7 Easy Ways to Good Posture


7 Easy Ways to Good Posture

Shoulders aligned, stomach tucked in – we all know the importance of good posture. An upright posture is not only aesthetic, it is also healthy for the whole body and the musculoskeletal system. It is also crucial for the health of the back, preventing the pain and tension that often occurs. However, since many of us spend most of our time in front of the computer for long periods of time, we are at risk of sustaining spinal damage. Constant flexion can overload the spine as pressure and force consumes it to the point of permanently damaging it. The worst part is that it may not be possible to get back to the right posture. That is why it is important to have a better posture – through exercising, wearing a posture-correcting product, or using any of the tips we are about to unveil. 

1. Wear a posture bra

A good posture bra like this is a must in the wardrobe of any woman, but if you have problems with back pain, this is the first piece of clothes that you need to revise. Did you know that your shoulders could be aligned with something as simple as a posture corrector bra? Pick a model with a wide back piece, preferably in mesh, supported by elastic criss-cross bands or any other reliable construction. The points to pay attention to are wide band straps that will not leave marks on your skin; remember that the weight of your bosom should not be carried by the straps, but rather by the well-fitted under-breast band.

2. Know the correct body position

The first step in adopting a healthy posture is knowing the correct posture for standing or sitting. Although it sounds so simple, it might not be that easy to adopt, hence the importance of first determining how to properly maintain the position of the body posture.

To be able to stand properly, your body should be aligned with your shoulders outward, chin up, chest outward, abdomen, and legs and back straight. It is also important to keep your back and shoulders straight when walking or when standing or working in a seated position. If you narrow them down, you’ll encourage poor posture which can lead to back or shoulder problems later.

3. Think about ergonomics

Many of us are busier now than ever, juggling work, family, personal relationships and commitments. We have less time, less privacy and more stress than ever before. Unfortunately, stress and anxiety can cause serious damage to your body if left unchecked. When heavily accumulated, the stress hormone cortisol can lead to weight gain, which in turn leads to a host of other health problems, such as poor posture.

4. Create a healthy habit

Maintaining the correct posture even while sitting will keep you from bending down over time. Start by aligning your back with the back of the chair and keep your shoulders slightly back and head and feet forward.

Since a large number of people usually sit in a chair for several hours, they usually lose their posture after a while, hence the importance of being consistent in your practice. You can even place notifications on our cell phone or computer – that way, you’ll get used to it and avoid the dreaded hunchback.

5. Wear quality shoes

As important as doing exercises to improve posture, it is also important to use good shoes for walking. A matching sole is not only important for postural problems, it is also a blessing for healthy, stressed feet. As we walk, our feet cushion tremors, support the full weight of the body, and maintain balance in the body – a difficult stress test that requires all the necessary support.

Wearing high-quality shoes prevents the development of possible postural and spinal problems as well as deformities of the foot. It is therefore important to broach the subject of foot health and in particular the effect of a good sole as soon as possible and to always pay attention to the presence of a sole when buying shoes.

6. Practice yoga

Practicing yoga can help you improve your posture and make sure your body is in peak working condition. It is a physical and mental discipline that helps maintain a healthy body as a whole. It will give you strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, and enough energy to start the day with a positive attitude.

7. Do regular exercises

If you’re the type who spends hours and hours sitting at a gaming desk with a bent back and stiff fingers, a few regular exercises will do you good. Apart from yoga, there are countless exercises to improve your posture, but the key is in the routine: the more regular you exercise, the happier your body and mind.

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