7 Best TV Show Remakes and Revivals: Then & Now


7 Best TV Show Remakes and Revivals: Then & Now

Production houses are bringing back their iconic TV shows with a new cast or allowing their old cast to reprise their role to stay on the top and relevant.

Sometimes they manage to capture the essence of the original show, or they miss the mark. To help you choose the best TV show remake, we have compiled a list of 7 remakes and reboots.

These shows are accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world. You can find some of the top TV shows on Netflix NZ, or you can check out other streaming platforms to watch the reboots.

This way, you can not only enjoy current hits like peaky blinders and squid games in your home country but also bring back nostalgia with any of our recommendations.

One Day at a Time

One day at a time is Norman Lear’s sitcom. Created for the second time, Norman Lear and producers Mike Royce and Gloria Calderon somehow made the series even more popular than before.

It revolves around a Cuban- American family. The story of the show was a continuation of the previous series. However, the character is made more compelling.

The series include Justina Machado, Todd Grinnell, and Isabella Gomez. Justina is the main protagonist of the show. 

She is a PTSD-affected veteran who is a single mother who cares for and babysits her feisty mother while raising her two children, Marcel Ruiz and Isabella Gomez.

Just like the original, the remake is also a take on real-life families and the situations they face throughout the day.

Because of the care used in production, the show never comes off as preachy or like an after-school special.

Twin Peaks: The Return

Twin Peak is not a remake but a continuation of the original story. It is led by the original cast Kyle MacLachlan and directed by Lynch.

It is an 18-part series that challenges any efforts to categorize or characterize it. Is it televised media? Is it a movie? Is it anything completely different?

The story starts 25 years after the original when the whole town is shocked when their homecoming queen is brutally murdered.

This revival challenges everything we know by tossing all preconceptions out the window. Twin Peaks: The Return makes you forget the original to build something stunning and completely unforgettable.

In contrast to the best revivals, which pay homage to the past while introducing something new. That won’t work for many shows, but in this case, it does.

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Saved by the Bell

The Saved by the Bell reboot is a delightful comedy that reframes the original program by showcasing its flaws. 

Created by Tracey Wigfield, the program was released in 2020 on Peacock TV and centered on a new group of Bayside High students.

The series’ original cast took over their roles. Saved by the bell received a lot of positive reviews from critics.

The plot involves two groups of students, One from high-income families and the other from less privileged families. 

Their interaction and presence in the same school is a government scheme after they shut down many low-income schools.

The target is to create awareness of how children from low economic situations can co-exist with privileged kids in the highest-merited school in the state.

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The Comeback

This Comeback happens ten years after the original series was aired. The reboot gives a chance to the series to redeem itself as it couldn’t live up to its hype before.

The series stars Lisa Kudrow. She reprises her role as an actress who documents her life in television series also called Comeback. 

Lisa Kudrow’s character tries to pitch a plot. But instead, she ends up using that footage to create a documentary. 

Season 2 highlights the narcissism in the television industry with a hint of comedy and sarcasm. In addition, it is the perfect ending that viewers never got in the first release of the show.

Fixer Upper

Who new reality TV also gets a reboot that too after years. Fixer Upper is a home design reality TV show with Chip and Joanna Gaines.

 The house remodeling series, now called Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, is still the same one it always was, with Chip’s well-known antics and Joanna’s seamless but constantly-evolving fashion sense. 

The only vital distinctions are that the duo is in charge and that the refurbished structures have already been purchased, allowing episodes to concentrate on the construction process and presenting more intimate tales. 

This also implies that side-project episodes accompany the more conventional renovation programs. 


The animated children’s program DuckTales doesn’t make the list of shows prime for a relaunch. However, this makes the adored Disney XD series by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones incredibly beautiful. 

The program follows the wild and insane adventures of the three notorious little ducklings, nephews of Scrooge McDuck.

The unruly Huey, Dewey, and Louie are brought to life by Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, and Bobby Moynihan. At the same time, David Tennant’s portrayal of the iconic Disney character Scrooge features his native Scottish accent. 

The program follows a current animated children’s programming trend, where characters have richer, more emotional plotlines. This makes the program approachable for children while also making it entertaining for adults. 

There is no better prescription for success when recreating something that kids today adored as adults.

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is a reboot of the 1970s series of the same name. Created by Glen A. Larson, the series takes a fresh start under the direction of procedures David Eick and Ronald D. Moore.

The new series initially began with a limited number of episodes before being upgraded to a full-fledged drama. 

This drama showcases the last of humankind after they were attacked by a nuclear attack planned by the Cylons.

Humans created these beings to help them out, but soon they evolved into something nearly perfected and attacked their creators.

The show portrays the emotionally tricky quest for a new home in the face of the adversary humankind created. It has intricate conversations on the different subjects of life and what it means to be human. 

Battlestar Galactica set the best example of a reboot to date. In addition, it captures paranoia, PTSD after the war, and tragedy well.


We hope you enjoyed this look at some of the best TV show remakes and revivals. Unfortunately, the trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

So be on the lookout for more great content in the future! What are your thoughts on these revivals? Do you have a favorite? 

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