Top Women-Owned Businesses

Women-Owned Businesses that are Crushing it in their Industries


Top Women-Owned Businesses

These businesses are owned, operated, and led by inspiring women who have shattered the glass ceiling and made their mark in their respective fields. From dating apps to fashion brands, these women have proven that success knows no gender. So, discover Women-Owned Businesses that are Crushing it in their Industries.

1. Canva

Melanie Perkins founded Canva in 2013, and since then, it has revolutionized the design industry by providing a user-friendly, web-based design application that makes professional design accessible to everyone.

As a women-owned business, it is committed to diversity and inclusion, creating a workplace that celebrates different perspectives and backgrounds. Perkins’s vision and leadership have driven the company’s success, making it a shining example of a women-led business changing the industry for the better.

2. Bumble

It is a dating app that empowers women by giving them control over the conversation. Whitney Wolfe Herd founded the app in 2014, and it has since grown to include other modes of networking, including Bumble BFF for finding friends and Bumble Bizz for professional networking.

With its focus on putting women first, Bumble has become a popular platform for those who want to make meaningful connections in a safe and empowering environment.

3. Catbird

A woman-owned business founded by Rony Vardi in Brooklyn. The brand started out as a way for Vardi to curate and shared her favorite things but has since expanded to become a beloved jewelry company with a unique aesthetic.

Catbird offers a stunning range of jewelry pieces, including the Pearl Buffet Bracelet, which is stretchy and perfect for stacking on your wrist. In addition, the brand is known for its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, making it a favorite among conscious consumers.

Image Credits: Catbird


4. ThirdLove

It is a lingerie company founded in 2013 by Heidi Zak and Ra’el Cohen. The brand distinguishes itself from competitors by offering bras that are both sexy and comfortable. Its innovative approach to bra design is built on an in-depth understanding of the female body and how it changes over time.

With their focus on body positivity and empowerment, they are transforming the way women think about and shop for lingerie. So whether you’re looking for a classic T-shirt bra, a lacy bralette, or a wireless style, ThirdLove has you covered with a wide range of sizes and styles.

5. Rodan + Fields

It was founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, two dermatologists passionate about skincare. In the mid-1990s, they developed Proactiv® Solution, a dermatologist-approved skincare line that has since become a household name and can be found in numerous department stores worldwide. Its success inspired the doctors to create Rodan + Fields, founded with the mission to provide effective and accessible skincare solutions to everyone.

As a women-owned business, it is committed to empowering women and creating opportunities to achieve their full potential. The company offers a wide range of skincare products that are formulated with innovative ingredients and technologies, all backed by doctors’ expertise and research.

6. Purely Elizabeth

Purely Elizabeth is a women-owned business committed to providing healthy and tasty food options for all. It is a natural foods company founded by Elizabeth Stein. As a health-conscious foodie, she was determined to create a line of delicious and healthy snacks that people would love. P

They offer various vegan and gluten-free foods made with nutrient-rich ingredients. The company’s products range from granola to oatmeal, baking mixes, and snack bars. All products are carefully crafted with natural ingredients and are free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and refined sugars.

Image Credits: Purely Elizabeth


7. NuMe

Sabrina Maren founded the company in 2009 to help women effortlessly achieve beautiful, frizz-free hair. Sabrina’s struggles with her unruly hair led her to create a line of hair care products, including straighteners, curling wands, dryers, and accessories that deliver professional-level results. The brand quickly gained popularity for its high quality.

With a focus on innovation and quality, NuMe has become a trusted brand among hairstylists and beauty enthusiasts. Today, it continues empowering women to feel confident and beautiful in their skin through innovative hair styling products.

8. The Riveter

It is not just any coworking space but a vibrant community of female entrepreneurs and business owners that offers a variety of resources to help women grow their businesses. Amy Nelson, a passionate advocate for gender equality, founded the company in 2017 to provide women with a supportive and empowering space to work and connect with like-minded professionals.

With multiple locations across the United States, The Riveter is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where women can thrive and succeed in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

9. Otherland

Founded by Abigail Cook Stone, it is the go-to brand for anyone who loves a good candle. Stone created the brand to bring art, design, and fragrance to people’s homes.

Every candle is made of clean ingredients, hand-poured, and cruelty-free, ensuring your home is filled with beautiful scents without harming the environment or animals. With a variety of scents to choose from, such as the fan-favorite woody Rattan candle, Otherland candles are the perfect addition to any home.


Image Credits: Otherland


10. ChappyWrap

They offer high-quality blankets for a cozy and comfortable lifestyle. Founded by mother-daughter team Beth Haller LaSala and Christina Livada, ChappyWrap blankets are made from a natural cotton blend that is expertly woven on a loom and then goes through a unique process to make them incredibly soft and fluffy.

The company prides itself on providing customers with the best blanket they will ever own and offers a variety of designs and sizes to fit every style and need. With a focus on quality and sustainability, their products are the perfect choice for a luxurious and eco-friendly blanket.

11. Llani

Alana Oates‘ brand Llani is the ultimate destination for fashion accessories; you can never have enough of them! From one-of-a-kind handbags to headbands, jewelry, scarves, and adorable handcrafted slippers, it offers a vast range of products made with high-quality materials like suede, leather, and natural shearling materials.

What sets the company apart is its commitment to ethical sourcing and production. It partners with female-founded or family-owned businesses in India to create its products, ensuring that they support small businesses and provide workers with fair wages.

12. The Granola Bar

Dana Noorily and Julie Mountain, without any prior experience in the restaurant industry, took a bold step and opened The Granola Bar in Westport, Connecticut, in 2013. Since then, the company has expanded to five locations across Connecticut and New York and has grown from a granola company to a “modern diner” that offers a unique blend of healthy and indulgent dishes. Some of their must-try items include the Turkish Latte and their famous avocado toast.

The company is committed to sustainability and ethical business practices and sources ingredients from local farms and businesses. This dedication to the community has helped the company establish a loyal customer base and contribute to regional economic growth.


Image Credits: The Granola Bar


13. Symbology

Marissa Heyl founded Symbology to promote female empowerment through ethical fashion. After a research trip to India, she became inspired to incorporate traditional art techniques into style and showcase how fair trade empowers craftswomen.

Today, the brand has gained significant traction with its unique prints and versatile fashion line, offering a range of products from wedding dresses to maternity wear, suits, jackets, and more.

Symbology serves as a reminder that women-owned businesses can significantly impact by promoting ethical and sustainable practices while empowering women worldwide. Heyl’s vision has created a platform that offers beautiful and unique fashion and enables a greater social good.

14. Stasher

Founded by Kat Nouri, it is a women-owned business dedicated to reducing single-use plastic waste through innovative and eco-friendly solutions. Their reusable silicone storage bags, from Pocket to Mega, come in various sizes and are non-toxic and safe for the environment.

Whether you need to store snacks, sandwiches or leftovers, Stasher has got you covered. Not only are their bags microwave and dishwasher safe, but they also help you do your part in reducing plastic waste, making it a win-win for you and the planet.

15. Fish Flops

It is a successful women-owned business that Madison Nicole Robinson started at the age of eight. The company’s flagship product is a unique line of fish-shaped flip-flops that are fun, comfortable, and stylish. Over the years, Fish Flops has expanded its product line to include clothing, accessories, and books authored by Robinson.

The brand has significantly impacted the fashion industry, with 64 Nordstrom stores carrying its products. In addition, as a women-owned business, Fish Flops inspires young entrepreneurs and is a testament to the incredible creativity and business acumen of women in the industry.


Image Credits: Stasher


We hope you enjoy the Top Women-Owned Businesses.

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