Top 15 Instagram Foodies Accounts in Canada

Top 15 Instagram Foodies Accounts in Canada


Top 15 Instagram Foodies Accounts in Canada

Canada’s culinary landscape is a vibrant tapestry of diverse flavors and cultures, and what better way to explore this gastronomic paradise than through the eyes of passionate food enthusiasts? Join us as we unveil the Top 15 Instagram Foodies Accounts in Canada, each one a treasure trove of mouthwatering visuals and insightful culinary adventures.

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Dished Vancouver

Dished Vancouver explores the vibrant food culture of Vancouver. From hidden gems to popular eateries, this account showcases the city’s diverse culinary landscape. You’ll find stunning photos of everything from casual street eats to high-end dining experiences. Dished Vancouver is perfect for those looking to explore the best food spots in Vancouver, offering insider tips and mouthwatering visuals.





Toronto Eats

Toronto Eats is your guide to the best food spots in Toronto. Featuring everything from street food to fine dining, this account is a must-follow for any food lover in the city. Toronto Eats provides in-depth reviews, beautiful food photography, and a glimpse into the city’s culinary trends. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this account will help you navigate Toronto’s rich and diverse food scene.





Foodie du Québec

Foodie du Québec celebrates the unique food culture of Quebec. Discover traditional dishes and contemporary cuisine through this vibrant account. Foodie du Québec provides a deep dive into the province’s culinary traditions, highlighting local ingredients, recipes, and dining spots. It’s a must-follow for anyone interested in Quebec’s rich food heritage.







St. John’s Foodie

St. John’s Foodie account is a hub for showcasing the vibrant culinary scene of St. John’s, Canada. Managed by a local food enthusiast, the page features mouthwatering images and reviews of the city’s diverse array of restaurants, street food, and artisanal producers. Through its visually appealing posts, St. John’s Foodie provides followers with a window into the unique flavors and experiences that make St. John’s a standout food destination






Montreal Travelers

The Montreal Travelers Instagram page is a visual resource for food and travel enthusiasts in Montreal. It features a variety of photographs showcasing delectable dishes and dining experiences throughout the city, capturing the culinary diversity and vibrant atmosphere of Montreal. Whether you’re a local Montrealer or a visitor planning a trip, the Montreal Travelers Instagram page is a must-follow








Montreal Eats

Montreal Eats captures the eclectic food scene of Montreal. Follow for a mix of traditional Quebecois cuisine and modern culinary innovations. Montreal Eats offers a deep dive into the city’s food culture, highlighting everything from classic dishes to contemporary twists. The account is a visual feast, perfect for food enthusiasts looking to explore Montreal’s rich gastronomic heritage.






Foodie Canada

Foodie Canada is a visual journey through the diverse and delectable food scene across Canada. Curated by a passionate foodie, this account showcases an array of mouthwatering dishes, unique dining experiences, and the vibrant culinary culture found in cities and regions throughout the country. This Instagram account provides followers with a window into the gastronomic diversity of Canada through the eyes of a passionate food traveler.
















Toronto Foodie Girl

Toronto Foodie Girl is a true connoisseur of the city’s vibrant food scene. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, she takes her followers on a delectable journey through the city’s most tantalizing dishes, from classic comfort foods to innovative culinary creations. Her mouthwatering photos and detailed descriptions will have you planning your next culinary adventure in Toronto, exploring the city’s diverse array of restaurants, cafes, and specialty food shops.


















WINNIPEGEATS showcases the best dining spots in Winnipeg. Follow for a mix of local favorites and new restaurant openings. WINNIPEGEATS offers a comprehensive look at the city’s food scene, from casual eats to fine dining. The account features beautiful food photography and detailed reviews, making it a great resource for food lovers in Winnipeg.
















One Foodie Diary

Montréal is renowned for its rich culinary heritage, and One Foodie Diary is the ultimate guide to navigating the city’s gastronomic delights. This account showcases the city’s diverse array of restaurants, cafes, and specialty food shops, capturing the essence of Montréal’s unique food culture. With a focus on supporting local businesses and celebrating the city’s talented chefs, this account is a must-follow for anyone who loves to eat their way through Montréal.
















Calgary Food Scene

Calgary Food Scene is an Instagram account dedicated to sharing the best food experiences in Calgary, Canada. This page focuses on highlighting the most interesting restaurants, cafes, and bars in the city. Through beautiful photography and concise reviews, this page guides its followers to the top dishes and drinks that Calgary has to offer. From street food to fine dining, including vegan and gluten-free options, this account covers a wide range of culinary styles.


















Halifax’s Finest Foods

Halifax, the charming coastal city, is home to a thriving food scene that is expertly captured by Halifax’s Finest Foods. This account highlights the city’s fresh seafood, local produce, and innovative culinary creations, inspiring followers to explore the unique flavors. This page takes you on a delectable journey through the city’s diverse array of restaurants, cafes, and specialty food shops.



















Ottawa Foods

This Instagram page is a valuable resource for food lovers in Ottawa, Canada. This account offers a window into the vibrant culinary scene of the city, highlighting a wide variety of local restaurants, dishes, and food trends. Beyond simply sharing images, the page also functions as a useful guide for residents and visitors of Ottawa who are looking to explore the city’s gastronomic offerings. With reviews, recommendations, and tips, Ottawa Foods helps its followers navigate the abundant culinary options that Ottawa has to offer.


















Victoria Food Scene

Victoria Food Scene is your essential guide to exploring the vibrant culinary offerings of Victoria. Through their Instagram profile, this foodie shares images and detailed reviews of the city’s best restaurants, cafes, and bars. From gourmet dishes to hidden local gems, Victoria Food Scene takes you on a gastronomic journey that awakens your appetite and inspires you to discover new flavors. Follow their account to stay updated on all the best recommendations.


















YYC FOOD SCENE is an Instagram page dedicated to showcasing the vibrant food scene in Calgary, Canada. It features mouthwatering photos and videos of local dishes and restaurants, provides reviews and recommendations for the best places to eat in the city, shares information about culinary events and festivals, and highlights the latest food trends and news. The account aims to inspire its followers to discover and savor the diverse and delicious culinary offerings that make Calgary a top food destination in Canada.



















We hope you enjoyed our list of Instagram Foodies Accounts in Canada!

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