How to Measure Distance Between Two Addresses with Google Maps


How to Measure Distance Between Two Addresses with Google Maps

Google Maps is a popular navigation portal that helps millions of people navigate in the real world. It can also help individuals needing the distance between two addresses. Thankfully, users won’t have to try and establish a scale reference to determine the prospective distances on a map – there’s an easier way.

When you measure the distance between two addresses on Google Maps, the app enables a specific measurement capability. To use it, follow these steps:

Getting the Distance Between Two Addresses on Your Computer

Establishing the physical distance between two points on Google Maps is relatively easy. It shouldn’t take a few minutes to complete, provided you have the physical locations available. To get started, visit the website. Right-click the place you’d like to use as your starting point and choose the “Measure Distance” option from the menu.

Find the map’s end location (or second point) to create a direct line. This measurement will give you the physical distance between both points in a linear fashion. The distance between the two points will automatically generate a pop-up screen on the map. This method doesn’t account for roads, traffic, or other influencing factors.

Getting the Distance Between Two Addresses Using Your Phone

Finding the distance on Google Maps is the same for Android and iPhone users. Start by opening the Google Maps application on your phone. Choose the location you’d like to use as a starting point, or search for the place in the menu bar at the top of the application. Tap the name of the location found at the bottom of your screen. Once the menu opens, scroll down, and choose the “Measure Distance” option. Move your map around, so the black circle hovers over your next address. Choose the” Add” button, shown as a plus symbol) in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The total distance between the two points will appear at the bottom of the page, listed in both kilometers and miles.

How to Measure Distance Using Driving Instructions

Users wanting the measurement for two addresses also can search by driving, ridesharing, cycling, flight, or walking. The optimal route to your destination will show in blue if multiple ways exist. A few directions in Google Maps are still in development, which may offer limited availability.

To start, open your Android or iPhone and choose the Google Maps app. Search for your destination or select it manually on the map. From the bottom left menu, choose the directions portal. Users can subsequently select their transportation mode, although all methods are available on the map. Every route will include an estimated travel time on the map. Searching for directions will still give you the distance between two addresses and the fastest transportation route to the destination. Google Maps also offers users the drive time for each way, complete with step-by-step directions. Although both methods provide the distance between two addresses, the direction method uses roads and infrastructure to determine the route. 

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