Top 20 Executive Coaches In Victoria



Top Executive Coaches In Victoria

The best coaches in Victoria is a tough list to compile with so many amazing coaches emerging in the city today. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find the best Executive Coaches in Victoria that are not only going to be your best listeners but also your best advisors.

Without any further delay, here are the Top 20 Executive Coaches In Victoria that you can contact right now:

#20 Maureen McCanan

Maureen is an award-winning executive coach who specializes in helping individuals reach their desired goals in record time with maximum efficiency. With years of experience under her belt, you can absolutely count on her to give you the right steps needed to get you to where you want to go.





#19 James Marlatt

James is a certified executive coach with years of experience. He focusses on building one-on-one relationships to help his clients face challenges & reach their goals. If you’re looking for that kind of connection while achieve your goals, talk to James today. Visit his website.


#18 Darrin Bridge

Darrin is an experienced and seasoned executive coach with many accolades under her belt. With all this industry experience, it’s not surprise that her clients rave about the results they get. Don’t miss her online content.


#17 Ingrid Bergmann

From working 1-on-1 with clients all the way to helping large corporations, Ingrid has truly impacted the lives of many with her expertise. They always say, “it only takes one coach to change your life”, Ingrid may be that one for you. Visit her website.


#16 Jilly Hyndman

Jilly specializes in developing an organized approach to achieving your goals. This means that once you’ve decided on where you want to be, Jilly’s program will show you how to get there in the most efficient way possible.

Just follow Jilly online and you’ll understand why her clients love her.



#15 Michelle Aubrey

As a life long learner, Michelle’s uncanny ability to identify problems and provide solutions is what makes her the best at what she does. If you’re looking for a real problem solver to take care of your struggles, talk to Michelle today.

Visit her website.


#14 James Amarelo

When it comes to deciding the right coach, trust is the number one factor that comes before all. After going through James’s program, we’ve learned just how much his clients trust in his ability to provide real results! Follow his website.


#13 Shane Jhonson

Shane is a coach, facilitator, and consultant with one goal – to get you the results that you are looking for. After working with Shane, you’ll understand exactly why so many people keep working with him.

Visit his website to get a closer look.


#12 Eva Van Krugel

Investing in a coach is a tricky decision. There’s a lot of questions you might have beforehand, but we can honestly say that all those questions can be successfully answered and ultimately have you eager to work with Eva. Check out her website.


#11 Jim Kragtwyk

Jim is a veteran of executive coaching. Having worked with a vast array of clients, he has seen it all. Whatever you may be dealing with – talk to Jim, he may just have the exact answer that you’re looking for.

His website is stunning, be sure to check it out.

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#9 Angela Neumann

Angela is a coach who will help you get your life and career on track. Her website is well managed and designed to give you all the info you’re looking for, have a look for yourself!




#9 Adam Quiney

Adam has a program specifically designed to take you from where you are today to where you want to be through a proven formula. If you want to know more about the benefits of life coaching, visit  Adam’s website.



#8 Lynda Tarras

Lynda’s coaching program was created specifically for people who are unhappy with their current job situation and want to do something about it. Follow Lynda on her website for the latest and greatest in coaching.



#7 Jenna Foster

Jenna’s current coaching program is designed to actively help clients all over the world achieve their best life. Her online content is amazing, check it out.



#6 Stephanie Kosty

They say that the best coaches are those that have experienced what their clients are going through. Stephanie is one of those coaches. Become a part of her impressive following through her website.


#5 Annete Siewertsen

Annete is an elite coach that has trained some of the world’s best performers. She is always updating her website with fresh new content, be sure to follow her!



#4 Tracy Houser

The best coaches are those that bring results, Tracy has proved herself time and time again that she is an elite coach that will get real results for her clients. Contact her by Linkedin.


#3 Natalia Morrison

Often times, the biggest hurdle for clients when deciding to work with a coach is trust- Natalia’s testimonials immediately overcome any doubt and get you achieving your goals rapidly. Contact her now.


#2 Jenny Ryce

Jenny will help you achieve your career goals in a fraction of the time that you would be able to do so yourself. Make sure to use the helpful coaching info and content on her profile. 


#1 Adam Kreek

For clients looking to get maximum results in the fastest time, Adam is the ideal coach for you. Whatever you’re looking for in real coaching, you’ll find it by following Adam!

Visit his website to learn more.

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