Top 15 Marketing Experts in Jacksonville

Top 15 Marketing Experts in Jacksonville in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in Jacksonville in 2024

Jacksonville, the largest city in Florida by area and population, is a major cultural and economic hub in the northeastern part of the state. Known for its diverse economy, the city thrives in sectors such as finance, logistics, biomedical technology, and tourism. Its vibrant cultural scene, featuring museums, theaters, and music venues, combined with beautiful beaches and extensive parks, makes Jacksonville a desirable location for both residents and visitors. The city is also home to a dynamic community of marketing experts who offer a range of services, including digital marketing, brand strategy, and public relations. These professionals excel in delivering comprehensive digital marketing solutions and creative advertising campaigns, helping businesses enhance their visibility and achieve growth. So, without further delay, here are The Top 15 Marketing Experts in Jacksonville in 2024 that you can contact right now:


Adam Feber

Adam holds a Master of Science (MS) in Management from the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business. He has accumulated 17 years of expertise in developing marketing functions and spearheading go-to-market strategies for rapidly growing SaaS companies. In his current role in Product Marketing at Aleph, Adam is recognized as a player-coach leader who cultivates high-achieving teams. His strategic vision and leadership have consistently driven success and growth in competitive markets.


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Amy Hersey

Amy, an MBA graduate from UCLA, is a highly effective and dynamic marketing professional with a distinguished record in strategic planning and execution. She excels in leading cross-functional teams, crafting innovative marketing strategies, and enhancing brand recognition. As the current Marketing Director at Tiffany & Co., Amy plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s ongoing success.


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Cate Bates

At Argano, Cate serves as the Director of Marketing, utilizing advanced marketing automation tools and technologies to efficiently reach new customers and deliver compelling marketing messages. She is recognized for her ability to provide strategic guidance, enhance operational maturity, and drive business growth across diverse organizations. In multiple leadership roles, Cate has successfully led initiatives to expand margins and achieve growth, demonstrating her proficiency in delivering measurable outcomes.


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Daniel DeRosa

Daniel, currently serving as the Chief Marketing Officer at Archer Integrated Risk Management, has accumulated over 25 years of experience in software-as-a-service and recurring revenue models. His career highlights include leadership roles in marketing, sales, product marketing, product management, and channel development. Daniel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Rutgers University and possesses deep expertise in launching new businesses and successfully introducing new products to market.


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Dawn Boston

As the VP of Marketing and Communications at Stillwater Insurance Group, Dawn is an experienced marketing executive adept at researching, crafting, and communicating strategic plans to meet or exceed company objectives. She is recognized for her proactive leadership style, adept at fostering collaborative teams, defining vision, empowering individuals with clear goals, and ensuring accountability through measurable outcomes.


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Jennifer Belisario

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the University of North Florida and currently serves as the Regional Marketing Director at South Oxford Management. With over 20 years of accomplished experience in sales, marketing, and business development, she is recognized for her expertise in crafting and executing impactful marketing campaigns that strengthen and enhance brand identities. Jennifer’s leadership plays a pivotal role in driving marketing strategies and nurturing brand expansion within her region.


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Kasha Fahy

Kasha is the Brand & Consumer Marketing Manager at FAR EAST BROKERS & CONSULTANTS, INC., where she specializes in marketing and brand management. Her role involves crafting and implementing consumer campaigns, managing coupon program execution, and enhancing digital and social media marketing efforts. Additionally, Kasha plays a pivotal role in advancing the company’s e-commerce strategy, contributing to the brand’s growth and market relevance.


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Michelle Valle

Michelle serves as the Director of Resort Marketing at Omni Amelia Island Resort, bringing over 24 years of expertise in the hospitality industry, primarily in luxury and upper upscale resorts. She is a driven and accolade-winning marketing executive renowned for her strategic prowess in marketing activities, encompassing full-funnel marketing and customer-centric strategies such as customer journey marketing. Michelle’s leadership is instrumental in advancing the resort’s market standing and enriching guest experiences.


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Navneet Singh

Navneet, a Marketing Specialist at HiCounselor, holds a Master’s degree in Marketing/Marketing Management from the University of Florida. He collaborates with a team of professionals to develop and execute marketing campaigns aimed at boosting brand visibility, enhancing customer engagement, and driving revenue growth. Navneet utilizes his expertise in market research, data analysis, and content creation to effectively understand and meet customer needs in his role.


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Oran Allen

Oran serves as an Influencer Marketing Coordinator / Field Marketing Specialist at ORAGANJI, leveraging his robust IT background. He is passionate about educating and inspiring others about the advantages of cannabis and advocating for positive societal transformation. His expertise encompasses public speaking, brand awareness, presentation skills, and business development, highlighting his dedication to advancing awareness and progress in his industry.


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Pat Cobb

Pat serves as the VP of Marketing and Design at Coastal Shower Doors (ABG Hospitality), where he excels in leadership, customer acquisition, and driving rapid business expansion. His extensive skill set encompasses Marketing, Corporate Finance, Information Technology, negotiation, branding, and corporate identity. Pat is noted for his ability to create bespoke, solution-oriented partnerships, highlighting his strategic vision and innovative approach within his role.


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Paul Dickison

Paul is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Femwell Group Health, bringing over twenty years of demonstrated expertise in marketing and business development across healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and diverse industries. He holds a B.S. in Management/Marketing from the University of Florida – Warrington College of Business. Recognized for his proficiency in leveraging consumer insights to drive innovative solutions, Paul has consistently achieved exceptional business outcomes throughout his career.


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Paula Drum

Paula serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Newfold Digital, bringing a wealth of experience as a senior marketing executive. She has a proven history of rejuvenating mature businesses, establishing robust brands, and transitioning marketing strategies to digital platforms. Paula specializes in digital marketing, brand management, direct marketing, eCommerce, and market research/strategy. Known for her adeptness in leading within complex organizational frameworks and business models, she consistently drives growth and fosters innovation in her position.


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Safura Osmani

Safura is currently a Strategic Marketing Manager at Deloitte, bringing over 15 years of expertise in marketing and communications across various industry sectors. She is known for her innovative and business-oriented approach, blending vision, creativity, and effective decision-making to deliver significant outcomes. Safura’s specialization includes marketing communications, social media management, project management, and other essential aspects crucial to her role at Deloitte.


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Vanessa Kerr-King

Vanessa serves as CEO at BetterHealth4U and holds the position of Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing at Stanfield Global. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing, from the University of Florida. Vanessa brings extensive skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), sales, business development, marketing strategy, and organizational development to her dual leadership roles.


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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in Jacksonville in 2024!

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