Onboard New Staff The Right Way With These Simple Tips


Onboard New Staff The Right Way With These Simple Tips

There is nothing more expensive for a company than a bad hire. A bad employee can lead to low employee morale, lower levels of employee engagement, or reduced confidence, which may eventually hurt your business’s productivity. For that reason, it is vital to ensure that you onboard new hires properly to help them understand your company’s skills, culture, and expectations. But how do you onboard new staff the right way?

Four handy tips to help you with employee onboarding.

  • Pay attention to local laws.

If you are hiring new employees for the first time, there are many laws and regulations that you must fulfill depending on the state you operate in. That means there is quite a lot of official paperwork that you will need to work on, and you may forget some. 

Pay stubs, in particular, are among the top documents that new employers forget or get wrong.

Fortunately, creating pay stubs for your employees is a lot simpler than it seems, and you don’t have to make all the calculations that appear on paper. With an online paystub generator, all you have to do is fill out your company details and employee information, and your workers’ pay stub will be ready for download or printing instantly.

  • Begin your onboarding in your recruiting phase.

Most employers start their orientation and onboarding as soon as a new employee walks in on the first day, but that should never be the case. Employers need to give their potential candidates a realistic preview of their job to help them understand what their job and work environment will be like. 

While beginning your onboarding process right from the recruitment phase can drive away potential workers, it will prevent you from hiring candidates with unrealistic expectations. Instead, those who qualify for the job will be the ideal candidates who will pursue the job even after seeing what it is really like. 

  • Have everything set up before your new hires start

When new hires report to work on their first day, most are often excited, nervous, and confused. In most cases, they will spend hours or even days in their cubicle and waste a lot of crucial time waiting for their phone, email, passwords, etc. 

That is why you need to have all the equipment and tools they need ready as soon as you decide to hire them. Establish their access to the company intranet, set up their email account, and turn on their phone before they arrive. 

Getting everything ready before the hires report will ensure that they hit the ground running right from the first day.

  • Understand your new hires 

While it is crucial to ensure new hires understand your company culture, rules, policies, and legal procedures, you have to remember that everyone has their own unique style. So it is important to understand your new employees’ strengths, blind spots, and working style.

Try to blend different hires styles to form an exceptional team output that fits the company’s approach. If your organization has a distinct way of doing things that they must adhere to, walk them through it. Doing this will help them transition to your new workplace fast and easily.


New staff can be a great addition to your company. By following the tips highlighted above, you will ensure that the new staff will have an easy transition and immediately begin offering value to your company.

However, the list above is not exhaustive, so you shouldn’t hesitate to correct and guide them every time you feel like what they are doing is contrary to how business is run in your company.

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