Top 15 Pilates Studios Nashville

Top 15 Pilates Studios in Nashville


Top 15 Pilates Studios in Nashville

Nashville is a dynamic city known for its rich music scene and cultural offerings. In terms of pilates studios, there’s a vibrant array of options catering to various preferences and skill levels. Whether you’re into traditional mat pilates, equipment-based sessions, or fusion classes like barre and pilates, Nashville has something for everyone. The pilates scene in Nashville reflects the city’s diverse and active community, offering a variety of experiences to help residents and visitors stay fit and healthy. Let’s take a look at the Top 15 Pilates Studios in Nashville.

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Club Pilates

Regardless of your fitness level or age, Club Pilates has a Pilates session suitable for you. These transformative Reformer Pilates classes are renowned for gently sculpting bodies without strain. Unlike typical workouts, these sessions prioritize individualized attention within a lively group environment and feature a variety of options that engage both mind and body.


Contact: +1 6156456300

Address: 101 Creekside Crossing #600, Brentwood, TN (Check out other locations online)





Studio Pilates Nashville

At Studio Pilates Nashville, their athletic approach applies modern research from biomechanics and physical therapy, providing clients with effective and results-driven workouts. This scientifically-backed methodology enhances strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. For those seeking an alternative to traditional cardio, their low-impact and high-intensity classes offer the perfect solution. Clients are invited to join Studio Pilates Nashville to elevate their fitness levels while minimizing strain on their joints.


Contact: +1 6157129623

Address: 4900 Centennial Blvd Suite 103, Nashville, TN (Check out other locations online)




Marathon Pilates

Believing in providing a community where you feel free to build relationships, strengthen your body and mind, and have fun, Marathon Pilates is committed to leveraging the benefits of Pilates to arm people, no matter where they are in life, with the tools they need to be their best selves out in the world. Specializing in Pilates, they offer a full-service wellness center that prioritizes comprehensive resources to help clients achieve their fitness and wellness goals.


Contact: +1 6159288404

Address: 3 and #4, 2907 12th Ave S #4, Nashville, TN





Native Pilates

Native Pilates, a serene and inviting space, is where wellness and strength unite harmoniously. Individuals of all fitness levels are welcomed to embark on a transformative journey toward a healthier and more balanced life. Guided by expert instructors with a profound understanding of body mechanics and movement, clients are led through dynamic and engaging Pilates sessions. At Native Pilates, clients are encouraged to tap into their body’s full potential and discover the joy of movement.


Contact: +1 6158048324

Address: 2525C Lebanon Pike Suite 103, Nashville, TN




Swell Studio Pilates

As a Pilates studio rooted in the community, Swell Studio Pilates provides clients with guidance in a stylish, vibrant atmosphere enhanced by energizing music. Their Reformer classes offer a gentle yet invigorating workout that can be tailored to suit any proficiency level, making it a top choice for dancers and elite athletes. Swell Studio Pilates offers a variety of class options, including private, semi-private, and group sessions held throughout the day.


Contact: +1 6153521100

Address: 6000 TN-100 #119, Nashville, TN





Forza Pilates

Established by Sydney Dumler, Forza Pilates is a studio owned and operated by women, providing a welcoming environment for individuals to enhance their strength and prioritize self-care. Their modern Reformer sessions incorporate eccentric muscle contractions, leaving participants feeling taller and more robust. Instructors are proficient in the “Forza Method,” curating inventive and athletic class sequences for an enjoyable and beneficial workout.


Contact: +1 6158081385

Address: 724 Merritt Ave #103, Nashville, TN



Willow Pilates Studio

Since its establishment in 1999, Willow Pilates Studio has been dedicated to aiding clients in cultivating longer, stronger, and healthier bodies. They provide a distinctive combination of personal training and group fitness sessions, all centered on the fundamental principles of Pilates. These classes guarantee safe, highly efficient, and enjoyable fitness alternatives suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. Willow Pilates Studio ensures that their core fitness sessions.


Contact: +1 6152977117

Address: 2000 Glen Echo Rd Suite 204A, Nashville, TN
















BODYROK Nashville

Crafted by leading experts, the BODYROK experience is tailored to sculpt and define your physique. They present innovative hybrid Pilates sequences, integrating Pilates-inspired movements into 45-minute group classes focused on full-body strength training. These sessions are designed to boost energy levels and rev up metabolism. Throughout the workout, trainers offer personalized attention, motivation, and modifications, ensuring a well-rounded and effective exercise experience.


Contact: +1 6158020166

Address: 809 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN (Check other locations online)


















Spiral Spine Pilates

Spiral Spine Pilates provides group and private Pilates lessons using equipment to lengthen and strengthen the body. They care for clients by empowering them to live happy, pain-free, and fearless lives through research-backed methods. Additionally, they support the scoliosis community through Spiral Spine Scoliosis Care, an online hub for individuals with scoliosis. Regardless of age, curve, or stage in their journey, Spiral Spine Pilates offers a range of resources to meet the needs of everyone.


Contact: +1 6158917118

Address: 1804 Williamson Ct 106 & 107, Brentwood, TN















Well Body Pilates

At Well Body Pilates, individuals can immerse themselves in a transformative practice that combines classical Pilates with a contemporary approach. This unique blend promises to reshape bodies and lifestyles alike. Well Body Pilates incorporates classical Pilates techniques with a modern, anatomy-based perspective. They employ a diverse array of specialized equipment and mat sequences to promote bodily balance, emphasizing breath, alignment, and improved articulation.


Contact: +1 6154544995

Address: 805 Woodland St #314, Nashville, TN (Check other locations online)

















True Form Fitness: A Lagree Studio

Founded in October of 2022 by an ambitious young female entrepreneur, True Form Fitness aims to transform the community through fitness. Central to their mission is the Lagree Method, executed on the patented Megaformer. This method employs deliberate, controlled movements, spring-loaded resistance training, rapid transitions, and continuous core engagement to deliver a low-impact, high-intensity workout that sculpts and strengthens muscles effectively.


Contact: +1 6154326902

Address: 9040 Carothers Pkwy, Franklin, TN


















Forme Pilates

Forme Pilates, a reformer-based Pilates studio, offers private and group classes to help individuals transform into their best selves. With a focus on self-discovery and self-care, Forme Pilates empowers clients to unlock their true potential and enhance their overall well-being through the transformative power of Pilates. In the nurturing environment provided by Forme Pilates, clients can cultivate both body and mind as they embark on their wellness journey.


Contact: +1 6155863154

Address: 1800 Carothers Pkwy #8, Brentwood, TN


















WundaBar Pilates – Nashville

Established in 2011, WundaBar Pilates sets the Gold Standard in Pilates instruction. Led by Founder and celebrity trainer, Amy Jordan, it is inspired by traditional Pilates to pioneer movement for the future. The WundaBar Approach empowers clients to cultivate genuine strength from within, infusing anatomy into every movement to honor each body with integrity. Continuously expanding, WundaBar Pilates now boasts studio locations in California, New York, New Jersey, and Tennessee.


Contact: +1 6156224142

Address: 6027 TN-100, Nashville, TN



















Studio Novo Nashville: A Lagree Fitness Studio

Embrace the Lagree Fitness Method at Studio Novo, where each class delivers a 50-minute, calorie-blasting, muscle-quivering, full-body workout. Through a fusion of muscle failure and reduced rest periods, this method ignites an intense calorie-burning experience while simultaneously building muscle strength and enhancing body composition. The adaptable intensity levels cater to individuals of all levels, ensuring both novices and seasoned clients can reap the benefits of the same class.


Contact: +1 6156799962

Address: 99 White Bridge Rd #202, Nashville, TN

















The Pilates Garage

Experience The Pilates Garage, a Pilates studio owned locally, where you can partake in group and private reformer Pilates sessions. Their fitness philosophy prioritizes cultivating body awareness for a comprehensive full-body workout. With a cap of six individuals per class, the intimate ambiance fosters a concentration on form, ensuring individualized attention. Engage in 50-minute sessions filled with high energy, providing an enjoyable and demanding exercise routine that fosters the development of elongated, toned muscles.


Contact: +1 6153485666

Address: 2106A Acklen Ave, Nashville, TN



















We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Pilates Studios in Nashville!

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