Meet Top Qualities that Make You a Good Writer


What Makes Someone a Good Writer?

Are you a good writer? It’s not easy to know, especially if you haven’t heard anyone wowing at your paper or haven’t seen them tearing your work apart in front of your eyes. However, one of the easiest ways to detect a good academic writer is through the skills s/he demonstrates on a regular basis.

These skills are essential for an effective writing expert since they spotlight a particular openness and devotion that are a must to achieve writing success. Check the following list to get to know the most crucial qualities that make someone a good writer.


The reality is that surviving in the tough competition among all the writers, it is important to be patient. For instance, writing a novel can take up to one year. That’s how much time you have to spend sitting and writing for many long hours, reading and re-reading your written piece. You have to check each expression, sentence, and paragraph to detect grammar, composition, or any other mistakes and improve your prose, as a result. You’re not going to accomplish your work if you lack patience.

College and university students would agree that at the beginning it is hard to sit and write. However, if undergraduates ensure to make it their routine, they will soon make it a real habit. Keep in mind that the more you write, the faster it will become your routine, and you will gradually become more skillful to produce advanced quality writing. Always remember that it was solid patience that made the most prominent writers what they are today.


Professional writers are well familiar with what a real frustration is. Only by maintaining a strong disciplined approach to every writing session, they managed to deal with all the edits, re-writes, and improvements. Writers who excel are devoted to re-evaluating their pieces on a regular basis to fix the most elementary mistakes, even if they work on the simplest works.

Readiness to Deal with Changes

Being open to any external suggestions, comments, and edits is key for professional writers. The thing is that if you’re ready to deal with changes, you have a unique chance to boost your writing, even though your ego might not like it at first. When you’re open-minded, you have an opportunity to see your prose through the eyes of your readers and fix all the weaknesses.

Strong Vocabulary

Readers do not like reading the same words in every other paragraph. That is why a robust and strong vocabulary is a cornerstone for top-notch writing. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an ESL or English native speaking student – incorporating unusual and interesting words in your texts will help you maintain your reader’s interest and give you an opportunity to communicate more effectively.

Attention to Details

Professional writers are great observers whether they have to study something or they’re teaching something themselves. That is why they ensure to always take the so-called mental notes of the subtlest changes around them. This ability to pay attention to the smallest details helps them become better editors who can detect even some minor errors when it’s time for the read-through session.

Passion for Reading

Great writers are always passionate readers. The truth is that being immersed in a world of printed words helps you get a better idea of how perfect prose looks like. Whether you are an embedded software developer or an international college student about to graduate, make sure to read a lot. The more you read, the more learned you become on the whole range of stylistic angles and writing tools that exist.

Using Professional Help

In order to get some professional pieces of advice from qualified writers who know the art of writing from A to Z, make sure to approach online companies like Advanced Writers where qualified experts will share their knowledge with you. These services are usually rendered by talented and educated professionals who are aware of all the existing writing standards, tips, and tricks. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you may need help from time to time.

Clearly Expressing One’s Thoughts

A good writer should be very sure about how s/he expresses thoughts in words. If your readers do not get a proper direction on what s/he is trying to understand, all your efforts will be useless.

By using the sources like Grammarly, you can easily check both the tone and clarity in your written piece. Grammarly can understand your clarity and tone, as well as provide you with some useful suggestions on how to polish up your content. The point here is that the more you try to express your ideas and thoughts clearly, the better your target readers know what exactly you’re trying to say.

Talent in Various Niches

There are loads of writing niches out there. If you make sure to gain knowledge in all domains and niches, you will definitely become a professional academic writer. This point is one of the most significant qualities that you have to cultivate.

It is important to take some extra effort in order to learn from different resources so you will always have a clear idea to write effortlessly without interruption. After all, if you have to think fast, you need to know what exactly you write.

Regardless of what you write, your thoughts and ideas have to flow like a river on a piece of paper. And this is possible only if you are talented in multiple niches.

Challenge Yourself

If you make sure to work on challenging tasks, you will soon take your writing skills to the next level. Talented writers exert every effort to push themselves more to be successful. When you challenge yourself to initiate all necessary actions to cope with tough tasks, you tend to learn from the mistakes you make along the way.

Only when you challenge yourself, you have a chance to see how far you can reach in the art of writing, which is one of the key aspects that make someone a good writer.

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