Top 15 Sustainable Travel Influencers


Sustainable Travel Influencers

In a world increasingly aware of the impact of travel on the environment, sustainable travel influencers have emerged as powerful advocates for eco-conscious adventures. These influencers inspire their followers to explore the world while minimizing their carbon footprint, promoting responsible tourism, and supporting local communities. Through their engaging content, they provide practical tips, ethical travel recommendations, and a genuine passion for preserving our planet’s beauty for future generations. Discover the 15 Top Sustainable Travel Influencers now.

Ashley Renne

Through her platform, she has inspired and educated people about eco-friendly travel practices, sustainable living, and ethical tourism.

Ashley Renne emphasizes the importance of reducing carbon footprints while exploring the world and advocates for sustainable alternatives such as biking, walking, or public transportation.



Kate McCulley

She promotes sustainable travel by encouraging her audience to make conscious choices that minimize their environmental impact. Kate McCulley also focuses on sustainable accommodations.

Showcasing eco-friendly hotels, lodges, and guesthouses as a Sustainable Travel Influencer, she promotes establishments that implement green practices, such as energy and water conservation, waste reduction, and the use of locally sourced products.


Kristen Sarah

She has advocated for eco-conscious choices and responsible tourism for several years. Kristen Sarah educates her followers on eco-friendly accommodations through her content, highlighting eco-lodges, green hotels, and sustainable resorts.

She emphasizes the significance of supporting businesses prioritizing sustainability, such as implementing energy-efficient practices, waste reduction strategies, and eco-friendly amenities.



Jennifer Nini

Being a leading voice in sustainable travel, Jennifer Nini, through her account Eco Warrior Princess inspires her followers to explore the world responsibly while advocating for ethical tourism practices.

She travels around the world exploring new cultures and how they impact the environment; while fighting for sustainability and encouraging waste reduction.



Green Global Travel

They inspire people and help them embrace ecotourism, wildlife preservation and sustainability. Approaching the place they interact with, eco-friendly practices and a sustainable lifestyle are encouraged.

On their Instagram account Green Global Travel, they develop long-term sustainability by bringing together communities centered around conservation and healthy human growth.





Stefania Guglielmi

She travels worldwide to show everyone that sustainability does not mean living uncomfortably; one can travel luxuriously while being sustainable.

As one of the top sustainable travel influencers, Stefania Guglielmi Explores the World gives her followers various tips on how to travel while being eco-friendly.


Daniel Clarke

He is a travel blogger and photographer who advocates for sustainable travel and cultural immersion. He focuses on promoting responsible travel practices and minimizing environmental impact.

Daniel Clarke helps people find new destinations with eco-friendly activities around the globe. Through his travels, he captures the world and showcases it to his audience so everyone can enjoy it their way.













The Green Suitcase

Being a collection of influencers and innovators, this initiative helps people find a purpose in their travels. In their Instagram account, The Green Suitcase advocates for sustainability and preservation in every journey by making conscious choices to minimize the negative impact of travel on the environment, culture, and local communities.













Abbie Synan

This travel blog and platform, run by a passionate traveler, focuses on sustainable travel practices. Through her content, she promotes responsible tourism and encourages her audience to make conscious choices while exploring the world.

At her Instagram account, Speck on the Globe, she also focuses on sustainable activities and experiences, showcasing responsible wildlife encounters, eco-tours, and experiences that connect travelers with nature and promote conservation efforts.
















Also known as the wandering redhead, she incorporates sustainable travel practices into her adventures and shares her experiences through her socials. Through her platform, The Wandering Redhead educates her audience about eco-friendly accommodations.

She showcases sustainable resorts, eco-lodges, and green hotels that prioritize energy conservation, waste management, and local community engagement.


















Brianne Miers

She encourages people to seek new experiences and adventures while maintaining responsability for themselves and their impact on everything around them. Her blog, “A Traveling Life,” helps people find themselves around the world and enjoy all sorts of sustainable attractions around the globe.

As a sustainable travel influencer, Brianne Miers shares from eco-friendly tour guides to restaurants and places to visit in an urban environment.















Nienke Krook

She is a travel blogger and influencer who incorporates sustainable travel principles into her journeys and shares her experiences with her audience through her Instagram account, The Travel Tester.

Nienke Krook promotes sustainable travel through her platform by showcasing eco-friendly accommodations, responsible tourism activities, and sustainable transportation options. She also focuses on eco-conscious activities and attractions, showcasing experiences that connect travelers with nature.














Linda and Caleb

The creators of the blog Bamboo and Backpacks focus on sustainable travel and eco-friendly living. The blog encourages people to explore the world while minimizing their environmental impact.

As sustainable travel influencers, they provide insights and tips on eco-friendly destinations, responsible tourism practices, and ways to reduce carbon footprint while on the road.















Green Mochila

Sustainability is the central theme since people are taught about eco-friendly accommodations, responsible transportation options, and ways to reduce waste while on the road. In addition to sustainable travel, Green Mochila explores various aspects of sustainable living.

It covers reducing plastic consumption, promoting sustainable fashion choices, incorporating eco-friendly products into daily life, and adopting sustainable habits that contribute to a healthier planet.













Linn Haglund

Through this project, the creator of the blog Brainy Backpackers intertwines sustainability into the travel experience, combining the pursuit of knowledge and environmentally responsible practices.

She acknowledges the importance of minimizing the ecological footprint while traveling and offers practical advice on being a sustainable backpacker. Additionally, she delves into topics like sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and conservation efforts.














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