Working From Home? 9 Important Ways to Keep Your Property Secure


Working From Home? 9 Important Ways to Keep Your Property Secure

There are plenty of benefits that come with working from home. You’re more productive, spend less money, and don’t have to worry about what you wear. However, you’ll likely be purchasing more electronics and office supplies, which could make you a target for break-ins and theft.

How to Secure Your Property When Working From Home

Home safety should be your top priority, regardless if you work out of your house or not. 

Here are 9 ways to secure your property so you and your items stay safe during the day and night.

1. Use a High-Quality Garage Door Opener

Thieves may break into your garage by breaking the lock and lifting it up or through a side door. You can secure your garage by installing one of the best LiftMaster garage door openers, which is key free and unlocks with your smartphone. With this tech, you can lock your garage door from anywhere.

2. Secure Your Outside Doors and Windows

Although movies will tell you otherwise, thieves rarely kick down your door or break the glass in your windows because it causes too much noise. Instead, they’ll check if your doors or windows are unlocked. Be sure to lock any outside doors or windows when you’re in or out of the home.

3. Upgrade Your Door Locks and Deadbolts

If a thief does decide to break in, even when your door is locked, it’s usually easy to do so if your door hinges are exposed. Ensure that your door frames and hinges are strong enough to endure a kick. Install high-quality deadbolts and remote-engaged smart locks on your doors.

4. Buy a High-Quality Home Security System

Installing a home security system is a great way to deter intruders. Sometimes, a camera,the best palisade fencing or security stick is enough to keep thieves away. If you’re teaching kids about home security, show them how to check door viewers and call emergency services if the alarm is triggered. After Securing Your Property, consider enhancing your security system’s efficiency with advanced monitoring solutions. SIMS software, a robust Central Station Security Automation tool, bridges the gap between high-quality home security systems and central monitoring stations, ensuring instantaneous alarm management and response. Leveraging technology like SIMS can significantly upgrade your home’s defense strategy without compromising convenience.

5. Keep Valuable Items or Purchases Hidden

Don’t keep your valuable items, like cars, electronics, jewelry, or cash, in plain sight. Otherwise, intruders will think your home is a good target. When you buy a new television or big-ticket item, don’t throw the packaging out in front of your home. Dispose of it in a community bin instead.

6. Don’t Hide Your Key Somewhere Obvious

Intruders will check your doormat, flowerpot, or mailbox for a spare key, so never hide your key somewhere obvious. Consider giving your key to a trusted friend or family member or keep an extra one in your car. You can even buy a concealed lockbox in your garage if necessary.

7. Install Bright Lighting Outside Your Home

Burglars won’t want to be on display when breaking into a home, which is why you should install bright lighting. Motion-sensor lights are perfect for detecting movement. If your home is dark otherwise, a motion-sensor light may scare the thief from returning to your property later.

8. Make it Look Like Your Home is Occupied

The majority of break-ins happen during the day or when the home’s occupants are on vacation. While people who work from home are likely to be home more often, they still have to be mindful when they’re on vacation. Install smart lights that turn on and off periodically to fool burglars.

9. Consider Buying a False (and Real) Safe

Unless your safe is really heavy, it’ll only convince burglars to take it. Even if they never open it, your belongings are still stolen. That’s why you should have two safes: a dummy safe and a real safe that’s better hidden. That way, a burglar will steal that safe if there ever is a break-in.

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