Top 15 Wildlife Photographers in Canada

Top 16 Wildlife Photographers in Canada


Wildlife Photographers in Canada

From vast landscapes to intricate details of elusive creatures, these remarkable artists have dedicated their craft to capturing the raw beauty and untamed spirit of the natural world. Through their lens, they transport us into the realm of wild animals and breathtaking habitats, showcasing moments that stir our souls and deepen our connection with nature. Get ready to be inspired by the best wildlife photographers in Canada whose work reminds us of the profound importance of preserving and cherishing our planet’s precious biodiversity.

Brittany Crossman

She is a talented wildlife photographer hailing from New Brunswick, Canada. With her camera in hand, Brittany’s work revolves around fostering a deep connection to nature. She accomplishes this by capturing intimate moments, allowing viewers to get closer to the lives of the animals she photographs.

Her captivating photographs reveal the beauty, vulnerability, and intricacies of wildlife, instilling a desire to protect and preserve these precious creatures and their habitats.



Jenny Wong

She is a talented photographer with a diverse range of specialties, including adventure, travel, wildlife, and commercial photography. However, it is her personal passion that sets her apart. Jenny Wong’s current focus revolves around using her craft to raise awareness about climate change, particularly in the Arctic.

It is not just the image itself that drives her but the story it tells. Through her lens, she portrays the beauty, fragility, and resilience of the natural world, urging viewers to take action and protect our planet.










Lisa M Jones

Her passion for photography ignited seven years ago when she received her first camera. With a strong connection to animals and nature, wildlife photography became her natural focus. She has since gained recognition and an expanding audience for her work.

Lisa’s photography encompasses a wide range of creatures beyond owls. She sees wildlife photography as a means to foster an appreciation for our planet and its creatures while also raising awareness about human-imposed threats. Through her work, she aims to inspire others to protect the wonders of the wild.

Lisa M Jones Photography


Lukas Miller

He embarked on his photography journey at the tender age of 13, armed with a phone and a pocketful of bird seed. Since then, his passion for nature and wildlife has been inseparable from his love for photography.

Through his lens, Lukas Miller seeks to share the awe-inspiring experiences he has had with birds, allowing others to glimpse the wonder of these remarkable creatures.



Nick Hawkins

He is an esteemed wildlife filmmaker hailing from Eastern Canada. As a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers, he stands among a group of esteemed wildlife, nature, and culture photographers and videographers.

Through his filmmaking, Nick Hawkins doesn’t only captures the beauty of the natural world but also raises awareness and promotes the importance of conservation on a global scale.



Jake Graham

He is a talented conservation and wildlife photographer who finds himself drawn to the captivating beauty of nature. His work revolves around capturing not only the visual aspects but also the experience and emotions of being immersed in nature. 

Jake Graham seeks to ignite a newfound sense of interest and curiosity in the viewer, inviting them to connect and appreciate the natural world on a deeper level. Jake’s photographs serve as a bridge between the viewer and the wonders of nature, evoking a sense of wonder and awe.




Jason Leo Bantle

A biologist by profession that discovered his passion for photography doing his master’s degree thesis in the Arctic. Jason’s photographic journey has been fueled by his profound goal as an artist: to inspire a deeper appreciation of Mother Nature.

As a passionate wildlife photographer, he endeavors to awaken a sense of wonder and reverence for the species and spaces he captures.


Jacquie Matechuk

She has always been drawn to the challenge of capturing the unpredictable through her photography. Whether she’s immersed in photographing breathtaking landscapes or capturing action-packed wildlife moments, her goal remains the same: to transport her audience into the very heart of the moment.

Jacquie’s photography aims to set the viewer’s mind free and leave their hearts full, evoking a sense of awe, wonder, and connection to the subject matter.












Agathe Bernard

She is a highly acclaimed conservation and adventure photographer/filmmaker who has garnered numerous prestigious awards for her remarkable work. With a particular focus on female adventures in remote environments, Agathe Bernard skillfully crafts captivating narratives centered around climate change and ocean conservation.

She firmly believes in the power of art and storytelling to empower people; that’s why through her lens, she aims to show the beauty of these endangered landscapes and the importance of preserving them for future generations.












Ryan Wilkes

His work as a documentary DP, director, and photographer reflects his deep-rooted love for science, adventure, and wildlife. Through his lens and with his storytelling abilities, Ryan Wilkes captures the intricate relationship between humans and the natural world.

With his compelling imagery, Ryan Wilkes invites us to witness the wonders of the world and recognize our shared responsibility in preserving it for future generations.












Reynaud Geoffrey

He is not only a talented special effects artist in the cinema industry but also a passionate wildlife photographer and documentary filmmaker. Reynaud Geoffrey dedicates his spare time to pursuing his love for capturing the beauty of the natural world through his lens.

With a unique perspective and an eye for detail, he skillfully captures awe-inspiring moments, telling captivating stories of the wild and showcasing the remarkable creatures that inhabit Canada’s diverse landscapes.

















Donna Feledichuk

She is a passionate educator who finds solace and inspiration in the serene beauty of the great outdoors. While she cherishes her time in the classroom, it is the solitude, tranquillity, and captivating allure of nature that truly captivate her heart.

With a particular focus on the enchanting Boreal Forest, Donna’s photography predominantly centers around this remarkable ecosystem. Her profound passion lies in telling and honoring the stories of the animals that call this forest home.














Randy Tremblay

He is a dedicated wildlife photographer with a particular passion for capturing the beauty of birds, especially owls. Randy Tremblay knows that the art of wildlife photography demands patience and perseverance, often requiring long hours or even days without a subject or missed opportunities.

However, he finds no greater pleasure than spending countless hours patiently waiting for the perfect moment to create a breathtaking image.













Josh DeLeenheer

Recognizing the interdependence between the plant and animal species that rely on it, Josh DeLeenheer is committed to ensuring their sustained existence for generations to come.

Through his photography, he aims to inform people about critical issues affecting the planet and motivate them to contribute to meaningful solutions. Josh’s devotion to conservation shines through his captivating visuals, conveying the beauty and fragility of the natural world.














Isabelle Groc

As a writer, conservation photographer, and documentary filmmaker, she is dedicated to shedding light on environmental science, wildlife natural history, and conservation. Through her captivating storytelling, Isabelle Groc aims to increase understanding and awareness of pressing conservation issues, inspiring meaningful change.

She collaborates closely with conservation groups and scientists, using her visual imagery and narratives to educate the public and influence environmental policies.













Alex McKerracher

With a profound understanding of the importance of the natural world, his goal is to emphasize its significance to others. Whether it’s the tiniest insect or a vast landscape, he believes that every aspect of nature deserves care and appreciation.

Alex’s fascination with nature led him to embark on a photographic journey centered around capturing the intricate details of insects, spiders, slime molds, and other small wonders found in the natural world. 













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