3 Ways to Approach Weightloss Without The Gym


3 Ways to Approach Weightloss Without The Gym

Research at Pure Gym shows that 50% of us find the gym an intimidating place to go. If you want to know more ways to approach weightloss, continue reading.

While exercise is vital for sustaining a healthy lifestyle — physically and mentally — gyms can have a detrimental effect on our confidence. And believe it or not, the world of commercial gyms isn’t the be-all and end-all of modern fitness.

Often overcrowded, expensive, and packed with prying eyes, attending the gym isn’t suitable for everyone. Plus the impact of coronavirus has shown we are capable of staying active in the most unlikely of scenarios.

Home workouts

With gyms closed due to lockdown measures, fitness remained just as important as ever.

Home workouts have proven to be an effective replacement for industrial machines and heavy dumbbells. Exercise is universal and can be performed anywhere at any time, so long as you have the know-how.

Strength training is a major contributor to weight loss. But without expensive gym equipment at our disposal, many people are stumped for ideas.

Did you know you can develop muscle and burn fat by twisting and turning your body? Pilates and yoga are fantastic fitness techniques which can easily be adopted at home. The main benefits: it encourages better posture, tones muscles, and builds up a sweat.

At first, the poses can feel daunting and impossible, but with consistent practice, you will be holding a tree pose with the best of them. Plus if you require a helping hand, there are plenty of professional guides on YouTube to copy. 

You can also do indoor cycling, which helps burn more calories. You don’t have to worry about finding a good trail, battling the sun’s heat, or facing the dangers of cycling outdoors. Track your power and progress with an indoor bicycle power meter. Turn on your speakers, and play your favorite workout playlist to make your exercise more fun.

Top tip: At the gym, you would have the benefit of trainers to help you along. At home, you should follow video guides to make you feel confident in your exercise routine. 

Monitor the way you eat

What we choose to eat and how we consume it directly affects our bodies.

A balanced diet is essential for promoting healthy living and retaining energy throughout the day. Like Goldilocks porridge diet is about finding the perfect middle ground; regularly overeating or undereating will lead to dangerous health concerns.

Research from medical experts suggests miracle cures like dietary fads or an appetite suppressant are bad for weight loss. Take everything you see online with a pinch of salt and follow official guidance. You can pay special attention to protein-rich and fibrous foods to help tame hunger pangs instead. If you are opting for stimulants, we advise you to read this detailed article by Total Shape to avoid any grave mistakes.

Food that is high in protein. like chicken, lentils, pulses, and nuts, have noticeable effects on your appetite. They make you more full and provide many essential nutrients while allowing you to consume fewer calories.

Fibre heavy food like oats, fruit, seeds, and even dark chocolate fill you up and help your digestive system. When you eat more fibre you process food more efficiently and these items tend to be nutritious so your body can put them to more use.

Top tip: Store unhealthy foods out of sight in cupboards, pantries, even behind lock and key! While there is evidence to suggest a cheat day can be beneficial, hiding unhealthy food will reduce snacking throughout the week.

Stay hydrated and cut down on sugary drinks

Whichever health blogger you follow or exercise routines you buy into, they will all convene on the same advice — keep drinking water.

H2O is the elixir of life and is fundamental in fueling any healthy lifestyle choice. Water is a natural appetite suppressant, it cleanses your body of waste, and gives your metabolism a helping hand too.

Evidence to support exactly how much water you should be drinking is muddled, with the unofficial 8×8 rule out on top as the forefront of the conversation.

This popular advice stems all the way back to 1945 and dictates that we should be drinking 2 litres of water evenly dispersed throughout the day. Although such guidance lacks scientific consensus, one big benefit is developing a watering schedule. This means you’ll always be topped up and happily hydrated.

On the flip side, drinking sugary alternatives like soda and concentrated fruit juices can dehydrate your body. As well as, contain worthless calories which contribute to weight gain. So next time you need your thirst quenched, pour yourself a glass of water. 

Top Tip: Drinking a glass of water before meals will help you digest your food. It will enhance hydration and make you feel full without starving you of healthy nutrients.

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Approach Weightloss is not an easy achievement by any stretch of the imagination. It takes dedication and hard work, but not necessarily a gym membership.

There are plenty of ways to train and look after your body from the comfort of home and approach weightloss. Take these tips into consideration and you’ll be well on your way to meeting your fitness goals.


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