Top 20 Executive Coaches In Manchester in 2022



Top 20 Executive Coaches In Manchester in 2022

The best coaches in Manchester is a tough list to compile with many amazing coaches emerging in the city today. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find the best Coaches in Manchester that will be your best listeners and your best advisors.

Without any further delay, here are the Top 20 Executive Coaches In Manchester in 2022 that you can contact right now:

Leigh Aspin

Leigh is an executive coach whose clients are primarily individuals in leadership roles. He is also an expert in digital strategy, product development and content production.

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Sue Baker

Sue has worked as an executive coach for different organizations and in different ways. For example, she can work 1:1 with senior executives to add impact to their organization; or work with a group of executives so their companies can increase their sustainable value.

Contact Sue today and get your best coach yet.

Kate Burnett

You learn more from setbacks than you do from triumphs. With Kate, you will be able to understand and benefit from your previous shortcomings and make the most of your future.

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Claire Charleson

Clair helps clients maximize their goals and increase their ability to achieve them through a focus on positive transformational change. Her expertise lies in individual and business coaching (industry leadership roles).

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Jo Clare

Jo works with individuals and/or organizations to achieve higher performance through coaching and alignment of business and personal purpose. Her way of working is based on positive psychology.

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Peter Cush

Peter is usually contacted for consulting on projects and initiatives with high complexity because of his firm belief that all people can find and unleash their potential.

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Isobel Donaldson

Isobel is recognized for her positive attitude in all the processes she leads and accompanies. In addition, it manages to keep its customers at a high level of energy and desire to improve day after day.

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Scott Foley

Scott has over a decade of experience helping hundreds of people discover what they genuinely desire and find a professional place that restores inspiration and enjoyment.

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Rachel Garnett

Rachel offers executive coaching to people dissatisfied with their lives and believes they can feel fulfilled, but they don’t know how to achieve it. She works with a combination of coaching and NLP techniques.

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Ian Heaton

Ian worked for over fifteen years in finance roles within different organizations, and during that time, he understood that focusing on people should always be the most important thing. After those years, he decided to help finance leaders be the best version of themselves.

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Jane Houghton

Jane is a fantastic guide for her clients, as her interpersonal skills are quite strong and she joyfully gives herself to her job of delivering performance improvement for operating environments.

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Roger Lamb

Roger had great success in sales marketing and leadership for consumer goods organizations on several continents for over twenty years; he developed a wealth of knowledge in business growth. He now has all that knowledge and experience at his clients’ disposal.

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Geoff Loughlin

Geoff has had the pleasure of working for over thirty years for large housing organizations. He has been in executive and non-executive director roles. In 2012 he decided to become a self-employed consultant and bring all his experience through coaching.

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Robert McKee

Robert provides personalized, case-by-case coaching, which helps understand individual goals and develop a unique plan to achieve them.

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Janice McNamara

Janice has the technical skills to assist in finding and implementing practical, sustainable solutions. In addition, she has a twenty-year track record and an excellent quality creative approach.

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Ed Middleton

Ed specializes in leadership, management and team development and is skilled in working with groups and individuals. In addition, he has extensive experience in managing change and bringing real solutions to the real world.

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Liz Molyneux

Liz is an experienced coach in designing and delivering group workshops and specializes in change management, facilitation, and leadership coaching. She is a BBC accredited coach.

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Soraya Lakhaney

Soraya has worked as an internal coach for leaders, executives and managers for several years. In 2008 she paused her career to care for her late sister and mother, but she has returned to give her all as a coach.

Contact her now!

Jonathan Wadsworth

Every time we create this list, it’s so hard to narrow down who we deem the best. But, with Jonathan, we didn’t need to think twice. He is truly one of the best coaches on earth!

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Danielle White

Danielle offers coaching for individuals or academic organizations that feel the need to make progress. Together with her, they can redefine their goals and find the perfect route to reach them.

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We hope you enjoy de Top 20 Executive coaches in Manchester in 2022!

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