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The Balance Between Passion and Leisure: Travel Nursing


The Balance Between Passion and Leisure: Travel Nursing

If there’s one thing the world realized over the last two years, it’s that a work-life balance is essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy state of mind. Most of the world realized that despite having the option to work from home, people were still feeling burned out and drained at the end of the day.

One of the main reasons behind this is the number of hours employees are forced to put in if they want to climb the ladder in their careers, irrespective of which field they work in. 

One of the most overworked professional fields belongs to the healthcare department – it’s needless to say that this has only become worse since the onset of the pandemic in 2020. However, of late, most Millennials seem to be opting to become travel nurses, due to the significant benefits they get with the role.

Let’s have a look at what this career path holds for nurses, and why an increasing number of people seem to be opting for it instead of choosing the traditional role of a nurse. Happy reading!

What does a travel nurse do?

For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, a travel nurse is a nurse who works on a contractual basis in clinics and hospitals where there’s a demand for nurses. This career became popular during the previous century, but slowly declined as the world changed and nursing became a full-time role in most countries. 

But with the pandemic, things have changed, especially since most hospitals are running short on trained professionals. For this reason, travel nursing is quickly gaining popularity again, with more and more hospitals looking to hire nurses who can start working immediately. You will have many questions, including how you would get a nurse sponsorship, how much a travelling nurse makes an hour, etc. 

Travel nurses are currently in great demand in various countries around the world, according to Travel Nursing Blog, an online website where you can find any information relevant to travel nurses, along with many tips that will help travel nurses land a role that’s perfect for them, in the right company and at the right place.

How does it give nurses the best of both worlds?

One of the main reasons why people currently prefer pursuing their nursing career as travel nurses, rather than working as full-time nurses in a hospital is because the latter comes with a lot of baggage such as heavy workloads, a terrible work-life balance, no leisure time to pursue other hobbies, limited time with family, very few vacations – the list goes on. 

Needless to say, many nurses endure such hardships because that used to be the only way they could pursue their passion of being a nurse. However, travel nursing changes the way things work. 

One of the major benefits that set the career choice apart is that nurses don’t have to sacrifice their leisure time, hobbies, and personal dreams for the sake of their career – giving them the best of both worlds. This is because travel nurses get to choose the shift they’d like to work in, and also usually get their weekends off, depending on the agreement they sign in the beginning of the contract. 

Another perk is that they can choose to become a travel nurse in any country or continent where there’s a need for them – giving nurses a chance to travel and explore new cultures and people while working. 

Other perks of being a travel nurse

Apart from this, travel nurses also end up saving more, since they’re paid by the hour and their travel and stay expenses are reimbursed to them by the company. They also get paid more depending on the shifts they pick, which is left up to them. 

Since many travel nurses choose to work in countries and cities which they find interesting, they get a chance to explore new places over the weekend – making their work trip even more pleasurable. 

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