Top 15 Ramen Shops in Vancouver


Top 15 Ramen Shops in Vancouver

In Japan, ramen is nearly a religion. Despite the fact that it is considered fast food, many individuals are committed to finding the greatest bowl of steaming ramen this country has to offer. However, we’ve made things simple for you by compiling a list of the best Ramen shops in Vancouver, Canada.

Marutama Ra-men

Head to Marutama Ramen for a bowl of ramen that tastes like it came straight from Tokyo. Its originator launched his first Marutama Ramen over twenty years ago in Kawaguchi, Japan, before sharing his recipes with the rest of the globe. The Tamago Ramen, which is topped with seaweed, green onions, and soft boiled eggs in soy sauce, and cha-shu, which is a Japanese braised pork belly with honey, soy sauce, and rice wine, are two of their most popular dishes.


JINYA Ramen Bar

Tomo Takashi, the creator of the first JINYA Ramen Bar, envisioned delivering an authentic Japanese experience to the West Coast. JINYA’s guests enjoyed the housemade noodles and genuine toppings, and he was a huge hit..


Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Hitoshi Hatanaka, the founder of Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, informed his family in the 1980s that he was going to manufacture great ramen. By producing each broth from scratch, the objective was to create “family friendly, tasty, and healthful ramen” by decreasing the amount of salt and chemical ingredients present in many ramens.


Menya Raizo

The ramen is cooked in the tori-pota style, with a rich chicken broth and a blend of veggies, kelp, dried shiitake mushrooms, and green tea-based Japanese soup stock. As an appetizer, try a Japanese otsumami, a salty snack dish commonly paired with wine and beer.

Taishoken Ramen

They’re known for their Tsukemen-style ramen, which the founders are reported to have invented. Because the cold noodles are served separately on a plate and then dipped in the delicious soup, this style is known as dipping ramen.



Kintaro frequently has queues out the door and a filled dining area teeming with ramen-loving residents. The majority of the seating is at the bar, which overlooks the kitchen, where over fourteen different types of ramen are created.



Ramen DANBO Vancouver

Outside of Japan, these Vancouver outposts were the first. The original store is located on Kyushu’s southern island. The modest restaurant garnered dedicated patrons who voted it number one in a TV survey of outstanding ramen restaurants, catapulting it onto the Kyushu and Japanese food scene. Their Tonkotsu (pork broth) ramen is made in the traditional Kyushu Hakata style, which is characterized by its thin noodles.



Kinton Ramen Vancouver

The well-known ramen company has more than 19 sites in Canada, Japan, and the United States. Kinton Ramen Executive Chef Aki Urata created the menu, which features a variety of substantial ramen bowls made with slow-cooked pig or chicken broth in five different styles: Original, Shoyu, Miso, Spicy Garlic, and Spicy Jalapeño.




ZUBU Ramen

Authentic, traditional Japanese flavors, enhanced by local products, may be found on the menu. Several ramen alternatives are available to suit a wide range of tastes, including all of the classics as well as modern twists such the Mazesoba, which, while brothless, doesn’t spare on flavor.



Ramen Gojiro

Ramen Gojiro specializes in these extravagant bowls brimming with delectable toppings and nuanced tastes. They provide two protein selections and a rich or light soup in each of their ramen variants. Authentic Japanese tastes, spicy bowls, and vegetarian ramen are all available.



Horin Ramen

Their broth is a straightforward tonkotsu soup with pig bone and deep, earthy aromas. You won’t be able to get enough of the distinct tare sauce that distinguishes Horin Ramen from the competition. Their inventor invented this hot sauce in Japan, and it was the first of its type. With a bowl of Kikurage Mushroom Ramen or Moyashi Ramen with bean sprouts, savor this tradition.






Benkei Ramen

Benkei Ramen on West Broadway offers delectable tastes at some of the city’s most reasonable pricing. Their noodles are prepared in-house, and their broth is boiled for more than ten hours, and their menu is one of the city’s most diverse. They are also one of the few ramen restaurants in town that provide vegan ramen.



Ramen Butcher

This ramen shop is well worth a visit. The Ramen Shop serves traditional tonkotsu ramen as well as variants with various sauces. As long as there is enough soup remaining, customers may get a free refill of noodles.



Motomachi Shokudo

It has been serving ramen in the West End since 2007. Their natural-tasting ramen is crafted with chicken, pork, fresh veggies, and a hint of seafood in a distinctive broth. Bamboo charcoal black miso ramen is their hallmark dish, and bamboo charcoal is cleansing and digestion aiding component.


Gyo Para

Gyoza Paradise was the name of the first Gyoza restaurant, which debuted in 1993. Gyo Para now has a new location where it provides the same delicious ramen and hand-made gyozas. The creator was born and reared in Japan, where he witnessed his parents manage a thriving ramen restaurant and business.


We hope you’ve enjoyed the 15 Ramen Shops In Vancouver!

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