Top 15 Michelin-Starred Restaurants in London


Top 15 Michelin-Starred Restaurants in London

London’s Michelin-starred restaurants offer a diverse array of culinary experiences, ranging from traditional British fare to international cuisine crafted with innovation and flair. These establishments showcase the highest standards of culinary excellence, with each dish meticulously prepared using the finest ingredients and techniques. Whether you’re seeking a fine-dining experience in an elegant setting or a more casual atmosphere with a creative twist, London’s Michelin-starred restaurants promise unforgettable gastronomic adventures that cater to every palate and preference.

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A. Wong

Inspired by the diverse flavors of Chinese provinces, A. Wong stands as a Michelin-starred Chinese eatery nestled in Pimlico, London. Helmed by Andrew Wong, a third-generation restaurateur of London and the culinary mastermind behind the restaurant, it has carved a niche in the gastronomic realm. Commence your culinary expedition by savoring a drink in the evocative setting of the Forbidden City-themed bar downstairs.


Contact: +44 2078288931

Address: 70 Wilton Rd, Pimlico, London SW1V 1DE, United Kingdom







Da Terra Restaurant

Renowned Chef Rafael Cagali’s upscale restaurant, Da Terra, boasts two coveted Michelin stars, showcasing a fusion of South American-inflected cuisine with Italian roots. Located on the hotel’s ground level, Da Terra prioritizes the marriage of exceptional flavors and culinary excellence. Chef Cagali envisioned creating his own culinary destination, striving to extend the essence of his cuisine. Da Terra is a testament to this ambition, offering a sublime dining experience that reflects his culinary vision.


Contact: +44 2070622052

Address: 8 Patriot Square, London E2 9NF, United Kingdom





Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Nestled within the opulent surroundings of a prestigious hotel, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal exudes sophistication and charm. With meticulous attention to detail and innovative culinary techniques, it promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey through time. Guests are treated to a symphony of flavors that celebrate the rich tapestry of British food history, making Dinner a destination for culinary aficionados worldwide.


Contact: +44 2072013833

Address: 66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA, United Kingdom








Benares Restaurant & Bar, helmed by Executive Chef Sameer Taneja, shines as one of London’s premier Indian dining establishments, consistently ranked among the city’s finest. This upscale destination offers a stylish fusion of Indian and British cuisines, elevating traditional flavors with a modern flair. At Benares, patrons embark on a culinary journey like no other, where innovation and quality converge to create unforgettable dining experiences.


Contact: +44 2076298886

Address: 12a Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BS, United Kingdom





BRAT Restaurant

Located in East London, BRAT Restaurant is a hotspot among cosmopolitan diners, renowned for its impeccable service, lively ambiance, and mouthwatering fare. Infused with Basque influences, the menu showcases dishes grilled over an open wood fire, adding depth and richness to each bite. With a thoughtfully curated wine selection, BRAT promises a culinary journey of the highest caliber, where quality cooking takes center stage.



Address: 4 Redchurch St, London E1 6JL, United Kingdom






Set within a luxurious hotel, Quilon stands out for its meticulously curated experimental takes on traditional Indian home cooking and seafood. Making history as the inaugural South Indian restaurant to earn a prestigious Michelin star, Quilon sets the standard for culinary innovation. Executive Chef Sriram’s refined menu showcases a harmonious fusion of Southwest coastal flavors, inviting diners to indulge in a sharing-style dining experience unlike any other.


Contact: +44 2078211899

Address: 41 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AF, United Kingdom





La Dame de Pic London

La Dame de Pic London, a stunning two-Michelin-starred French restaurant located in the City of London, offers inventive and high-end French menus within an elegant hotel venue. With dramatic lighting and plush banquettes, the ambiance exudes sophistication and charm, setting the stage for an extraordinary dining experience. Renowned French female chef Anne-Sophie Pic leads the culinary team, crafting artistic and delicious dishes that redefine traditional French cuisine.


Contact: +44 2032973799

Address: 10 Trinity Square, London EC3N 4AJ, United Kingdom

La Dame

















Hélène Darroze at The Connaught

Nestled in a sophisticated hotel dining space enhanced with wooden panels and vibrant textiles, Hélène Darroze at The Connaught offers the haute cuisine of the renowned chef. This esteemed restaurant is celebrated for its divine cuisine, flawless service, and exceptional team, making it a standout culinary destination. For those desiring an intimate experience, The Connaught provides the opportunity for private luncheons and dinners in its exquisite rooms, complete with personalized menus and thoughtfully selected wines.


Contact: +44 2031477200

Address: Carlos Pl, London W1K 2AL, United Kingdom


















Claude Bosi at Bibendum

Set within the historic Michelin House, Claude Bosi at Bibendum beckons diners into a sophisticated bi-level restaurant graced with exquisite stained-glass windows. Revered as a timeless destination for French gastronomy in London, this Michelin-starred establishment offers haute cuisine meticulously prepared by Chef Claude Bosi and his talented team. Every detail, from the ambiance to the decor, reflects a harmonious blend of elegance and charm.


Contact: +44 2075815817

Address: Michelin House, 81 Fulham Rd., London SW3 6RD, United Kingdom

















The Ninth

Situated in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia, The Ninth is a charming and independent restaurant renowned for its intimate first-floor setting and laid-back vibe. Chef Jun Tanaka infuses Mediterranean flavors with a French twist, presenting generously portioned sharing plates that delight the palate. Boasting a welcoming atmosphere, attentive service, and delectable cuisine, The Ninth comes highly recommended for those seeking a memorable dining experience.


Contact: +44 2030190880

Address: 22 Charlotte St., London W1T 2NB, United Kingdom


















Restaurant Story

In April 2013, near London Bridge, Chef Tom Sellers unveiled his flagship restaurant and personal sanctuary, Restaurant Story. Here, Chef Sellers presents a fresh perspective on British classics with a choice between 6 or 10-course set menus. Rather than simply reinventing itself, the restaurant embraces evolution. Guests are invited to embark on a culinary journey filled with innovative delights and unexpected experiences at Story.


Contact: +44 2071832117

Address: 199 Tooley St, London SE1 2JX, United Kingdom


















Restaurant 1890 by Gordon Ramsay

At the Savoy Hotel’s iconic entrance, Restaurant 1890 by Gordon Ramsay harmonizes unmatched service, culinary ingenuity, and a superb wine collection. Its picturesque view and impeccable atmosphere set the stage for a memorable dining affair. As a recipient of Michelin stars, Restaurant 1890 offers discerning guests and diners an exclusive taste of contemporary fine dining, ensuring a delightful experience at the Savoy.


Contact:+44 2074990124

Address: Savoy Hotel, Strand, London WC2R 0EU, United Kingdom



















Ikoyi Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of St. James’s in central London, Ikoyi is the brainchild of friends Iré Hassan-Odukale and Chef Jeremy Chan. This dining establishment offers a contemporary take on traditional West African flavors, reflected not just in its cuisine but also in its interior design. At Ikoyi, the kitchen focuses on utilizing British micro-seasonality to create spice-infused dishes that showcase the best of each ingredient.


Contact: +44 2035834660

Address: 180 Strand, Temple, London WC2R 1EA, United Kingdom




















Core by Clare Smyth

At Core by Clare Smyth, an elegant fine-dining establishment, the focus is on natural, sustainable cuisine. Delightful dishes are meticulously created using premium British produce from committed farmers and food producers. Guests can enjoy seasonal and classic tasting menus, along with an à la carte selection. Core recognizes that the caliber of a restaurant is defined by its dedicated team.


Contact: +44 2039375086

Address: 92 Kensington Park Rd, London W11 2PN, United Kingdom



















Gymkhana, a restaurant themed around the Raj era, invites guests to experience the elite clubs of India where high society mingled, dined, drank, and played sports. Here, the culinary journey features tandoor oven roasts, sigri charcoal grills, and seasonal curries. In 2024, Gymkhana’s exceptional blend of classic and contemporary Indian cuisine earned it a prestigious Two Michelin stars, adding to its initial star in 2014.


Contact: +44 2030115900

Address: 42 Albemarle St, London W1S 4JH, United Kingdom


















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