Top 15 Yoga Studios in Florida


Top 15 Yoga Studios in Florida

Florida is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States, known for its warm climate, diverse population, and beautiful beaches. It is home to numerous yoga studios catering to practitioners of all levels and interests. From bustling cities like Miami and Orlando to serene coastal towns like Sarasota and St. Petersburg, Florida offers a wide range of yoga experiences. Many studios also host workshops, retreats, and events to deepen practitioners’ understanding and practice of yoga. Let’s take a look at the Top 15 Yoga Studios in Florida.

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Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

With over 75 locations spanning the US, Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi delivers top-tier holistic fitness experiences, available both online and in-studio. Our classes integrate Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Breathwork, sourced from a rich tapestry of Eastern traditions. Crafted to enhance your physical, mental, and energetic vitality, our sessions seamlessly merge diverse practices.


Contact: +1 3056408736

Address: 9727 S Dixie Hwy, Pinecrest, FL (Check out other locations online)





Yoga Joint

Accessing the schedule for their Yoga Joint location is made easy via the YJ app. Members can indulge in a carefully curated library of Flow, FIIT, and Restore classes, whether they’re on the go or relaxing at home. With multiple locations scattered throughout Florida, Yoga Joint ensures convenience and flexibility for its members. Experience the transformative power of holistic wellness under the guidance of expert instructors.


Contact: +1 5619106126

Address: 698 Yamato Rd, Boca Raton, FL (Check out other locations online)





Bella Prāṇa Yoga and Wellness Collective

At Bella Prāṇa Yoga and Wellness Collective, the journey towards truth is embraced through the timeless practices of yoga and meditation, passed down by the esteemed ancestors of South Asia and revered yogis worldwide. They uphold the belief that wellness is not a privilege but a fundamental right, understanding that true wholeness is unattainable without equity. Within their space, the environment and the individuals together cultivate a profound sense of safety.



Address: 1112 W Platt St, Tampa, FL








SunState Yoga

At SunState Yoga, real people unite around a practice that catalyzes genuine growth. They embrace a commitment to wholehearted effort and believe in the transformative power of community above all else. SunState Yoga offers various plans tailored to individual needs, ensuring accessibility for all. With a community of wholly authentic, driven, intelligent, and playful yogis, SunState Yoga fosters an environment where individuals thrive and evolve together.


Contact: +1 7279474003

Address: 553 Dr M.L.K. Jr St N, St. Petersburg, FL






Florida Power Yoga

At Florida Power Yoga, practitioners experience Slow Power, where they swiftly move from pose to pose, yet savor moments of stillness. A standout feature of the class is the indulgent 6.5-minute nap, allowing for profound rejuvenation before resetting the charge button. The studio has meticulously crafted an extraordinary environment fortified with UV Technology to maintain a clean and virus-free breathing space, ensuring the utmost safety and comfort for all participants.


Contact: +1 8134318033

Address: 7016 Land O’ Lakes Blvd, Land O’ Lakes, FL






Inspirit Yoga Studio

Inspirit Yoga Studio extends a warm invitation to all, emphasizing inclusivity with no membership requirements. Every class is thoughtfully crafted to cater to practitioners of all levels, with a special emphasis on welcoming beginners to the practice of yoga. With two convenient locations in Orlando, the studio ensures accessibility for everyone. Inside the lobby, visitors will find a Metaphysical store, providing a space to nourish the spirit through various classes and offerings, enhancing overall well-being in a holistic manner.


Contact: +1 4077206555

Address: 7575 Kingspointe Pkwy STE 21, Orlando, FL






Fusion Yoga & Wellness

At Fusion Yoga & Wellness, experienced teachers strive to make yoga attainable for everyone, embodying the mantra and mission to help all who enter their space feel better, lighter, and brighter. Complementing regular classes are wellness-oriented educational workshops, seminars, and events, designed to enrich the journey of each participant seeking personal growth and holistic well-being.


Contact: +1 2394988800

Address: 10021 Estero Town Commons Place, Estero, FL

















Located throughout Florida, YogaSix offers a variety of class types, including six distinct styles ranging from hot and powerful to slow and mindful. They believe that everyone deserves the mind-body experience of yoga, which is why they provide beginner classes and sculpt classes tailored to individual needs. YogaSix teachers undergo extensive training in the YogaSix methodology, ensuring high-quality instruction and a consistent experience across all locations.


Contact: +1 7865365013

Address: 3900 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL (Check out different locations online)
















Elevate Yoga Center

Elevate Yoga Center offers classes that pull inspiration from the elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Individuals can explore various pricing plans to find one that suits their needs. The center’s mission is to foster a profound connection to the immersive world around them while creating a supportive community that elevates the mind, body, and spirit of each participant. Join Elevate Yoga Center in their journey to elevate every aspect of your being.


Contact: +1 4079846578

Address: 3150 S Orange Ave #204, Orlando, FL


















Equilibrium Movement

Equilibrium Movement is driven by a mission to inspire the community to take charge of their bodies and lives. They offer a diverse range of classes carefully curated for each individual’s unique needs and aspirations. From invigorating yoga sessions promoting flexibility and inner peace to empowering pilates, there’s something for everyone. Explore their class schedule and get acquainted with the dedicated instructors. Join Equilibrium Movement on a journey towards holistic wellness and self-empowerment.


Contact: +1 3216130117

Address: 157 N Orlando Ave Suite 102, Cocoa Beach, FL















Kodawari Studios

Located in South Tampa, Kodawari Studios offers a unique space for self-discovery and personal growth. Visitors will find two yoga studios, one heated and one non-heated, as well as a Nordic Sauna, cold plunges, and practitioner rooms for acupuncture, massage, and more. This space is designed to be a playground where individuals can play, innovate, and create their own life path.


Contact: +1 8139991874

Address: 3965 Henderson Blvd Suite C, Tampa, FL















Casa Vinyasa Miami

In Miami, Casa Vinyasa stands out as a trendy destination for yoga enthusiasts of all levels, catering to seasoned yogis, athletes, and beginners alike. The studio prides itself on its cutting-edge air quality system, providing a refreshing and revitalizing environment for practice. Utilizing advanced infrared heating technology, Casa Vinyasa directly warms muscles, promoting flexibility and relaxation. Join their vibrant community and experience the transformative power of yoga at Casa Vinyasa.


Contact: +1 7862387327

Address: 1430 S Dixie Hwy Suite 113-115, Miami, FL



















Yoga 1

Yoga 1 is a boutique yoga studio located in Hollywood, Florida, passionately dedicated to welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds. Their mission is to cultivate a space where everyone can enter feeling embraced and empowered to grow together in a safe environment. With a vision for a healthier world, Yoga 1 encourages individuals to honor and strengthen both their bodies and minds. Join them in their journey towards holistic well-being and community connection.


Contact: +1 9549299642

Address: 2 Oakwood Blvd Suite163, Hollywood, FL


















Modo Yoga Miami Beach

Nestled in Miami Beach, Modo Yoga offers a trendy hotspot for yoga enthusiasts. Their unique hot yoga series blends the precision of therapeutic yoga with traditional foundations within a specially heated room. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned practitioner, Modo Yoga caters to all levels with a diverse array of accessible classes. Each session promises to be challenging, nurturing, and enjoyable, ensuring a fulfilling experience for every participant.


Contact: +1 7862167878

Address: 1935 West Ave, Miami Beach, FL
















Hamsa Power Yoga

Situated in Jupiter, Florida, Hamsa Power Yoga invites you to a serene sanctuary where you can move, breathe, and rediscover yourself. Rooted in principles of love, inclusivity, and healing, it cultivates a vibrant yoga community. With diverse classes and retreats on offer, you can explore options tailored to your preferences. Discover their flexible pricing options and embark on a transformative journey at Hamsa Power Yoga.


Contact: +1 5616605330

Address: 5430 Military Trail #76, Jupiter, FL

















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