality, performance-boosting features, and innovative design, Freeletics Essentials caters to every facet of a Free Athlete’s lifestyle. It focuses on their interests and requirements by offering specially tailored apparel and gear. Freeletics leverages the capabilities of AI and the expertise of human scientists to devise the optimal workout regimen for each individual, guaranteeing optimal effectiveness and efficiency in reaching fitness objectives.

Google Play Freeletics

Apple Store Freeletics

Subscription fees: Check out their website to explore the different offers
















Pocket Yoga

Enjoy your practice in the convenience of your home with Pocket Yoga, where you can move at your own rhythm. Just lay out your mat, place your device in front of you, and let Pocket Yoga be your guiding companion throughout the session. Explore 27 unique sessions, each offering different durations and levels of difficulty. Dive deeper into each posture with the pose dictionary, providing comprehensive explanations on proper alignment, posture, and the advantages of each pose.

Apple Store Pocket Yoga

Subscription fees: $2.99/one time purchase















JEFIT Gym Workout Plan Tracker

Embark on your fitness journey with JEFIT Gym Workout Plan Tracker by choosing from a vast selection of premium plans crafted by industry experts. Customize your training regimen by creating plans that suit your preferences, including your favourite exercises, rest periods, supersets, equipment, and workout frequency. Maintain your commitment by conveniently tracking your progress using your mobile device or watch, ensuring you remain aligned with your objectives. Follow step-by-step exercise instructions to refine your technique and utilize notes to retain key details, enriching your workout routine.

Google Play JEFIT

Apple Store JEFIT

Subscription fees: Offers both a free and paid version. The paid one costs $12.99/month or $69.99/year



















With Kic, there’s a movement for everybody, boasting over 1000 workouts spanning Pilates, strength training, yoga, HIIT, running, and beyond. Access thousands of exercises, meals, and mindfulness practices effortlessly, making it easier than ever to prioritize your physical and mental well-being. Whether you’re in the mood for a guided masterclass or looking to establish healthy routines with a tailored program, Kic has you covered. Remember, it’s not about appearance; it’s about inner wellness.

Google Play Kic

Apple Store Kic

Subscription fees: $19.99/month


















BODi by Beachbody

BODi makes it easy to manage your fitness, nutrition, and mindset, ensuring you can kickstart your journey and stay committed. Utilize BODi Blocks to simplify your workout options and follow eating plans to maintain optimal nutrition. Explore Mindset content to foster a positive outlook throughout your progress. Access a wealth of Beachbody programs for varied workouts. Additionally, enjoy personal growth content, monthly recipes, and exclusive cooking shows to expand your culinary skills. BODi carves out room for you to embrace your authentic life, empowering you to begin and persist on your path with confidence.

Google Play BODi

Apple Play BODi

Subscription fees: Check out their website to explore the different offers





















Centr members are provided with personalized recommendations aimed at maximizing their results. They receive daily support for workouts, meals, and mindfulness to ensure they stay on course. Generate tailored meal plans and grocery lists in mere seconds to simplify your nutrition journey. Our goal is to assist customers in unlocking their boundless potential by offering the resources, inspiration, and encouragement necessary to power their routines, conquer objectives, and explore new horizons, leading to a happier, healthier, and more rewarding life.

Google Play Centr

Apple Store Centr

Subscription fees: $29.99/month


















Les Mills+

LesMills+ offers limitless access to a diverse array of 1500+ workouts, covering strength, cardio, yoga, martial arts, cycling, and more. Each workout is meticulously crafted based on scientific principles to ensure optimal results. You’ll be inspired and challenged by top-tier instructors who will guide you through every session. Plus, you can commence your fitness journey immediately, with options available for both equipment-free and equipment-based workouts.

Google Play Les Mills+

Apple Store Les Mills+

Subscription fees: Check out their website to explore the different offers




















We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Fitness and Wellness Apps in 2024!

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